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  • Booth: C8439

Machinery and Industrial Automation

What we do

We are a company specialized in innovation and industrial automation, located in Onda (Castellon) within the so-called "ceramic triangle". As manufacturers of machines we carry out the conception, development, manufacture and commissioning of industrial machinery for different kind of industries. We are highly specialized in machines for ceramic industries and ceramic glaze manufacturers. We have also accomplished many projects for companies in the graphic arts sector, cardboard industry, feeding industry and so on.

Long history in automation and industrial innovation

The company was established in 1987 so we have a rich experience in the field of industrial machinery manufacturing and industrial engineering development. We are one of the national leaders in this field. We are also committed to the general maintenance of factories, especially the maintenance of the electromechanical aspects. This is the service that we have been providing since our foundation, and we are highly specialized in it.

Machinery manufacturers with a highly qualified human team

We are also experts in the design and manufacture of conveying lines for different kind of products, including products such as ceramic tiles, raw and fired ceramic tiles, food, cardboard, plastic, plaster, glass, and more.

To do this, we adapt the conveying lines to the needs of the related products, from wide belts to narrow belts, scales, chains, mats, etc.

As manufacturers of industrial machinery, we have our own workshop in which we manufacture any type of machining that our projects require, prioritizing quality and functionality.




 Press Releases

  • Maincer, well-known manufacturer of machinery and industrial automation, based in Onda (Castellón) will be present in 4 international fairs of the ceramic sector, machinery and related products for this industry during 2022.  

    Despite the delay in the date of Cevisama, which should have been held from 7 to 11 February and which, if nothing prevents it, will be held from 13 to 17 June, Maincer is not going to modify the agenda of fairs for 2022, except for the logical change of dates for Cevisama. Meanwhile, the firm from Onda will begin the "trade fair marathon" with its presence at Mosbuild, as part of a joint participation by ICEX and Asebec. In second place will be Coverings, from the 5th to the 8th of April. This will be the first time that Maincer will participate in this event, where it expects to have a good reception. Just two months later Maincer will participate in Cevisama where it will have a 96m2 stand in the new location, which will be on the 3rd floor of Pavilion number 4. In Cevisama, already veterans, it will be the 12th consecutive participation. Finally, it will be the renewed Tecna fair, formerly known as Tecnargilla, which it will attend, with a stand of 48m2. Tecna will be held from 27 to 30 September at the usual venue in Rimini (Italy).

    On the more purely productive side, Maincer has started up in the last month a new installation for the transport of roof tiles, in a well-known Spanish manufacturer. In addition to this, it is now immersed in the assembly and start-up of some lines for the transport of extruded parts, also in a well-known Spanish manufacturer. These two installations, which are outside the "usual" pressed ceramics sector, only reinforce Maincer's image as a manufacturer of machinery that covers all types of ceramic products, not only flat pressed ceramics, but also extruded and structural ceramics, whether tiles or bricks. Furthermore, Maincer is immersed in the manufacture of several cutting machines for a well-known European manufacturer of structural ceramics, which will be delivered during this quarter. 


  • Cutting, skirting board and mitering line - ECO
    Maincer automatic cutting, skirting and miter making line is composed by a MCV-400 cutting machine, a MRV-350 skirting and miter machine, a conveying and aligning system and finally a stacking and accumulating conveyor for finished pieces....

  • Maincer automatic cutting, skirting and miter making line is composed by MCV-400 cutting machine (with 1 or 2 cutting heads), a MRV-350 skirting and miter machine, a conveying and aligning system that links the MCV and the MRV machines and finally a stacking and accumulating conveyor for finished pieces.

    This production line is designed for tile shops and showrooms, resellers, marble workers and tile machining workshops in general. With this line, skirting boards can be produced directly and in a single pass. All kind of substrates, like ceramic, stoneware, porcelain, etc. are allowed. In addition, all pieces to make a step -tread, front and reinforcement piece- can be easily manufactured.

    Productivity is high compared to other similar machines. Reasons:

    1. Unique handling: the operator loads base pieces into the cutting machine and they automatically become skirting boards that are piled up by the stacking table.
    2. The speed of the cutting machine and the speed of the skirting board are synchronized to obtain maximum performance. This way, the automatic line reaches speeds only seen before in expensive and larger lines.

    Despite being an automatic line, the operation is very simple. Any operator, without much experience, can work with the line. Feed base pieces and collect stacked skirting boards, that's it.

    1. Cutting tile bases: tiles are cut in the cutting machine
    2. Convey and aligning: base tiles already cut in several pieces are moved forward and aligned one by one.
    3. Skirting board or miter for steps: turn to mechanize the pieces. Now the pieces are skirting boards or miters.
    4. Stacking up: now all skirting boards are piled up for a subsequent boxing.

    The skirting board shapes can be made for both ceramic and marble, synthetic marble, slate, stone, etc.

    Advantages of the ECO range automatic cutting, skirting and mitering line

    • Fast delivery times to dispatch skirting boards to clients.
    • Making skirting boards or steps exponentially increases the added value of ceramics.

    • Creation of own catalogue with skirting boards, steps and special pieces.
    • Total use of defective or broken tiles.

    • Minimum initial outlay and possible successive expansion with our higher productivity machines.

    • Possibility of performing the cutting, skirting and step service to nearby tile shops or resellers.


    Maincer can customize the automatic lines and accommodate them to the space that the client has in its facilities. Maincer offers the customer the best solution in terms of use of space and comfort for daily work.

    Diamond tools

    All Maincer machines work with universal diamond tools. Our machines do not use special couplings or diameters outside the standards. Therefore, the customer will be able to choose which supplier of diamond tools it will work with, without fear of incompatibilities or being forced to buy from a single supplier.

    Other works

    With Maincer automatic cutting, skirting and mitering line, it is also possible to make ceramic squares to later make mosaics.

    Technical assistance

    Maincer has qualified technical assistance to solve any doubt or for technical advice whenever necessary.

For technical assistance with this webpage please click here. For all other inquiries, please contact show management.