April 5-8, 2022 | Las Vegas, Nevada USA

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Colorker Group

Alcora,  Castellon 
  • Booth: C9416

Welcome to our experimentation space. The future is here.

The Colorker Group is currently an open door for experimentation. Our brain power is young but expert. While staying true to our past, we build on our experience, reinventing ourselves constantly with a strong international outlook.

Within Colorker Group is a group of creators that contribute to the development of architectural projects and interior and general design with inspiring tools and a brand experience that transcends our products.

We base our work on these 3 pillars.



Our creative process is based on a keen sense of our surroundings and on an understanding of the
latest trends. Thanks to this, we create products that inspire and develop the potential of other projects.


We are a company that always looks towards the future, both in our processes and in our technology, corporate culture and our way of understanding the industry.


We cannot conceive of our business without direct contact with our clients. However, we always go one step further. We connect with companies and talents from any discipline, we establish alliances and synergies, we actively listen and take in each person's vision. Our public's opinion matters to us.

COLORKER stands out as a workplace where people develop their activity in a tight-knit and professional atmosphere, one that is committed and dynamic, demanding and collaborative.


We work to offer quality ceramic solutions, in a way that is dynamic and close to the client, through different commercial brands, with an international outlook and based on two premises: positioning and value.


To be a benchmark in the ceramic sector through excellence in all aspects of our work flow, generating value and continuing to satisfy all stakeholders.


  • An uncompromising commitment to quality for our clients.
  • Ethics, professionalism and team work.
  • Constant improvement and the highest standards of quality.
  • Entrepreneurial culture.

Brands: Colorker, ZYX, Proconcept


Premiere by Colorker - Premium Stones

 Press Releases

  • The Colorker Group will once again be present at the 2022 edition held in Las Vegas, where it will take the opportunity to meet clients and strategic partners.

    The company will reserve a key space for the Matter by ZYX Atelier and shall present two new Premium series: Premiere and Panamera.

    Despite the difficulties the sector has been facing at the start of this year, the Colorker Group will be back at Coverings, showing that the US market continues to be an absolute priority for the company. For the launch, the company based in Alcora (Castellón, Spain) boasts a perfectly balanced, cozy space as a showcase for its most successful collections and will present its latest brand innovations. The new releases include a stone (Premiere) and a cement (Panamera), both very well crafted down to the last detail to fully meet the demands of the US market. In addition, Colorker will bring back two of its bestsellers—such as Hudson, Kaira or Aoki—and will reserve a top space for its ZYX brand, rebuilding the Matter Atelier Concept that was already presented in Cersaie 2021, so that you can relive the whole Bologna experience.

    ‘The new Pizarra’ and latest trend colors with Premiere y Panamera

    Given the interest generated by our slate effect porcelain tiles, especially in countries such as the USA, Colorker has added another series with this style to its product catalogue: Premiere. An alternative to the popular Horizon that includes covering in 31.6x100R and coordinated flooring in 59.5x59.5R.

    In addition to its premium character, with deep shading and stone details that highlight the surfaces, Premiere surprises with its two exclusive reliefs: Ryder and Aquila. Ryder defies established patterns thanks to its irregular layout, interplay of volumes and raised edges, as if each piece of the latticework came to life. Also with a geometric base, Aquila features a detailed arrowhead pattern, adding dynamism to the interior design and perfectly counterbalancing the neutral base of the series.

    For Panamera, we use the latest color trends to open up new possibilities for architecture and interior design. Highly exclusive wall coverings that take into consideration the popularity of green and blue tiles to merge into shades such as aquamarine or petrol blue.

    A very toneless and material aesthetic that, in the case of Aqua, is reminiscent of the oxidized bronze of works of art. Ocean is the exquisite version of Panamera in petrol blue, where the golden sparkles of the piece stand out starkly, and Moon is the more neutral shade, in a subtle, attractive off-white.

    Other Colorker collections already presented and that will be center stage once again at Coverings 2022 are Hudson, inspired by the mysterious French Jura stone (including its relief version Oneida); Aoki, wood-effect tiles with a very linear and clean base for Japandi-style interior decorating; Kaira, which may be viewed as general paving, and Takara, the new terrazzo flooring available in three colors (Light, Pearl and Grey). The Deck collection will be used to cover the stand’s façade.

    Matter by ZYX takes you back to the artist’s Atelier

    As you all know, we’re preparing a very special premiere for our new Matter Collection in Cersaie—a truly realistic and experiential recreation of the artist's lair on whose subjective representation of reality the series is based.

    For Coverings 2022, the ZYX team is once again reconstructing part of the artist's spiritual retreat in a creative space where you can see all Matter’s square (15x15) and hexagonal (20x23) pieces, as well as the new series of washbasins 100% handmade and hand painted by Spanish artisans.

    If you don’t want to miss this and much more in the next edition of Coverings Las Vegas, visit us at Stand C9416 of the Spanish Pavilion from April 5 to 8. See you there!



    Proconcept: a new concept of ceramics will come to life at Coverings

    • The 2022 edition of the event, held in Las Vegas, will host the launch of a new ceramic brand that will surprise the US public thanks to the lightness of its textures and the high quality of its surfaces.
    • A new way of conceptualizing ceramics like never before, an invitation to move forward and look at the future through unprecedented ceramic solutions for architecture and interior design.

    Project. Process. Progress.

    PROCONCEPT is a new way of conceptualizing ceramics like never before. A new brand created to expand the possibilities of decoration projects through realistic graphics, light textures and high technical and mechanical performance. This new brand, which will be officially presented to the international audience at Coverings Las Vegas, aims to mark a before and after in the architecture and interior design sector. A ceramic that will allow both professionals and their projects to be unique and move forward.

    The characteristics of the new brand Proconcept

    To evoke authenticity is the new form of PROgress.

    As with the latest design trends, Proconcept focuses on the origin of raw material -without eccentricity or artifice- to show the most genuine side of the pieces, as taken directly from nature. A wide range of wood, stones, marble and single-colour ceramics, where each vein and feature of the piece has been worked down to the last detail to extract the most artisan aside to decoration. A RAW style filled with calm and serenity where neutral colours -white, grey and earth- are the main protagonists.

    “Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be.” - Khalil Gibran

    Beyond aesthetics. Pushing the boundaries of ceramics.

    We exploit our creativity to the maximum to bring the latest industry trends to our collections. Proconcept is the result of excellent design work that allows us to be proactive and go beyond the aesthetics of the tiles. Way beyond. Because we work on innovation from each of our work areas. The research to continuously improve our products, installation systems and processes has enabled us to create solutions that are protected under the highest quality standards. Floor and wall tiles whose technical and mechanical properties have been specifically created to provide advantages and value to customers, to move forward and be unique and highly competitive in the market. With Proconcept, it’s all about pros. Move into the FUTURE.

    Proconcept at Coverings: the brand’s launch in Las Vegas

    Proconcept has taken advantage of an event with such international reach as Coverings 2022 to really introduce itself to the public. At this event, the brand will work hard to create a niche among the leading ceramic proposals of the US market, one of the most strategic for the brand.

    For the event, Proconcept has specially prepared a functional, spacious and cozy stand with its corporate colors as a flag, where people can discover its most outstanding collections and the uniqueness of their designs, graphics and textures. From the most incredible marbles, clamoring to be noticed from the façade, to the most elegant stone, cement, oxide or single-color proposals displayed inside in an eye-catching tour of all available product categories. An aesthetically and materially attractive launch for clients that can be visited from April 5 to 8, 2022, at Stand C9416 of the Spanish Pavilion in Coverings.

    To discover more about the brand, download its catalogue, or check out its social networks: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


  • Hudson - Natural stone
    ​Colorker travels to the very source of the German stone quarries to reflect the natural beauty of Jura stone in Hudson....

  • A limestone filled with nuances and grooves sealed on its surface by the passage of time, that adds an exclusive feel and character to spaces. To faithfully replicate the natural material, Hudson includes a Beige hue within the stone effect porcelain colour range. A palette that subtly turns to another two cool shades: Grey and White.

    In addition to the floor tiles, suitable for indoor and outdoor use thanks to the GRIP+ non-slip version; Hudson’s most unique feature is its Oneida relief for wall tiles. A network of standard geometric pieces whose lines and reliefs are crafted in great detail. A subtle play of light for contemporary projects. 

  • Matter by ZYX - A new way of perceiving the world
    Through Matter, ZYX presents the new way of looking at and understanding ceramic tiles. A journey to the perfection of nature captured and reinterpreted from the artist's viewpoint....

  • As is the case in all forms of art, Matter has taken into account all aspects that influence human subjectivity in order to express its creativity and language: knowledge, culture, experiences, family, the pictorial technique… both in terms of the creator –the artist– and the viewer. It has also taken into account perspective and its ability to transfigure perception.

    This has resulted in a handcrafted and chameleon-like collection, whose material effects and a colour scheme carry us to a highly personal and unique view of nature's most beautiful scenes. The series comprises two formats: square and hexagon; and five colours and three designs: Canvas Blue, Canvas Red and Canvas Green. All the parts can be fully combined with each other.

    Matter's major revelation is its new line of washbasins. This is a fresh concept of unique artwork in which each washbasin has been individually shaped and painted by artisans, blending with and contrasting with ceramics to create the perfect mix and match.


    • Square 5,9" x 5,9" inches
    • Hexa 7,87" X 9,05"

    Colors: Blue, Green, Red, Bone, Taupe

    Canvas Blue, Canvas Red, Canvas Green. 

    Washbasins: Blue, Red, Green, Canvas Blue, Canvas Red, Canvas Green. 

    Download the catalogue. 

  • Premiere - Premium stones
    Slate is one of the most popular stones in today’s interior design. With Premiere, we carry the ceramic reformulation of this metamorphic rock to the next level, with surfaces with more noticeable tone variations and full of nuances....

  • As if each piece were uniquely crafted, the Premiere series of cladding products allows nature itself to be transferred to the decoration projects. Available in the cold colour range, Light and Dark, more typical of natural slate; and a warmer version, Cream, for cosy spaces. It includes 59.5x59.5R coordinated porcelain floor tiles for a full stony look.

  • Takara - Cutting Edge stones
    Colorker joins the terrazzo trend with Takara ceramic stone. A reworking of the classic terrazzo tile for modern use, with vibrant colours such as blue or yellow blended with cement tones in an exquisite clash of depths....

  • Impressive aesthetic diversity and originality for interiors through the application of the latest digital printing techniques. Cutting-edge ceramics manufacturing that harks back to the “Sassi” technique between cement and stone: structure vs. nature.


    Takara’s textures and multiple colour details with the use of special inks offer a new dimension with the Luck decoration. Uneven geometry with a technical finish and glossy effect, cleverly and dynamically combining the collection’s four colours: Light, Grey, Pearl and Dark. Its eight different designs are a delight for projects, achieving aesthetic results with great character and personality

  • Vision by Proconcept
    We take their purity and beauty from nature. Each rock, mineral. And we make it our own. Proconcept launches, within its range of stones, a network of series inspired by the most authentic and unusual rocks....

  • Of different aesthetics, colours and details. With its perfect imperfection and irregular tones. It is impossible to find two equal pieces. Soft and serene aesthetics. Incredibly elegant proposals with all the technical features offered by ceramic. Aesthetically stone. But light years ahead of it. 

    Visit our landing page. 

  • Calacatta Soft by Proconcept
    We visit the quarries to capture the most exclusive stones in the world and reproduce them in exquisite detail. With its perfect imperfection. Where each piece is different....

  • We embrace the most extraordinary marble without forsaking its classical charm. A must have for architecture from time immemorial. True to its essence of everything neutral, respecting material as it really is. Proconcept completes its marble range with sleek and elegant designs with a very white background and extremely detailed veins, drawn in shades such as grey, violet or rust, achieved using special inks. Collections that are completed with very subtle, linear and geometric reliefs for wall covering. With its series of depths. Lights and shadows. Hammered and chiselled finishes.

    Visit our landing page. 

  • Aoki - Calm wood
    As a tribute to the source of the raw material, Colorker has named this series “green tree”, drawing on the Japanese etymology....

  • A ceramic wood that not only takes its name from the empire of the rising sun, but also its essence, based on order and balance. Aoki is a very subtle and clean collection, characterised by its linearity and lack of knots and imperfections.
    Decorative calm and serenity in a 25x150 format, which can be married perfectly with countless styles, including Nordic or Japandi. 


    • Porcelain
    • 9,84” x 59,1” 
    • Colors: White, Maple, Natural, Coffee. 
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