July 7-9, 2021 | Orlando, Florida USA


Sassuolo,  MO 
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The excellence and tradition of italian ceramic tiles.


Brands: Sichenia


Mus_art & Mus_eum


  • Mus_art
    ART BECOMES A MUSE TO CREATE TIMELESS CERAMIC SURFACES.<br />Art becomes a muse that inspires the creation of a unique collection. The beauty of nature is studied, ascertained and contemplated in a sophisticated ceramic surface...

  • When layers of dyes are poured onto the surface and crafted, art meets the essence of the earth and creates a perfect cohesion of shades and hues. Bold textures and colors give life to a decoration that redefines the oncept of art. It is a real painting, perfect to decorate elegant and lavish environments.

    Available in four chromatic variations, Mus_art confers the beauty of nature on any surface, with an extraordinary material effect. The collection is also perfect when combined with other materials such as the alter ego Mus_eum or materials inspired by wood or metal. The “Honed” surface gives to the slabs a characteristic semi-glossy refle tion. This “Soft-Touch” finish, with its sil y surface makes the material particularly pleasant. The smooth and slightly opaque texture gives to the product the typical appearance of natural marble.

    Mus_ eum was purposely designed to go hand in hand with Mus_art as it can be used both on floors and alls, but it can also be used together with other Sichenia collections to create fascinating interior spaces. The veins, shades and elegant decorations make this project a complete collection that can offer infini e laying solutions. Available in three finishe , formats and a wide range of decors for outdoor and indoor spaces, Mus_eum is a project with a strong, modern and compelling character that can be used for projects with a great aesthetic impact. 

    The Mus_eum collection has three finishes that emphasize the natural beauty of marble and its veins. The “Lux” surface refle ts light, enhancing the natural brightness within the space. The “Matt” finish cha acterizes contemporary spaces and gives a relaxing and delicate experience. Thanks to the use of nanotechnology in the glaze, the surface is “Soft Grip”, which has a soft touch yet is slip resistant. And finall , the “Sabbiata Grip” finish with a muffled appe ance that has strong anti-slip properties, making it particularly suitable for Outdoor and Wellness areas. The skillful mix of these surfaces gives the possibility to use the material in multiple contexts and creates a fascinating play of light.

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