July 7-9, 2021 | Orlando, Florida USA

ITT Ceramic

Sant Joan de Moró,  Castellon 
  • Booth: 4433

Welcome to ITT Ceramic


At ITT Ceramic we are publishers of our own ceramics. We offer a wide range of products (porcelain, technical porcelain, white body, red body and stoneware), with a complete variety of designs, formats and finishes, which are present in countries on all five continents. Following current market trends, we conceive the ceramic product as a fundamental element in every architectural project, interior design and/or decoration and as a determining material in the conception of the living space. We create unique and versatile ceramic products to be applied as flooring or as a coating for all types of surfaces, both interior and exterior.


Hand in hand with ITT Ceramic, this new brand was born with the aim of recovering the handcrafted essence of ceramics and making it stand out as a top-level product for interior decoration. Creative means a renewed vision of the classic tile in small format, preserving an aesthetics that never goes out of fashion and offering designs in which, with the support of the latest technology in ceramic manufacturing, unique designs have been achieved full of geometries, modularity, colour, beveled and crackle effects...


Arklam is an innovative solution of large format sintered mass, which stands out for its resistance, durability and design.

The Arklam Super Size range consists of two distinct product lines depending on their thickness and applications. Arklam 6 mm, in 1000x3000 and 1500x2600 formats, is a perfect material for flooring and cladding of all types of interior and exterior surfaces, ventilated facades and even furniture cladding. Arklam 12 mm (1500x3200) is a solution specially created for kitchen countertops and benches, which has extraordinary features for this type of functionality. Its outstanding characteristics are guaranteed by the NAN Architecture and Construction Prize for the best product of its category.

100% Made in Spain

Brands: ITT Ceramic, Arklam, Creative.

 Press Releases

    • Saniceramic Group has gone to great lengths to attend the fair, demonstrating that the North American market remains a strategic target market.
    • The company will present its latest new products at the Spanish booth supported by ICEX, the nerve center of Tile of Spain.

    Despite the public health emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, ITT Ceramic and Arklam have not stopped working. Over the past few months, both companies have been working tirelessly on a new product plan that will be unveiled in the coming weeks, and whose launch on the global market will take its first steps at the Coverings fair.

    Despite the travel restrictions still in force, Saniceramic Group companies have gone to great lengths to attend this fair, one of the first in the season. The companies will present their new products at a stand which is part of the Spanish booth supported by ICEX, which will become the main meeting point for Tile of Spain next July in Orlando.

    With this launch, ITT Ceramic and Arklam once again demonstrate their interest in bringing their solutions to America. A market whose potential for expansion makes it one of its strategic target markets, and where the company will focus its efforts in the coming years.

    Unique ceramic surfaces. Designs inspired by nature

    ITT Ceramic once again looks to nature to get inspiration for its new ceramic collections. Stones and marbles taken from unique quarries worldwide, used in architecture and interior design as an exclusive and unique product.

    One of the series that the firm offers among its new product innovations is Quartzite. ITT Ceramic captures the essence and original appearance of quartzite in a porcelain suitable both for indoor and outdoor use. A design 100% inspired by nature, with impressive shading and a unique appearance in each piece.

    Atlántida puts a new spin on coral stone to join the new neutrals. Refined. Elegant. Surfaces in shades ranging from delicate gray to softer beige tones, where the marine fossil inlays stand out just like in the natural material. Signs of life in the heart of the stone. The two porcelain formats are accompanied by a large geometric relief and a distinctive contrast to the soft stone. Symmetrical and pyramidal geometric patterns whose light and shadow offer a unique option for interior design.

    In the wood segment, ITT Ceramic presents Ithaca. A wood that reflects the most genuine and traditional aspects of classic wood. It stands out for its aged and delicate appearance and fine crevices. An authentic feel with vintage touches that delve into the essential nature of wood and everything it represents for decoration and interior design. Available in four colors and in a 23x120 format.

    Creative: dynamic patterns. The most creative hexagons

    Within its small format series, Creative, the Saniceramic Group includes new series in hexagon formats for the most daring and dynamic interiors. New proposals inspired by unique decorative patterns, as well as other geometric solutions that take iconic ITT Ceramic and Arklam collections to a new level, such as Calacatta Paonazzo and Atlantis Gold.

    Arklam, the large format to be bold and create without limits

    The Arklam large format is also bringing new products to Coverings. New 3 and 6 mm designs for floor tiles, wall tiles, façades and furniture; and in 12 and 20 mm for kitchen tables and countertops that represent a revolution in architecture and interior design.

    Arklam has collected samples from nature to be reproduced in detail in its large format products. This includes its new Calacatta Paonazzo series, which accurately reflects the oxidation of real marble by using special inks in the manufacturing process.

    Brazil Super White, meanwhile, takes inspiration from gray stone aesthetics, with mineral veins and gentle shading. Unique material effects, with different intensities, that offer a surprising play of light and shadow.

    Both collections are available in 12 and 20 mm, as well as in 6 mm thickness for coordinated wall and floor tiles.

    In addition to its design possibilities, allowing professionals to create endless, seamless rooms; Arklam stands out for its excellent technical features, such as durability, resistance, easy handling and placement and antibacterial properties.


    Visit the ITT Ceramic and Arklam stand at Coverings from July 7 to 9 - Spain Booth, ICEX stand, nº4433.


  • Quartzite - Original Stone
    ​Quartzite is one of the world’s most widely reproduced metamorphic rocks. We infuse its essence and original look into Quartzite, a porcelain suitable for both interior and exterior spaces....

  • We have worked on its aesthetic, taking inspiration from nature at every turn. These distressed colours look like they come straight from the quarry. Stones that are equal but different and coexist in harmony in White and Grey finishes, as a faithful representation of white quartzite, and in Multicolor, inspired by natural red quartzite. Sophisticated stone where each piece is one of a kind.
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