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Fiorano Modenese, 
  • Booth: C6838


Past and future. Respect and recovery. Usefulness and beauty. Thinking is also doing.

For a sustainable innovation.

Quality, consistency and concreteness characterize our work in Coem and Fioranese and our ethic and responsible attitude toward the product, company and business. We are aware that the future is “green” and we have been working for a long time to improve our production processes and the quality of our products, reducing their impact on the environment and protecting our natural heritage and the people that create this. We want to give our tiles a future; products with a low environmental impact and high technical content, obtained from natural raw materials and partial use of recycled materials, of impeccable quality and of sophisticated design. These are products that reflect an ecofriendly philosophy oriented to improve quality of life. With a spirit of innovation, passion and intelligence, we protect and reinforce the know-how of our all-Italian ceramics tradition. Our objective is a tomorrow in which ceramics will be revised and enhanced to shine in their own, renewed light; material in material, material in nature, material in taste and in man’s perception.

For Ceramiche Coem (www.coem.it) and Ceramica Fioranese (www.fioranese.it), Coverings is an important time to assert its sustainability efforts. The new collections put forward perfectly summarize all the principles of the company’s new philosophy. Stone, marble and other materials are enhanced with a value that is more and more shared and desired; not only pure beauty but also quality and eco-sustainability. A new, rethought material.

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  • Dolomia MashUp by Fioranese
    dialogue between colour and matter...

  • Mashup is the result of the combination of two materials: “Dolomia”, a beautiful Limestone inspired by the wonderful Italian Dolomites, and “New Blend”, a soft, sugary concrete.

    Two contrasting materials, both in an extremely contemporary palette of four neutral colours, from white sand to darker greys, developed to guarantee the dialogue between materials dominated by elegant shading.

    A new project, very interesting in terms of research and experimentation in the continuously developing world of new digital technologies, offering results that until a short time ago were unimaginable, in terms of the dialogue between colour, matter and graphic effects.

    Mashup is the first SICURA proposal by Coem—Fioranese.

    SICURA is the new range of products obtained using an innovative antibacterial technology integrated into the ceramic surfaces. SICURA is a significant aid for fighting the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria that can spread in any environment. The technology applied to the surfaces, combined with correct maintenance, helps to improve the level of cleanliness and deep-down hygiene, without altering the beauty of the finish.

    Four different shades of Dolomia can be combined with as many shades of cement, for a “tone sur tone” material mix. Large-grain surface finish, with roughness similar to split stone. Available in all the colour variants of Dolomia in sizes 60.4x120.8 – 20.13x120.8 – 30.2x60.4.

  • Madre Natura by Coem
    rediscover the deep bond with nature through a material...

  • Coem has always sought inspiration in the natural world for its choice of colours and materials to reinterpret. The aim of this collection is to rediscover the deep bond with nature through a material that transmits a profound sense of peace, used to create surfaces with a harmoniously blend of all its features, right down to the finest detail. An essential stone, inspired by Portuguese Limestone and designed down to the finest detail, expressing elegance, harmony, restraint, warmth and a profound sense of welcoming. The clever choice of neutral colours transmits an instant feeling of harmony, and the different surface finishes make this stone flexible and versatile for transversal use, from indoor floor and wall coverings to outdoor settings.

    In terms of sustainability, the attention to Nature translates into the choice to reduce the thickness of this collection to 9mm, thus reducing consumption and environmental impacts. The future has an eye on the essential, and safety in the home is essential: for this reason, we chose to apply the new SICURA by Coem antibacterial technology to this collection. Madre Natura is the first SICURA collection by Coem, the new range of products obtained using the innovative antibacterial technology integrated in the ceramic surfaces.

  • Tuffeau by Coem
    a stone rich in history...

  • A tour of the castles of the Loire valley smells of magic and beauty. Among them all, one stone is the starring feature of this age-old history, its blocks cut out of the cliffs since ancient times: this is TuffeauAn ideal subject matter to be replicated in Coem’s porcelain stoneware, it brings out the unique aspects of this stone, reflecting the history of the rooms where it is laid.

    Ceramics are the best choice for solutions guaranteeing safe, lasting hygiene in the home. Hypoallergenic, with antibacterial properties and a non-absorbent surface that gives off no harmful substances, highly resistant, fireproof and non-deformable. Our main objective is to restore natural harmony between man and the environment.

    Nature is a never-ending source of inspiration, and our research leads to charming solutions for living the outdoors. Coem stones, rich in technology, expression and beauty, offer the emotion, splendour and strength of natural stones along with the versatility of porcelain stoneware.

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