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Onda,  Castellon 
  • Booth: C9837

Essence. Timeless Tiles #gayaforesessence

Gayafores has over a century of experience decorating lifestyles and designing timeless environments with ceramic products that are currently exported to over 110 countries. The company, which was founded in 1897, specializes in the manufacture of porcelain floor and wall tiles, with an annual production of over 3.5 million square meters.

Gayafores has 100,000 square meters of facilities equipped with the latest technology in the sector. These facilities, together with the use of raw materials from leading international suppliers and the professionalism of the human team, make it possible for the final product to achieve maximum excellence. Quality is the central axis of Gayafores' philosophy, whose daily work is based on offering new possibilities and decorative solutions, adapted to the needs of each of its markets. An aspect that was already recognized in the year 2000 with the ISO 9001 certification.

Along with the quality of the final product, service is another of Gayafores' distinctive qualities, under two fundamental premises: personalized attention to the client and speed and efficiency in the processes.

And all this with the involvement and commitment of a team composed of more than 135 professionals who work every day with the aim of continuing to make Gayafores one of the reference firms in the Spanish ceramic cluster.

Likewise, it is worth mentioning Gayafores' commitment to sustainability and the environment, through the efficient use of energy and the reduction and recycling of waste. Gayafores has the Integrated Environmental Authorization and the Global EPD (Integral Product Declaration) certified by AENOR.

Brands: Gayafores


Gayafores, the company

 Press Releases

  • New collections with more ceramic essence than ever for new lifestyles. These are the latest creations that Gayafores is bringing to COVERINGS 2022.
    The Aran, Core, Cottage, Marmetta and Palissandro porcelain floor and wall tile collections will be on special display in the company's new space at Coverings (stand C9837).

    The new collections that Gayafores has designed for its launch at Coverings 2022 emphasise the connection with nature, highlighting the company's 'ceramist' character. Tradition, experience and avant-garde merge in the new porcelain products that have been developed to decorate spaces with exquisite naturalness.

    A stone inspired by Azul Aran granite with an outstanding surface texture; a cement cement with fine, clean graphics; an updated terrazzo; a renewed version of the traditional cotto with a 'raw earth' surface; and a new marble that takes the classic Palissandro as a reference, make up the list of novelties that visitors can discover in detail at the Gayafores stand at Coverings 2022.

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  • Marmetta Collection
    MARMETTA dresses the freshest and most natural interiors, standing out for its enormous versatility in combining with other materials and providing visual continuity, including two tones neutrals (grey and cream) and an intense black....

  • The Italian essence of MARMETTA terrazzo returns to the forefront of decorative trends with this collection, which reproduces a material composed of small-grained marble chips highlighted with digital material and mixed with cement and ground marble.

    MARMETTA dresses the freshest and most natural interiors, standing out for its enormous versatility in combining with other materials and providing visual continuity. The tones of the collection reinforce this aspect by including two neutrals (grey and cream), suitable for recreating soft and discreet atmospheres, and an intense black that gives an elegant rotundity to the space.

    With its peculiar aesthetic, this classic and natural product returns with an updated air and new decorative possibilities, bursting in as an authentically Mediterranean material that conquers interior designers and architects from all over the world.

    To break the homogeneity of terrazzo, we propose a decoration based on the succession of concave channels that simulate a striated and architectural surface full of style and character. This proposal is particularly suitable for dressing different vertical surfaces, from full walls to pediments and even skirting boards, which complement the continuity created by the bases.

    For all these reasons, MARMETTA stands out as a preferential option for flooring and cladding in a multitude of spaces at home. Terrazzo is definitely back to stay.

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  • Palissandro Collection
    We reinvented the exclusive PALISSANDRO marble with a satin matt finish. This new collection stands out for its fluid lines, combining bluish and greyish veins with warm nuances on a white background....

  • The PALISSANDRO Collection stands out for its flowing lines, which combine bluish and greyish veins with warm shades on a white background, creating a polychromatic effect of great beauty and elegance.

    This new porcelain floor and wall tile offers an avant-garde aesthetic that is perfect for neutral interiors with a strong personality. Inspired by the emblematic marble that has its origin in the quarries of the Alps (Italy), the design of this collection becomes the centre of attention for its high capacity to add value to the most sophisticated interior design projects.

    The reinterpretation of this classic marble is complemented by a decoration with a grooved surface that enhances the fluidity of the veining without altering the natural structure. In this sense, a succession of ridges and valleys is evenly distributed, generating a different image and a unique feel. We find ourselves, therefore, before a contemporary and sophisticated decoration endowed with enormous aesthetic potential.

    The decorative pieces in the PALISSANDRO Collection can be installed randomly in all types of rooms, both horizontally and vertically.

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  • Aran Collection
    The ARAN Collection reproduces the flamed, brushed and worn surface of the Azul Aran granite through a meticulous study in which we have combined different materials with the aim of achieving the most realistic final finish possible....

  • Granite in nature, this new collection combines grains of different thicknesses with grey veins accompanied by rich details. Grey is precisely its essential tonality, but there is also the presence of blacks and whites and bluish sparkles very typical of the original material. In this sense, to complete the chromatic range, we have also developed an almond tone that is characterised by its luminosity and its imposing graphics.

    When creating the ARAN Collection, we have focused on reproducing the flamed, brushed and worn surface of the natural stone through a meticulous study in which we have combined different materials with the aim of achieving the most realistic final finish possible. The reliefs and surface texture obtained from the use of special grits, screen printing and digital matter have made it possible to generate a soft honed feel with a three-dimensional effect which, together with the visual aspect, makes differentiating each of the pieces made in porcelain from the original material a more than complex task.

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  • Core & Cottage Collections
    CORE is a cement with all the essence of the traditional cotto, which a palette of colours connected to the earth. COTTAGE celebrates natural beauty with a graphic that connects people with the environment, where less is more. ...

  • A return to simple and sustainable living, a return to nature and craftsmanship, and the desire to disconnect are some of the pillars of the Cottagecore trend, a movement with a certain bucolic and even romantic and nostalgic air that has become more meaningful than ever in recent times and that transcends aesthetic issues to become a harmonious and simple way of life.

    Taking this trend as a reference, we introduce a material evolution in the form of cement with fine, clean graphics, which is an extension of the Cottage style in terms of colour range. With the CORE Collection we are launching a renewed version of this decorative trend inspired by English country houses, enhancing the homogeneity and continuity of surfaces.

    CORE is a cement with all the essence of the traditional cotto, which adapts to the new decorative trends with a palette of colours connected to the earth that includes neutrals and warm colours and a prominent terracotta tone.

    Along with the bases in Grey, Greige, Almond and Natural shades, the CORE Collection includes the corresponding decors composed of a succession of concave channels that generate a striated and architectural surface that breaks up the homogeneity of the cement without altering its natural appearance. These linear structures, which can be laid both horizontally and vertically, clad fronts and plinths that perfectly complement the continuity of the bases.

    COTTAGE celebrates natural beauty with a graphic that favours balance at home, that fuses craftsmanship and design and that connects people with the environment through a material full of authenticity, where less is more.

    The COTTAGE Collection is presented as a material reproduction of the Cottagecore trend, in which nature is essential, as it is the inspiration to recreate a simple and renewed lifestyle. The result is a 'raw earth' surface, with fine, refined graphics, which gives rise to an updated version of cotto with all the innate character of this material.

    COTTAGE's chromatic palette opts for tones that evoke nature in its purest state, with earth tones as the maximum exponents. They are colours that create bright and cosy atmospheres and denote serenity and warmth.

    One of the highlights of the Cottagecore trend is the passion for detail in decoration through simple geometry with inlaid terrazzo. With a markedly Mediterranean character and a renewed air, the decorative pieces bring together a conglomerate of stones and cement in a light undertone that fills fine frames that are inserted into the raw earth of the bases.

    In combination with the bases of the new cotto, multiple laying options open up and a wide range of decorative possibilities for recreating different figures and delimiting spaces.

    More info 

  • Calacatta Gold
    Soft, sinuous waves that provide continuity to the surfaces with an elegant movement and a subtle play of light and shadow....

  • The passion for marble is a trend that continues to be very much alive. Taking as our inspiration one of the most appreciated marbles for its beauty, spectacularity and eternal character, we have carried out our own reinterpretation and created an exclusive, elegant and sophisticated version that we now present under the name of CALACATTA GOLD. Its satin matt finish and its gold shaded veins on a white background result in a luxurious aesthetic that is particularly suitable for interiors that seek to reflect personality and elegance. On a clear canvas, full of luminosity and spaciousness, delicate touches of amber provide a refined warmth that exudes good taste. Without a doubt, it is an ideal material for interior design projects characterized by an exquisite style.

    CALACATTA GOLD is presented in formats 60×120; rectified in 59.1×119.1; 45×90 and 32×62.5 and includes a mosaic in 30×30. The collection is completed with a decoration based on the concept of undulation for the 45×90 and 32×62.5 formats.

    More info here

  • Grace Collection
    GRACE is a reinterpretation of the traditional hydraulic tile with a continuous modular pattern...

  • Its eclectic and captivating design is based on the repetition of a pattern composed of unique stylised motifs, facilitating the configuration of endless surfaces with a powerful added value for today's interior design.

    GRACE is also a tribute to the hydraulic tiles of a thousand shapes and colours that can be seen in the city of Barcelona, of which those on the emblematic Paseo de Gracia a are particularly representative.

    GRACE Collection is suitable for application as a floor or wall covering in all types of interior spaces, either exclusively or in combination with other finishes, such as wood, soft stone or neutral cement, and can also be used as a decorative resource for the delimitation of specific areas.

    Another of the highlights of this new hydraulic lies in the selection of colours, which we have taken care of in detail to obtain the most appropriate mixes: GRACE BEIGE combines pink beige and garnet; GRACE BLUE includes a medium-cold grey and a classic blue; and GRACE GREY is composed of a medium-warm grey and ochre. The chromatic variety of the three models in the collection is completed with flashes of brown and anthracite as the common denominator.

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