April 5-8, 2022 | Las Vegas, Nevada USA

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Florim Ceramiche SpA

Fiorano Modenese,  MO 
  • Booth: C6226

“Made in Florim” stands for extraordinary porcelain surfaces

Inspired by an innate passion for beauty and design, Florim has been producing porcelain surfaces to meet all the needs of the construction, architecture and interior design sectors for over 60 years. Headed by Claudio Lucchese, son of its founder Giovanni Lucchese, the company has a past firmly rooted in the ceramics district at Sassuolo (Modena) and a present as an international industry trendsetter. Today, the Group employs 1,400 people worldwide and generates turnover of more than 480 million Euro.

Famed for its quality, expertise and cutting-edge technology and design, it is known on the market through its high-end Italian brands and its brand addressed to the North American market. With state-of-the-art production plants, distribution companies and partnerships in Europe, America and Asia and a number of flagship stores and single-brand showrooms, the company is well positioned in the world's top design districts.

Its strategy focused on quality, innovation and sustainability combines with the creative drive and passion of its human resources to transform the value known as “made in Italy” into “made in Florim”. Florim, after changing its status and becoming a Benefit Company, obtained the B Corp certification in 2020, the most important recognition that unites sustainable and regenerative companies.


Brands: Florim, FLORIM stone, CEDIT - Ceramiche d'Italia


Design is our Passion

 Press Releases

  • April 5th – 8th, Florim presents its new collections for the world of architecture and design at Coverings. 


    Displaying at the Convention Center in Las Vegas, the groups large slabs will be arranged in an amphitheater within the Florim Arena exhibition area. A highly technological monitor will allow visitors to view the ceramic surfaces in virtual environments for both indoors and outdoors. In this real-digital place, attendees can choose the room, the collection and the finishes, customizing the design space. 


    The Florim Magnum Oversize slabs (up to 320x160cm) - Honorable Mention of the Compasso D'Oro ADI - are developed in a variety of aesthetic and material variants to cover any type of space: floors and walls, ventilated facades, furniture and design solutions bathroom tops, kitchen tops, tables, and more generally all the three-dimensional elements that enrich the spaces. 


    A maxi-screen positioned on the external wall of the stand tells the sustainable design of the “Made in Florim” collections conveying a clear and decisive message - “Sustainability is a choice: let's make it together”; it is an invitation to share the desire for change that inevitably passes through everyone's choices. Florim is the first ceramic industry in the world to be a Benefit Company and certified B Corp. 


    This year the Group is also present at Coverings with a second stand dedicated to the MILE®stone brand, produced and distributed by the American subsidiary Florim USA. 


  • Earthtech/
    Earth and technology to sustainably build the cities of the future....

  • EARTHTECH/ is the new Florim collection that tells a primordial story with an eye to a responsible future. A technical product with a tactile design and name that represents its multi-faceted nature: “earth” as a timeless material and as a planet to respect and protect, and “tech” as innovation and a synonym of high performance.

    Drawing on Florim’s extensive architectural expertise, EARTHTECH/ transforms raw material into “technical earth” with a coloured-body ceramic product (i.e. a product that maintains its graphic/aesthetic expression throughout the thickness, making it unalterable even in the event of a deep abrasion to the surface) that gives a new form and resistance to one of the oldest building elements.

    Observation of the past is combined with an approach that is always geared towards the future and to Florim’s constant attention to its overall impact on the environment. This is why EARTHTECH/ surfaces are both aesthetically pleasing, high-performance from a technical standpoint, safe and hygienic by nature and made according to the highest sustainability standards (Florim is B Corp-certified) to satisfy the most modern green living trends.

    EARTHTECH/ slabs are created from spontaneous mixing of small fragments and pigments in different shades that are carefully pre-selected. A composite material in which the clustered flakes and grains create an original mélange effect that vitrifies during firing, making the slab extremely solid. The result is aesthetically unique just like the variety of nature’s elements.

    Featuring a modern, minimalist style, this collection embraces architecture in symbiosis with the landscape through neutral and easily combinable colours presented in two aesthetic families that recall large or small flakes. The colour options range from a scale of greys up to the boldest shades of bright yellow and red-orange.

    EARTHTECH/ offers a range of finishes for all types of applications from public and commercial spaces to residential projects, creating a dialogue between indoor and outdoor settings. The collection includes both the large-size Florim Magnum Oversize with a thickness of just 6 mm (in four modular sizes up to 120x280 cm) and the traditional 10 and 20 mm thickness. It also features four decorative elements: three floral/plant-inspired and one geometric-inspired.

  • Match-Up
    Match-Up: a balanced mix and match of surfaces, styles and colours...

  • The only rule is to have no rules. Florim lets the imagination run free with Match-Up, the new collection that decorates spaces with simplicity and freshness, thanks to an original combination of material effects. Marble chip effect and concrete effect meet in a versatile interplay of contrasts that injects an attractive burst of vital energy into tasteful, minimalist interiors.

    The two very different basic surfaces merge in a single project that facilitates the matching of all components of the interior design. This is the great thing about Match-Up, its total freedom of expression.

    The collection combines a concrete effect with an urban and industrial aesthetic and a marble chip effect that blends tone-on-tone tactile elements with irregular shapes and varying sizes. A vibrant combination, expressed through a variegated colour scale, ranging from the cooler, more neutral tones typical of the industrial style to the warmer, more extrovert hues of mustard yellow and sky blue, emphasised by five different decors built around more or less curvy shapes. All with the utmost originality of expression.

    The tactile patchwork of Match-Up – in both concrete and marble chip versions – is offered in the traditional sizes (in 10 mm thickness) and in the Florim Magnum Oversize large sizes (up to 120x280 cm in 6 mm thickness).

  • Atmosphères de rex
    The profound energy of Pierre Bleue stone creates luxurious contemporary interiors....

  • A collection of profound and mesmerising energy which conveys all the informal elegance of luxurious contemporary spaces Atmosphères de Rex is a collection with rough yet elegant taste offering a contemporary reinterpretation of the simple, unformal luxury of Pierre Bleue, a sedimentary stone from Belgium with a profound, thrilling energy all its own. Its distinctive, delicately variegated surface and subtly graduated shades tell a story reaching back over the millennia to a very distant past, when the area that is now Belgium lay under a sea rich in coralline formations. Small creatures and fossilised marine residues, such as shells or wonderful sea daffodils, are naturally incorporated in these rocks, creating a varied aesthetic with an antique flavour.

    Lightness and solidity, combined with a sophisticated colour scheme, evoke the sense of craftsmanship associated with this wonderful stone whose stratified fossils, trapped in the slender sediments formed over the centuries, embody its time-honoured yet contemporary beauty. Tradition and innovation therefore come together in a unique project, creating an attractive surface that respects the culture of places and the history of time.

  • Sensi of Casa dolce casa
    “Touch with your eyes, see with your fingers” (cit. J. W. Goethe)...

  • Large ceramic surfaces that tell an ancient story made up of earth blended together and light mineral elements forged over time. This is what inspired the “Sensi of Casa dolce casa” collection designed by Matteo Thun for Florim Ceramiche, which takes the form of large tiles designed to be touched with your eyes and caressed with your fingers.

    The collaboration between Florim and the Matteo Thun & Partners architecture and design firm, two internationally renowned Italian companies, has produced a project that unites the harmony of nature with the power of innovation to furnish living spaces that communicate a sense of comfort and balance. “Sensi” expresses the perfect combination between the creative design of the Casa dolce casa – Casamood brand and the interdisciplinary approach of Matteo Thun’ design style.

    Perfect synthesis of innovation and sustainability, "Sensi" was developed with close attention to environmental and energy impact, making it a virtuous example of circular economy. The collection is made of natural raw materials and and holds up to 42% of recycled materials."Sensi" is the result of up to 100% sustainable production process, both in terms of water consumption and self-generated electricity.

    The charm of the patina of time, the strength of durability and the power of nature are the genes in the “Sensi” collection’s DNA, inviting you to discover the fusion of nature, creation and technique in ceramic material.

    The collection’s neutral, soft and natural colours and very thin finish give interiors a characterful touch, while the pattern’s light effects define a decorative concept inspired by “non-colour” and the graininess of the earth. “Sensi” is solid, vigorous and concrete. Sensi also features a decorative mosaic made from recycled glass made from disused TV and PC screens.

    “We are proud to work with Matteo Thun and we believe that our Casa dolce casa – Casamood brand, which is synonymous with contemporary style and creative harmony, is perfectly aligned with their open and multidisciplinary approach. Almost sixty years of ceramic expertise and the latest manufacturing technologies are combined with a concrete design vision, resulting in ceramic products of the highest aesthetic value which reinforce the image of Italian-made beauty and design worldwide” – stated Claudio Lucchese, Chairman of Florim Ceramiche.

    “Sensi is the result of dialogue, inspiration and friendship between the Florim team and our Matteo Thun & Partners firm. It emerges from different perspectives and does not “steal” from nature, but enriches the vocabulary of construction. As architects we are extremely happy to have found a perfect partner for porcelain stoneware slabs that meet our aesthetic and functional needs.” – commented Matteo Thun, Founder at Matteo Thun & Partners.

  • Chimera
    The Florim Group’s technological research coupled with Elena Salmistraro’s creative flair has resulted in “Chimera”, the new collection by the CEDIT – Ceramiche d’Italia (Made in Florim) brand....

  • Offering a completely original expressive interpretation, the designer reinvents the ceramic product in a unique, individual way laden with symbolic meaning. Highly decorative, “Chimera” invites sensory enjoyment and the large porcelain stoneware slabs create a fantastic universe inspired by nature and the chimera of the “grotesque” tradition, featuring very tactile and striking carved or raised designs.    

    Chimera, in Greek mythology, was a hybrid four-legged creature that had the appearance of a lion and dragon with a goat’s head grafted onto its central trunk. The decorative inspiration behind the collection is based on this mythological beast, the result of the imaginary combination of different creatures. 

    Born in 1983, Elena Salmistraro once again confirms her talent as an artist and designer with incomparable communicative power. Large ceramic slabs are the perfect backdrop for her inspiration. Through a three-dimensional process made possible by innovative technology, the collection reproduces the texture of leathers and fabrics, creating an original, highly tactile layered effect. 

    “Chimera” develops four graphic themes (Empatia, Radici, Ritmo and Colore) with motifs that blend different graphic and colour codes. In Empatia clown faces are mixed with Art Déco graphic references; in Radici the textures of different types of leather are used; Ritmo features a dialogue between the texture of the fabric and the designs of Gunta Stölzl and Anni Albers; finally, Colore has a spotted base juxtaposed with the dense presence of repeated silhouettes. The collection’s range is completed by a series of neutral continuous coverings. The result is a set of original ceramic coverings laden with symbolic meaning. 

    Always on the lookout for new talents and projects designed to investigate the boundaries of ceramic and its encroachment into the realm of art and design, the CEDIT – Ceramiche d’Italia brand has recognised Elena Salmistraro as a leading contemporary creative spirit.  

    This collection is an introspective work,” explains the designer, “focusing on my life and the way I design. Chimera is like a book with four different chapters: I set out to differentiate these graphic motifs to create four totally different stories. The collaboration with CEDIT has been very stimulating; it was a wonderful challenge that allowed us, together, to create something new, experimental and fascinating." 

  • Rêves de rex
    The dream of contemporary elegance comes true...

  • Inspired by the ancient and refined beauty of alabaster, the Rêves de Rex collection transforms the dream of contemporary elegance into reality through delicate nuances and precious colours that are perfectly in step with the most contemporary luxury living trends. From opulence and ostentation, the luxury world evolves towards more understated and balanced decorations notable for their minimalism. Soft vein patterns and gentle colour contrasts characterise a collection that exudes taste and authenticity, the bright and showy shades of yesterday consigned to memory. Surfaces with luminous, deep and delicate shades restore a sense of preciousness to the space without overpowering the architecture.

    The collection comes in a colour palette composed of four shades that stem from a combination of the natural intrinsic qualities of alabaster and the creativity of the most recent research and development studies. Rêve Perle, Rêve Noisette and Rêve Bleu have a light and luminous base with warm natural tints that come to the fore in delicate nuances, acquiring an even rarer preciousness in the Bleu variant. Rêve Choco has an original chocolate-coloured background tempered by hints of grey and illuminated by large lighter steaks, giving the surface an incredibly deep 3D effect and an exquisitely contemporary feel. The collection is completed with two shades with a more romantic flavor, Rêve Jade and Rêve Rose.


    The range meets the needs of all types of residential and commercial buildings. The nine sizes all come with matte or glossy finishes and are available in dimensions ranging from the 160x320 cm large size through to the more traditional 30x60 cm. The large sizes, in particular, convey the sumptuousness of alabaster in original aesthetic expressions with dimensions that would be impossible in natural stone. The two thicknesses, 6mm and 10mm, make it suitable for different kind of application.

  • Les Origines de rex
    The splendour of our origins becomes a contemporary lifestyle...

  • In the quest for eternal beauty Rex enjoys the sensual support of the most precious materials nature has to offer. These include white marble which, with its purity and evocative power, has long been an icon of prestige and elegance. Les Origines de Rex explores the candour and eternal beauty of this pristine material with new aesthetic solutions that interpret the many facets of contemporary lifestyles.

    The results of this exceptional research work can be seen in four sophisticated varieties of white marble. Thin but notable vein patterns and new shapes are exalted by the nuances of old gold, ivory, pearl grey and graphite.

    Origines Or gold, pearly grey and beige tones vibrate against a white background, designing the elegant vein patterns of a fine marble, symbol of class and exclusiveness. A surface with a strong personality that evokes ideas of luxury and opulence, it adapts well to warm and welcoming Nordic-style environments when paired with wood and wooden furnishings. Origines Argent stands out for its bold aesthetic and strong veins which, rather than hiding away, add personality and character to any type of room, small or large. With Origines Blanc the pure elegance of white is visible but discreet. The pattern is fine and the pearly veins expand across a luminous pure white background. Ideal for simple and contemporary architectures, this surface is the embodiment of an impeccable marble that is difficult to find in nature. Sophisticated and decidedly chic, Origines Ombre Dorée proposes a precious and sophisticated aesthetic in which the linearity of its slender vein pattern alternates with nuances ranging from pearl to sand. An original colour palette that is particularly impactful in the large sizes, adapting harmoniously to contemporary decors and showcasing its exceptional versatility.


    The range meets the needs of all types of residential and commercial buildings. The nine sizes all come with matte or glossy finishes and are available in dimensions ranging from the 160x320 cm large size through to the more traditional 30x60 cm.

    The two thicknesses, 6 and 10 mm, make it possible to meet all application requirements.

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