April 5-8, 2022 | Las Vegas, Nevada USA

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Ranieri Pietra Lavica Srl

Tracase (NA),  72 
  • Booth: N773


Ranieri Lava Stone Introduction

 Press Releases

  • (Las Vegas, April 2022)Ranieri Lava Stone handcrafts precious Italian lava into exquisite surfaces using 400-year-old stone from Mount Vesuvius. Exhibiting for the first time at Coverings in Booth N773 in the ICE pavilion, Italian trade agency, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 5-8. Ranieri is showcasing their latest collections of glazed, patterned and natural lava stone. Full size samples of multiple lava stone collections will be on display in the booth.

    Ranieri offers several unique surface options:

    Bare Lava - The raw unfinished lava with grey characteristics is transformed into standard tile shapes and custom dimensions. Bare Lava stone provides a natural, organic look with a textured surface and matte finish. 

    Glazed Lava - Vibrant colors inspire new ideas for designing with glazed lava. Lava stone tiles are coated with an enamel glaze and fired at a very high temperature to increase the materials high resistance to temperature fluctuations, exposure to water and UV light. In addition to standard color offerings, Ranieri can produce custom colors for one-of-a-kind project designs.

    Decorated Lava - Classic and custom patterns are hand-painted onto solid lava stone. The end result is a mix of exquisite glazed patterns painted onto the natural grey lava which becomes the background for the design.

    Ranieri has rediscovered the 17th century art of Vietri hand-painting techniques traditionally applied on terra cotta tiles. Ranieri’s skilled artisans use this same ancient hand-painting technique on volcanic stone transforming the designs into incredibly strong, resistant, versatile and contemporary styles. 

    Ranieri's vast product range includes tile applications suitable for wall cladding, flooring, countertops, sinks and furnishing pieces for residential, hospitality and commercial spaces and indoor and outdoor settings. Ranieri Lava Stone’s ultimate selling point undoubtedly remains the option for customization. Thanks to Ranieri's team of artisans, they are able to recreate any idea that the client has in mind in terms of project scope and colors.


    U.S. Project References

    Ranieri’s most iconic project references in the U.S. include the elegant Champagne Bar at the Surf Club in the Four Seasons Miami featuring Ranieri lava stone’s emerald green glazed fluted lava stone tiles that were also recently installed in the new Jean Georges Marigold restaurant at the Keswick Hall hotel near resort near Charlottesville, Virginia. 

    About Ranieri Lava Stone

    Established in 1970 as a family business just outside of Naples, Italy, Ranieri has extensive experience within the lava stone manufacturing industry, and is well-known in the architecture, interior design and construction sectors. Colored glazes have become Ranieri’s signature trademark in recent years and are gaining momentum. In fact, Ranieri is one of the world’s few companies producing glazed lava stone for high end, custom interior design. Ranieri continues to build on its family legacy of creating unique lava stone designs and delivering them to luxurious locations across the globe. 

    For more information or for sample requests, email us at info@ranierilavastone.com


  • Ranieri Onda bar tile
    Undoubtedly, the most iconic bar tile Onda is glazed lava stone concaved with straight edges, displaying a half-piped end product....

  • The bar tile was originally realized for the magnificent Champagne Bar in the very heart of the Miami Four Season Surf Club, design by Joseph Dirand. The decoration under the bar counter was achieved using glazed fluted stone tiles to produce a wave-like effect. Famously named “Onda” as the architect behind the design stated that it reminded him of his trip to Amalfi. Now available in a variety of colors and effects and in three different available sizes. Fluted decors are among architecture’s oldest surface embellishments, and we are proud to have interpreted the tradition of fluted tiles by making with the Onda tiles such elegant and versatile lava products for residential living spaces and hospitality projects.
  • 3D Note tile
    Dynamic 3D tiles are applied as a decorative front covering on furniture. The geometric 3D Note pattern paired with oversized bare lava stone wall tiles balance elegance and texture for a modern luxury look....

  • ynamic 3D tiles are applied as a decorative front covering on furniture. The geometric 3D Note pattern paired with oversized bare lava stone wall tiles balance elegance and texture for a modern luxury look.

  • Degrade glazed lava tile
    Glazed lava stone tiles, handprinted in Italy with custom degrade shades of green add a dynamic dimension to any space. Ranieri will work with you to design your custom colors on lava stone to create a unique design for your project....

  • Explore our dégradé gradient effects and color customization

    As part of our custom color matching, our craftsmen start from a basic theme color, and then produce a palette of natural gradients. 
    These gradients are used to develop your chosen theme color or a number of color shades. This technique, also known as dégradé, is remarkable on lava stone surfaces and demonstrates how enamels react with the underlying lava surface. 

  • Onda bar tile
    3D green glazed lava tile is the highlight of the magnificent Champagne Bar at The Surf Club at the Four Seasons in Miami....

  • One of Ranieri's most prestigious projects, the bar's green glaze over fluted stone tiles produces a wave-like effect. The custom enameled lava stone flute tiles for the bar counter claddings enhance the exclusivity of the Champagne bar. The design team at Joseph Dirand worked very closely with Ranieri on the lava stone accents featured at Le Sirenuse restaurant in the Four Seasons Miami.  Including all the custom lava stone pieces, finishes and enamel selection as well as the stone cutting process. This Made to Measure project represents Ranieri’s mission as lava stone suppliers and consultants to partner with architects and designers throughout the creative stages of their stone-based projects and to bring their projects to the highest levels of achievement.

  • Onda bar tile for Keswick
    Ranieri's Onda bar tile in a vibrant blue glazed lava stone featured in Keswick Hall in Virginia....

  • Ranieri is proud to be featured in another prestigious project in the U.S. 

    The custom fluted bar in a vibrant blue glazed lava stone is a stand out at the newly opened 

    Marigold restaurant in Keswick Hall by world renowned Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. 

    Harthowerton designed the rustic chic space with expansive views of the Virginia Mountains.

  • Compas pattern
    When you need to refresh a space, consider these eye-catching lava stone wall patterns. Classical circular motifs align to create the harmonious Compas pattern....

  • Bold geometric patterns are hand painted onto the natural lava stone surfaces to create a bold dynamic statement. The geometric Compas pattern play consists of circles that break away and recompose to create always changing forms. The tiles are ideal for both wall coverings and flooring and for indoor and outdoor surfaces.
  • Triangle pattern
    The Triangle geometric floor pattern is bold and dramatic and are popular for their timeless elegance....

  • The square tile is divided into two triangles where the natural lava stone and the solid colour co-exist in their duality. 
    Combining freely, the triangles generate new structures and graphic compositions with infinite creative outcomes.
    They vary in different tones that can be shiny, opaque and mirrored shades.
  • 3D Jazz tile
    Handmade in Italy, the 3D Jazz tile are ideal to customize your one of a kind projects. Elevate furniture by cladding them in 3D lava tiles for a unique look....

  • The monochromatic room design makes the 3D sculpted and glazed lava stone fronts even more bold and a stunning showpiece.
    The Jazz cladding is enameled with the Caviar tint from our color palette, which, in addition to being glossy, has an accentuated shade variation, and thanks to these features, the gray enameled lava stone counter stands out from the solid monochromatic grey look of the kitchen.The Jazz 3D shape sculpts the counter with an elegant but playful touch.

    Each 3D lava stone furniture is handcrafted by experienced professionals who are detail-oriented: our 3D tiles, available in a wide-range of shapes, are glazed one by one, which means that you will get a large choice on color matching and glazing effects.

    Beside being markedly original, our 3D lava stone tiles are highly adaptable solutions, able to transform, give character and rebrand your spaces.There are several options to choose from among our 3D pieces, a collection of reliable products that offer durability & support, visual appeal, and quality craftsmanship.

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