April 5-8, 2022 | Las Vegas, Nevada USA

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Apollo Stone Imports Inc.

  • Booth: N1848


Apollo Stone Imports is the hassle-free way to order natural stone at competitive prices. We provide ongoing availability of the most popular stones, including Thassos White, in slabs, standard or custom-cut tiles, several finishes and mosaics. Color, quality and precision cutting of every order are monitored onsite and professionally packaged.

NEW TILES: Large, thin tiles in several sizes: 18x36x3/8, 24x24x3/8, 18x24x3/8, 24x24x1/2, 24x48x5/8

FOR YOUR BOTTOM LINE: We offer mixed containers to minimize your inventory. Forget about mis-cut or damaged product: we guarantee every order.

Thassos White, Stellar White, Sivec White, Corinthian Beige, Oceanus White, Volakas Olympic White, Arabescato, Benovia Limestone, Sorrento Grey, Martino Grey, Monterey Grey, Minerva Rose, Nautilus Blue, Trizina Silver, Trizina Brown, Creme Fedora, Castilian Black, Napoleon Pewter, Cypress Limestone, Hestia Gold (Golden Spider). 

Learn more about the Apollo Stone difference and check out our other stone colors at https://www.apollostone.com and https://www.thassosapollostone.com

Brands: WHITES Thassos, Stellar, Pegasus, Pentelikon, Volakas, Spoleto & more; GREYS Martino, Sorrento, Monterey, Pewter; AND Creme Fedora, Trizina Silver, Corinthian Beige, Castilian Black, Cypress Limestone

 Press Releases

  • Contact: Dimitri Charalambous

    dimitri@apollostone.com    415-482-0303

    www.apollostone.com  www.thassosapollostone.com

    San Rafael, CA, April 5, 2022—The design trend to large, thin tiles continues to grow in 2022. And they’re not just for flooring anymore. Architects and de signers are increasingly using them to make dramatic statements on walls in virtually every room in homes, as well as commercial buildings.

    “Our customers like the large tiles because they make rooms and hallways feel more spacious, and the fewer grout lines create a clean, modern look,” explained Dimitri Charalambous, president of Apollo Stone Imports. “On walls, they’re a durable alternative to paint or wallpaper. They can look soft and subtle or dramatic, and using them in marble or limestone creates a natural environment that many people want in their homes now.”

    A study at Harvard released in February predicted an average increase in home improvement spending of almost 14 percent in 2022. One of the most common choices for homeowners doing remodeling is kitchens, including countertops and backsplashes.

    “We see a lot of demand for larger tiles used in backsplashes,” Charalambous said. “Everyone wants a big kitchen, and that’s one way to make a smaller space visually larger.”

    Some sources say that fewer grout lines are not only easier to clean but more hygienic because there are fewer crevices for mold, mildew and bacteria to enter. Thinner tiles are lighter weight, so they reduce shipping costs, which have spiked in the last few years.

    Apollo Imports offers marble tiles in 3/8”, ½: and 5/8” and some tiles as large as 2’ by 4’. Based in San Rafael, CA, and Athens, Greece, the company provides Greek marble and limestone to wholesalers and distributors in slabs, standard and custom-cut tiles, mosaics and staircases.

    # # #


    VOLAKAS OLYMPIC WHITE has subtle veining and soft splotches that combines interest with a natural look in any application....

  • VOLAKAS OLYMPIC WHITE  is a popular stone available in 2CM SLABS ,12X24", 6X12”,3X6” and 4X12”--all in 3/8” thick as well as cut-to-size and mosaics.
    MAGNUM BLACK POLISHED makes a dramatic statement, either alone or as a mosaic....

  • MAGNUM BLACK POLISHED: we supply this marble in 2cm slabs, cut-to-size pieces and large tiles 24x24x3/4”, 24x36 3/4” and 24x48x ¾”.

    BIANCO VALENCIA is a light grey-white marble with soft, fluid veining....

  • BIANCO VALENCIA: We supply this beautiful marble in 2cm slabs, cut-to-size pieces and large tiles 24x24x 5/8”, 24x36X5/8”, and 24x48x 5/8”.

    BIANCO IONIO is a popular marble with subtle light grey specks and small patches of soft grey....

  • BIANCO IONIO: We provide this marble in 2cm slabs, cut-to-size pieces, mosaics and tiles 12X24," 6X12”,3X6” and 4X12”--all in 3/8” thickness.

    JULIANNA DOLOMITI is white marble that is gaining in popularity because of its very soft, subtle grey striations....

  • JULIANNA DOLOMITI: We supply this lovely white marble in  2cm slabs, cut-to-size pieces, mosaics and 12X24", 6X12”,3X6” and 4X12” tiles--all in 3/8” thick..

    BRECCIA ZINGARO is a unique light tan marble with an earthy look created by brown specks and tiny shapes overlaid with translucent shapes of pale brown....

  • BRECCIA ZINGARO: We provide this unusual marble in 2cm slabs, cut-to-size pieces and mosaics, as well as tiles12X24", 6X12”, 3X6” and 4X12” --all 3/8” thick.

    TITANIA SUNSET is an interesting marble with an off-white background, soft brown and grey veining of different widths, overlaid with delicate white shorter striations giving the impression of small branches....

  • TITANIA SUNSET: We supply this unusual stone in 2cm slabe, cut-to-size pieces, mosaics and 3/8" tiles 12X24", 6X12”, 3X6” and 4X12”.

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