July 7-9, 2021 | Orlando, Florida USA

Panaria Ceramica

Finale Emilia,  MO 
  • Booth: 1841

Ceramica Panaria: the beauty of feeling at home

The innovation and technology behind the ceramic surface.
Do not call them only tiles...

For Ceramica Panaria the new trends that influence the times is a story of continued research and discovery, a departure from the main road that lead to unexplored destinations this is what distinguishes the genius of the profession.

The passion and persistence on a path not yet travelled, but with the knowledge that the step and the direction are the right ones. With the conviction that wherever the road ends another one begins.

The use of sought-after and selected raw materials, the systems constant technological innovation, the excellent research and development and the corporate rich know how, are all factors that determine the success of Panaria and how it expresses itself in the qualitative and aesthetic improvement of the final product. The Corporate testimony to constant attention to innovation was brought to life in September 2009 with the exclusive project of the “laminated stoneware” ZER0.3, an authentic revolution in the ceramic field that brought to life large slabs and reduced thickness (up to 100x300 cm in just 3 mm of reduced thickness), and unique products on the market. Furthermore, in September 2010, the prestigious collaboration with the world leader of anti-bacterial technology Microban contributed to bringing an additional value to Panaria's ceramic production. Thanks to this silver based integrated technology, with one hygienic action, up to 99% of bacteria are eliminated from the tile surface, consistent over time (effective day or night) and will not alter as a result of wear and tear, climatic conditions or repeated cleaning.

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