April 5-8, 2022 | Las Vegas, Nevada USA

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Piemme Industrie Ceramiche

Fiorano,  MO 
  • Booth: C4339


Established in Maranello (Modena) in 1962, Ceramiche Piemme, which has been a member of Confindustria Ceramica since 1968, is a company specialised in the production of porcelain stoneware floor and wall coverings. The modern production plant in Solignano, in the province of Modena, is equipped with heat-recovery kilns that produce over 7,5 million square metres of porcelain stoneware every year. 
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Ibla by Ceramiche Piemme

 Press Releases

  • Journey is the name of the new tile collection that Ceramiche Piemme will present at the next Coverings edition, the most important international exhibition of stone and ceramic floor and wall coverings in Las Vegas (5-8 April 2022).

    Inspired by the nature of Northern Europe, Journey collection reproduces chromatic and material suggestions thanks to the Synchro digit technology used by Ceramiche Piemme that reproduces ripples, reliefs and many other three-dimensional and tactile effects typical of the natural stone completely synchronized with the digital decoration. A production process that turns ceramic into a new material hard to distinguish from the original one. The new Silk finish creates an extra-soft, silky tactile sensation that comes from a special deep lapping that eliminates any surface roughness.

    The aesthetic effect of greater light is enhanced by the 4 neutral shades of the Journey line ranging from almost white beige (Otta) to dove gray (Lomond). Four sizes are available: from 30x60 cm to 120x120 cm, perfect for large spaces or for poolside surfaces. The 3D structures for wall cladding have elegant veins that can gradually take on a more intense feature.
    The surfaces: natural, silk or antislip, complete Journey range. The latter reproduces the effect of the saw cut on the stone slabs, with irregular transverse marks that offer resistance to slipping while maintaining softness to the touch. Ideal in public environments, commercial and wellness areas.

    Ceramiche Piemme USA
    The choice to present the new range in the USA is not accidental but rewards a market that is a substantial share of the exports of the company from Fiorano Modenese, which has always been very attentive to the quality of Made in Italy. Under the guidance of Andrea Bacchini, Ceramiche Piemme USA was started in mid-2021, an American branch based in New York and a logistics hub in Chicago, in the heart of the Midwest.

    Fine porcelain stoneware with colored body Colors: Otta, Sarek, Cumbria, Lomond
    Sizes: 120 x 120, 60 x 120, 60 x 60, 30 x 60 cm Thickness: 9, 9. 5 mm
    Surfaces: Silk, Natural, Antislip
    3D structures: Wave, Flute, Scratch, Tetris

    Information www.ceramichepiemme.it 

    Ceramiche Piemme
    Founded in Maranello (MO) in 1962, Ceramiche Piemme is a company specialized in the production of ceramic floor and wall coverings. The modern production plant in Solignano (Modena) with heat recovery kilns, produces over 7,5 million square meters of porcelain stoneware every year.


  • Journey
    Interpreted as a journey through the landscapes of Northern Europe, Journey is the synthesis of all those characteristics that allow to define welcoming and natural areas able to express, through colours, surfaces, sizes and decorations....

  • Inspired by the nature of Northern Europe, Journey reproduces the chromatic and material suggestions thanks to the Synchro Digit Piemme printing technology. It allows to reproduce the typical aesthetic effect of the saw cut of natural stones, ensuring a soft surface with a high slip resistance.
    Four colors are available, four sizes, four structures and three finishes, introducing for the first time a surface called Silk, with an extra soft tactile sensation. It is obtained by a particular lapping, is characterized by an extra soft tactile sensation and a light opaque reflection, easy to clean, due to the absence of surface roughness, is able to create environments with warm and embracing atmospheres.
    The range is completed by a natural and anti-slip surface, which reproduces the aesthetic effect of the saw cut of the stone slabs.

  • Evoluta
    Evoluta is the latest, most modern porcelain stoneware generation: thanks to a ground-breaking technology exclusively developed in the Piemme plants, it offers surfaces with a naturalness and variety of colour never previously achieved....

  • Such a multitude of variables only exists in nature: this is the challenge launched with the Evoluta collection, based on the Synchro Digit Piemme technology. A similarity to “the real thing” that is not only apparent at first glance, but becomes three-dimensional.
    Every small vein or streak of colour now has a perfectly matching tactile feel, just like in nature. Hyperrealistic reproduction of natural raw materials is combined with maximum freedom from constraints and laying patterns.
    Evoluta collection fully enhances the textures of metamorphic rocks such as Italian quartzite.
    The range features three decorative structures: “Cave” offers a detailed evocation of small crafted blocks of stone, “Cluster” reinterprets hexagonal-cut stones, and finally “Forest”, thanks to delicate crest-honing, makes it possible to create imaginative three-dimensional coverings.

  • Majestic Pure Selection
    The allure and elegance of Italian white marble is reproduced on the ceramic surfaces of Majestic Pure Selection; a special selection of fine Majestic marbles in which all the purity of white is enhanced by the four elegant patterns....

  • Calacatta, Statuario, Arabescato and Dolomiti: these are the four exquisite Italian marble varieties restored to fresh life in the surface of the Majestic Pure Selection tile collection.
    The purity, vein patterns and whiteness of the original raw material are reproduced by an extremely high-resolution digital printing technology.
    The reference to the great Italian tradition of the world’s most sought-after marble varieties evokes a sculpture-like beauty, as the light penetrates the surface before being reflected, giving these ceramic floor coverings a special gleam.
    Majestic Pure Selection is thus intended for the interior design of locations of great elegance, in homes and in prestige public projects. Additional effects can also be created in wall coverings by alternating the “marble” with mosaic tiles or the “Grove” and “Foliage” plant-inspired patterns.

  • Ibla
    Ibla is a latest-generation porcelain stoneware series with an extremely rich assortment, offering the architect countless potentials for use, all perfectly matchable as the basis for architectural projects with the highest technical and aesthetic values....

  • Exquisite Italian artistic craftsmanship and digital technologies for the IBLA line of porcelain stoneware tiles. The profound tactile appeal of Ragusa “Pietra Pece” asphalt stone, combined with three-dimensional decors that evoke the patterns and reliefs of traditional lace.
    The Piemme designers developed distressed, tarry colours and surfaces that alternate matt and surprisingly glossy finishes in a ceramic version with the aid of the “Synchro Digit” technology. A similarity to “the real thing” that is not only apparent at first glance, but becomes three-dimensional.
    Together with the 4 plain tile colour variants, the “Tombolo” wall tiles, the “Zagara” floral decor and the “Ragusa” and “Opus” mosaics (in two surface finishes, natural and honed) make Ibla a very striking collection.

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