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Aardwolf America LLC

Compton,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: N827


  • AL50A Aardwolf Lifter
    Aardwolf Slab Lifter Automatic AL50A...

  • General

    Aardwolf offers a new version of its patented Aardwolf Slab Lifters. The new Aardwolf Slab Lifter Automatic AL50A has an integrated auto-lock, unlock mechanism (patent pending), which allows the clamp to automatically grip slabs on pick-up and release the slabs on set down. In many situations, this makes moving and handling of slabs safer and more convenient.


    • Size: Being of compact construction, the Aardwolf Slab Lifter Automatic AL50A allows for close-packed stone slabs to be lifted out of racks and containers. Lower height slabs placed alongside taller slabs offer no problem, as is the case with scissor clamps.
    • Versatile: Ideal for construction work. Because the clamping mechanism is to the front of the slab, they allow panels to be placed close against walls.
    • Safety: Requires only a small movement of the slab to engage and grip the slab, which is generally well below the over balance angle thus eliminating the danger to the operator.
    • Secure: The Aardwolf clamps grip marble and granite slabs firmly. The Aardwolf Slab Lifter Automatic AL50A has a force-multiplying factor of approximately 2.5 to 1.
  • ABR0108 Bundle Rack Kit
    Bundle rack kit (Includes 8 Poles 63"High & SPB1618 Safety Steel Posts)...

  • General

    The Aardwolf Bundle Rack consists of a pair of galvanized steel rails 3m long, together with rectangular galvanized steel tube posts. The rectangular post can be positioned anywhere along with the rack. All posts are manufactured from rectangular tube steel with a minimum yield strength of 345Mpa, with 5mm wall thickness, ensuring safety for the vertical storage of slab bundles.


    • The maximum number of marble or granite slabs that can be safely stored per bay at a 4° lean depends on the slab thickness and dimensions.
    • Aardwolf has developed a simple calculator specifically to calculate the slab storage capacity.
    • Post available in 3 standard heights of 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm.
  • FAF-2100 Folding 'A' Frame
    Folding 'A' Frames - Mod FAF-2100 ...

  • General

    A well-made transporting frame is necessary for both the safety of the driver and other workers, as well as for the protection of the granite and marble.
    The sturdy Aardwolf Folding 'A' Frame, with its unique integrated vertical locking bars and ratchet locking straps, is designed to hold all material safely and securely, which eliminates risks to the operator and prevents damage to materials. The load is secured independently on each side by two vertical locking bars, which are inserted into brackets at the base of the frame and held by ratchet locking straps at the top.
    The unloaded frame can be folded up by the simple withdrawing of two spring-loaded pins from the cross braces and the lowering of the three wheels at one end by means of a cam lever. The lowered wheels also allow the frame to be positioned on the tray of a truck or manually moved around the factory.


    • Bolt holes in the base of the frame for optionally securing the Folding 'A' Frame to the vehicle
    • Granite is secured by rubber pads mounted on cleats, which are in turn adjustable in height along the vertical locking bars
    • Large hand-tightened wing nuts are used to tighten the cleats to the vertical locking bars
    • Powder-coated finish
  • Forklift Boom FB1-2720
    Forklift Boom FB1-2720...

  • General 

    All Forklift Booms are made from high-grade Australian rectangular tube steel, AS1163-450 LO, which ensures strength, reliability, and safety. The Forklift Booms complement the patented range of Aardwolf lifting clamps. The Forklift Boom FB1-2720 is a telescoping two section rectangular tube steel boom for use on 2 tonnes and 2.5-tonne forklift trucks. It offers versatility with maximum visibility for the driver.


    • The boom extension is designed so it cannot be pulled all the way out
    • The boom is firmly secured onto fork blades by two bolts located at the back of each fork pocket and restraint pins
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