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Gruppo Armonie Spa

Casalgrande,  RE 
  • Booth: C7838

Gruppo Armonie: design, quality and service.

Armonie Group was founded in 2001 by an audacious and forward-looking project, and it developed quickly, taking a place among the top players of the sector.


The constant attention to primary and more innovative technologies is at the base of the development of the Group’s products.

It offers a wide range of materials suitable for the design of every type of environment: double firing, single firing, porcelain, stoneware in 4.8 mm, mosaics, glass, wood, brick, natural stone and quartz-resin.

The founding values such as innovation, enthusiasm, look, flexibility, attention to the customer, reliability, and stylistic research have quickly made Armonie Group an important and successful company in the ceramic sector.

The true motor of the Group’s success, however, is people: a close-knit and solid team, always ready to face new challenges and find the best solutions to satisfy the customers, united by a strong passion and consolidated skills.


Full customer satisfaction is the basis of the company’s working philosophy.


A fast, precise, and attentive sales and logistic service accompanies every order.

Today, Armonie Group presents itself on the global ceramic market: a unique group, with a new coordinated image, to meet the needs of a constantly evolving market.


Thus, continuing to focus on an increasingly efficient organization, being able to constantly evolve to anticipate market trends, and seeking originality every day to find ever-new and unprecedented solutions are the constant objectives of Armonie Group.

Brands: Armonie Ceramiche Eikon


  • Brush
    Brush replicates the typical attractive graphic effect of synthetic resin finishes with pinpoint precision. Eye-catching, alternating brush strokes are traced with gloss and matt effects, producing a surface with a dynamic, textured look. ...

  •  Brush, with its with metropolitan and cross-over appeal, is perfect for coating refined contemporary spaces. Brush is available in 80x80, 40x80, 60x120, 60x60, 30x60 formats, with a choice of calce, titanio, piombo and terra shades. The collection is competed with a white body wall tile in size 33,3x100 in ten different colors and eight decorative inserts that can be easily combined with one another. Total freedom is granted to customise the surfaces of rooms designed to suit the personal style of the occupants.
  • Deco Art
    Deco Art comes from Armonie Ceramiche’s constant search for solutions for interior decoration, a passion that has always characterized the company, underlining the importance of this element in every project we offer....

  • The particular attention of our interior design to the new trends has led to the creation of aesthetically avant-garde products, both for the employed technology and for the qualities of the support on which they are made: porcelain stoneware, a guarantee of hygiene and practicality.

    A new and diversified form of expression, capable of giving a personal and distinctive touch to any environment.

    Available in the 60x120 rectangular format, it allows perfect modularity with the most recent Made in Italy floor and wall coverings by Armonie Ceramiche.

    Deco Art can cover residential spaces (living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, or bedrooms) or become a characterizing element of commercial projects (shops, restaurants, lounge bars); the walls turn into canvases, where thoughts, dreams, and journeys take shape with a life of their own.

    Material surfaces, enriched by the third firing, with refined colour palettes to create environments full of charm and personality. It is the answer to the desire for decoration, novelty, and design of all those who appreciate the functionality of ceramic tiles, but do not know how to limit their imagination.

  • Glow
    An elegant majolica effect, a new way of interpreting handcrafted ceramics....

  • A collection of floor and wall covering tiles in small format 6x24, enamel-rich surfaces highlight the soft and undulated structure, creating unique light effects. 
    Formulated in bianco, grigio, nero, blu, verde and bronzo, the collection revolves around the development of each shade in different degrees of intensity for total project customisation.  
  • Lascaux
    Charming stone-effect porcelain stoneware; the lascaux series faithfully reproduces the aesthetics of burgundy stone. ...

  • The authentic look of the paving stone is enhanced by the worn effect and the tumbling on the edges, which give the typical soft and wavy effect typical of ancient floors, and give warmth and naturalness to any environment.
    A rich and varied surface that is available in four colours and in four modular sizes for a result characterized by delicate chromatic shades.
    The option of coordinated indoor-outdoor solutions allow continuity between the environments, creating a striking look and perfect harmony.
  • Crystal Stone
    Elegant nuances, meticulous details and soft veins, obtained through cutting-edge production technologies that faithfully reproduce the chromatic variability of salt crystals. ...

  • Depth and richness of the details, randomness of the veins.
    A collection where every slab is able to excite, like a work of art.
    A balanced colour palette, with strong expressive value.
    The different shades and the particular ripples give the collection luminescence and brilliance.
  • Metallica
    Metallica is a project with a hybrid fascination that stems from the desire to combine the most appealing aesthetic aspects of two contemporary materials par excellence like cement and metal. ...

  • The material texture of the first is enhanced by the marks left by the incessant course of time on the second in a play of muted oxidation and delicate colours. Interpreted in 4 shades in 30x60, 60x60 and 60x120 formats, Metallica is the ideal design choice to give rooms a touch of metropolitan-style elegance with added industrial appeal.
  • Hurricane
    Textured, refined, innovative. ...

  • Hurricane combines the elegance of black shale with the minimalist beauty of slate. The result of graphical experimentation, this is a new surface with an attractive granular texture that contrasts the sombre and compact appearance of the sedimentary rock, giving Hurricane a look of undisputable elegance.
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