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Fiorano Modenese,  MO 
  • Booth: C7826

Emilgroup is a leading company in ceramic surfaces. Based in Italy, it designs, manufactures and sells worldwide tiles for 5 brands Emilceramica, Ergon, Provenza, Viva, Level.

It owns sales offices and warehouses located in 5 continents. Its logistic organization responds to global market needs, providing tailor made solutions from design to tiles installation. Production and innovation are strategic keys that guide investments. The R&D dept. operates as a creative workshop where ideas and experiences are blend together with the latest technologies to create outstanding collections

Brands: Emilgroup is a leading company in ceramic surfaces. From its italian headquarter, it designs, manufactures and sells tiles for 4 brands Emilceramica, Ergon, Provenza, Viva.


Sixty by Emilceramica


  • Sixty by Emilceramica
    Sixty is the collection that celebrates the sixtieth birthday of Emilgroup through a return to its origins and to the most fundamental of all its raw materials - clay - expressed in a sophisticated, elegant collection....

  • The colour assortment of Sixty comprises seven shades: Fango; Cielo; Salvia; Talco; Antracite; Cenere; Sabbia.

    The collection designs interiors with the aid of two versions: the Fondo (plain) version, with natural graphic patterning and surfaces with a soft, silk feel and superior anti-slip properties thanks to the SilkTech technology, and the Timbro (stamped) version, which provides the effect of a stamped relief pattern, the key to original, creative decorative combinations.
    To complete the Sixty bare earth project, the collection offers the hexagon (Esagone), in both Fondo and Timbro versions, and minibricks, in matt, stamped and lux variants. Available in the 7 shades in the collection’s colour range, they also include an additional chromatic option, Nero Assoluto, for unlimited decorative and architectural freedom.

    Sixty by Emilceramica is available in different sizes:

    - 9.5 mm thicknesses:

    • 120x120
    • 60x120
    • 80x80
    • 40x80
    • 60x60
    • 30x60
    • 30x30​

    - 20 mm thicknesses:

    • 80x80
  • Unique Marble by Provenza
    Unique Marble by Provenza combines the timeless beauty of marble with the casual contemporary spirit of resin, to create a new, original aesthetic....

  • Designed on the basis of five of the world’s most exclusive types of marble, Unique Marble seeks out distinctive cuts and vein patterns as the inspiration for unusual, extraordinarily realistic designs and sizes: from the iconic elegance of Royal Calacatta to the strong personality of Bianco Siena, from the graphic motifs of Moon Grey to the intensity of Paonazzetto, concluding with the sophisticated minimalism of Sahara Noir.
    The collection is conceived to provide the utmost architectural freedom with its combination of three complementary materials, with solutions in marble alone, in marble plus resin, as in the Ambra decor, or in just resin.
    Moreover, the SilkTech technology provides excellent anti-slip performances while still retaining the ceramic surface’s soft, silky feel.

    Unique Marble is available in different sizes:

    - 6.5 mm thicknesses:

    • 120x278
    • 120x120

    - 10.5 mm thicknesses:

    • 90x180

    - 9.5 mm thicknesses:

    • 90x90
    • 60x120
    • 30x60
  • Stonehenge by Ergon
    An ode to natural stone and its expressive power. This is Stonehenge, a completely new reinterpretation of iconic British stone....

  • Known for its sedimentary origins and use in local homes, British stone has been given new life by Ergon to face the challenges of modern design.

    The Stonehenge collection lends new life to the natural stone, making the most of its original refinement and intensity to express its soft nuances in total harmony with the underlying surface.

    Emilgroup’s R&D division studied the entire range of the original material to identify the stone’s subtlest, most elegant vein patterns. Attention to the finest detailing, combined with the realism of high-resolution graphics, has enabled us to embody and reinterpret the character of the British stone in a more versatile version whose sinuous elegance is expressed in its fluid veining.

    The collection is available in 4 natural shades, typical of the natural stone, White, Ivory, Grey and Anthracite, in the 60x120 and 30x60 sizes. The collection is completed by the Line decor, in 30x60 size, which features a slight three-dimensional structure and specially designed patterning that enhances and accentuates its volume and depth.

  • Tele di Marmo Onyx by Emilceramica
    Onyx is the stone at the centre of the new Tele di Marmo Onyx collection by Emilceramica, that generates a seductive, sumptuous array of tiles....

  • In an extremely refined, intriguing palette of colours - from the enticing Ivory to the elegant Pink, the deep Green and Blue and the dramatic Onyx Black - with its splendid large size of 120x278 cm, Tele di Marmo Onyx offers a depth and richness of colour never previously achieved, providing architects and interior designers with a unique, invaluable aesthetic resource that beautifully defines the personalities of both residential and commercial locations.

    Moreover, the SilkTech technology provides excellent anti-slip performances while still retaining the ceramic surface’s soft, silky feel. The result is a product that guarantees superior technical performance in terms of safety, tactile appeal, ease of cleaning and durability over time.

    Tele di Marmo Onyx is available in different sizes:

    - 6.5 mm thicknesses:

    • 120x278
    • 120x120

    - 10.5 mm thicknesses:

    • 90x180

    - 9.5 mm thicknesses:

    • 90x90
    • 60x120
    • 30x60

  • Revival by Provenza
    The past and present are blended in perfect harmony in this series inspired by natural wood and finished with meticulous attention to detail and a highly realistic graphic effect....

  • The three wood shades have been selected directly from nature and highlight the authentic and true character of the Revival collection: from delicate Almond, to elegant Biondo and sophisticated Cuoio.

    Thanks to latest-generation digital technology, Revival reproduces the surface of real wood with extreme accuracy and realism: through the tactile effect, with its knots and grain, you can see areas with different reflections typical of this exquisite material. The result is a design with a strong look that becomes the standout feature in rooms, distinguishing them with its current, contemporary style.

    The collection is made even more authentic by the 20x120 cm and 26.5x160 cm sizes, along with the Chevron version, featuring straight edges with a perfect 90° cut to recreate the unique sensation of real cut logs.

    The SilkTech surface is silky and soft to the touch: it boasts an elegant, stylish look and guarantees a superior anti-slip technical performance, maintaining harmonious visual continuity between indoors and outdoors.

    Revival is available in different sizes:

    - 9.5 mm thicknesses:

    • 26,5x160
    • 20x120

    - 9 mm thicknesses:

    • 11x54

    - 20 mm thicknesses:

    • 40x120
  • Abacus by Ergon
    Based on an in-depth study of colour and light on the material, Abacus is the new design solution by Ergon, available in the 7.5x20 cm brick size, which completes and enhances all the brand’s collections....

  • The design integrates influences from traditional majolica, whose craftsmanship underlies the gently undulating and softly imperfect surface.

    It is a project that bases its expressive power on colour, the vibrant star of the series. The rich colour palette ranges from muted, reassuring base shades of Carbone, Piombo, Corda and Calce to original, fresh tones of Senape, Petrolio, Lavanda, Cipria and Amaranto. The 9 bright colours, developed through in-depth chromatic analysis to ensure they are perfectly compatible and combinable, are available in 3 finishes: discreet matt, vibrant gloss and eccentric gloss plissé with a corrugated surface that creates unique reflected light effects.

    The Abacus series sees the entry of a new 7.5x20 cm brick size – commonly used for wall coverings – into the range. The collection was created to give vertical surfaces colour and personality. In its natural version it is also suitable for use on floors, in any residential environment and in most commercial contexts.

  • Level
    The Level range of large size slabs by Emilgroup is expanded with new types of marble....

  • Level offers an entire range of solutions in the 160x320 size in 6.5 mm thickness and 162x324 in 12 mm thickness in a 5 different inspirations - Marmi, Tinta Unita, Concrete, Design, Stone - and enables total continuity of look between coverings and furnishings, such as counter-tops and backsplashes, worktops, tables or unit doors.

    Level* slabs have been awarded NSF certification for direct contact with foods. This achievement guarantees the quality of Emilgroup products in commercial and public settings where stringent consumer safety requirements must be met.

    Level is now extended with three new marble inspirations: Laguna Blanca, Statuario Reale and Super White.

    The Level range includes the 20 mm thickness for the 162x324cm Cantera Grey, Basalto, Tinta Unita Black and White variants.

     *The list of Level by Emilgroup products certified by the NSF is available at Listing Category Search Page | NSF International

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