April 5-8, 2022 | Las Vegas, Nevada USA

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Sassuolo,  MO 
  • Booth: C7413

BLUSTYLE, forever beautiful

Blustyle is the brand that offers the quality of Cotto d’Este with simpler solutions in standard thickness, in which attention to detail, high quality raw materials, a distinctive
aesthetic appeal and respect for the environment are the fundamental ingredients.

Technology, research, and aesthetics: Blustyle is creativity, experience, and advanced technology; a team of professionals specialized in the creation of innovative and high quality products. it is the guaranteethat the best porcelain stoneware products are affordable to everyone.

Greenstyle: Blustyle is “green” at heart. a company that has made high quality its mission, cannot but have the utmost respect for the environment and for the safeguarding of our planet. a binding commitment, the product of concrete choices that help to create a highly eco-compatible manufacturing model, one that recycles and reduces the need for raw materials through the use of highly efficient machinery and renewable energy.


  • Èlite
    Contemporary Glamour ...

  • The search starts from the most prestigious Italian quarries, extending to fascinating Spain and to the boundless African hinterland. Blustyle explores, does not impose limits on space and chooses: classic marble is transformed into porcelain stoneware with high graphic definition and it decisively interprets contemporary style. The endless patterns of the veins are immersed in the dense and enveloping colours of the material, creating harmonious atmospheres of singular beauty.
  • Green Wood
    Genuine Nature ...

  • It’s been a long journey. We’ve travelled endless roads, explored numerous countries, and met many people, all as part of our quest to unearth the fundamental characteristics of an original and authentic style. Along this journey we rediscovered the unique and distinctive value of simplicity. This led to the creation of Green Wood, the truest and most natural interpretation of wood, as a distinctive feature of modern living

  • Outdoor
    Living Spaces ...

  • The pursuit and fulfilment of an innate sense of freedom is the only way to discover new paths which transcend borders and barriers. It is thanks to this awareness that our idea of spaces for living extends to all outdoor realms, by means of the faithful interpretation of stone as an expression of distinctive Blustyle. With Outdoor, every outdoor area becomes a living space of extraordinary beauty and exceptional resistance, because it is available in enhanced 12 and 20 mm thicknesses. A strong aesthetic value, an immense and original variety of tones coupled with the extensive modularity of formats means that Outdoor exudes elegance and versatility, transforming all outdoor spaces into living spaces
  • Advance
    Beauty to experience...

  • Through its latest collection Advance, Blustyle explores the world’s immense variety of natural stone to create an all-new texture born from the blending of multiple mineral samples. Thanks to its authentic natural character and the depth of its range of products, Advance becomes the linchpin of a system of elements that merge elegantly to define a unique yet informal style that is cosmopolitan and immediately recognisable. A model of beauty to be experienced and enjoyed day after day, in the extraordinary routine of everyday life.

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