April 5-8, 2022 | Las Vegas, Nevada USA

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Energie Ker

Pavullo,  MO 
  • Booth: C8226

Italian Company Manufacturer of porcelain stoneware tiles

EnergieKer is an italian Gres Porcelain tiles Manufacturer highly devoted to provide good quality porcelain tiles.
Sizes available: 8x8, 6x12, 12x12, 18x18, 20x20, 8x20, 6x24, 8x24, 12x24, 24x24, 6x36, 18x36, 36x36, 4x48, 12x48, 24x48 full body, color body and glazed porcelain tiles. EnergieKer is using the latest and newest DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY to recreate the beauty of the Natural Stones and of the Real Wood. EnergieKer is a USGBC Member. Most of our products are LEED Certified and we are investing a lot in the GREEN ENERGY: Solar Energy is in our products with a Solar Photovoltaic panels plant, among the biggest in Italy,in rectified edges in size 24x24, 24x48, 12x48, 36x36 and 18x36.
EKXTREME SLABS PROGRAM: 32x71, 48x48, 48x106, 63x126 - 6mm and 64x127 - 12 mm.

Brands: EnergieKer EKXTREME SLABS TH2.0 Outdoor Solutions_20mm


  • Patagonia
    Marble Style...


    Energieker launches Patagonia, the newest collection inspired by the extreme yet discreet luxury
    of the most precious marbles existing in nature.

    Inspired by the precious caves of South America, Patagonia invades the furniture and design sector confirming the undisputed trend of the moment.
    A warm and mild thread contrasted by sharp anthracite, beige and brown veinings makes Patagonia the perfect product to refine not only home spaces, but also prestigious commercial environments, making luxury affortable to everyone.
    With its extreme likelihood to the real-existing stone, Patagonia stands out for exclusivity, elegance and versatility. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology and our meticulous research for details, our ceramic surface is able to create unique stilistic moods that suit floors, walls and furnishings.
    The polished surface comes in various sizes – namely 60×120, 120×120 and 120×270 – and two thicnkesses – 6 mm and 9 mm.

  • Onyx Jade
    Marble Style...

  • Onyx by EnergieKer turns green

    The color palette of the new marble-like Onyx gives way to a new color, Jade: a pastel green shade capable of giving warmth and colour to home spaces without losing its brightness.

    Its marble-like veins and texture provide a unique versatility both to modern and classic environments. With its delicate green notes, Jade stands out as one of the top trends in the interior design sector.

    Once again Energieker proves itself to be up-to-date by combining technology and innovation with the upmost quality of the final product.

    Onyx comes in five different shades, three different sizes – 60x120, 120x120, 120x270 – and is produced both in matt and polished finish.

  • Eternal Blue
    Marble Style...


    Marble-inspired ceramic surfaces represent the hottest trend in contemporary interior design. With its impetuous, luxurious charm, Eternal Blue by Energieker can convey prestige and elegance to every kind of space; it meets every aesthetic and pragmatic need through a unique, surprising designing process.

    The realism of the surface becomes evident through the Bookmatch effect, by which delicate veins are mirrored with natural, recurring movements.

    Produced only in polished finish, Eternal Blue comes in sizes 60x120, 120x120, 163x324 (12 mm) and 120x270, this one declined in the Bookmatch version as well.

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