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Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola

Imola,  BO 
  • Booth: C7819

Looking forward to an exciting Coverings 2022!

Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola has been a benchmark for the production of ceramic floor and wall tiles since 1874, thanks to its exclusive combination of tradition and innovation that, today, allow it to stand out on the global market. It is an example of an industrial company that is truly unique in its sector, as it has succeeded in deftly uniting past and present by both preserving its traditions and welcoming a continuous inflow of knowledge and new research.

Its dynamic, stand-out industrial complex safeguards the local area with 3 production plants, located within a range of 20 km from the company headquarters.

The company is a solid symbol of Made in Italy excellence that exports 85% of the products created by its three brands, Imola, LaFaenza, Leonardo, that are established bywords for style and quality across the globe.

Brands: Imola LaFaenza Leonardo


  • The Room by Imola.
    Out of the box. A new selection of quality marbles, characterised by a clearly visible expressive wealth in traits and colours, interpreted in a welcoming, modern language....

  • Imola brand explores new applications, enriching the already well-known collection, The Room with a new selection of quality marbles, characterised by a clearly visible expressive wealth in traits and colours, interpreted in a welcoming, modern language, with the introduction of another five new options.

    The five latest offers: Quartzite PatagoniaOnyx Aqua Blue GoldGris Breche Dumas, Grey RootsOnyx White Absolute.

    Between these, the Onyx Aqua Blue Gold is made up of sedimentary limestone coloured by spring water and infiltration. Of Asiatic origin, it is a mineral that stands out for its shiny transparency effect on the surface: a feature that makes it extremely rate and particularly suited to interior design objects with a strong hint of exclusivity. Recurring colours include yellow, brown, red and green, that appear in unimaginable shades.

    Aqua Blue Gold (also known as Blue Jade or Iran Blue Gold) is what we decided to reproduce on the tile's surface: the sea blue colour becomes the perfect background for gold coloured veins, all of it enriched with an incredible transparency effect.

    #imolaceramica #enjoyyourtile

  • Azuma Up by Imola.
    No more minimalism clichés. With Azuma Up, the initial idea of unyielding, abstract minimalism, acquires warmth to launch a new message conveying resilience and positiveness....

  • The typical minimalist mark of cement remains but takes on softer nuances, played on tones that range from ivory to hazelnut.

    An upgrade 'Up' the chromatic scale of Imola's best sellers. Azuma, to expand the compositional options of a collection that has encountered the aesthetic tastes and design requirements of our main Stakeholders.

    Five new colours, carefully designed to offer captivating tones, without losing its contemporary attitude that instantly made this initial project stand out.

    A vast offering of sizes starting with the 120x260 cm slab, its sub-multiples, solutions for outside, in the traditional thickness and 20 mm version, for crossover compositional options between indoor and outdoor environments, for every context and use.

    #imolaceramica #enjoyyourtile

  • Vibes by Imola.
    Sincerly yours. Vibes represents a return to the neutrality of stone....

  • After years of being in the background, the stone effect is back with a vengeance and ready to create unique environments that faithfully interpret the natural appeal and aesthetic power of the stones used as references.

    Imola brings these elements together in an ideal combination and interprets them. The result is Vibes, a sort of fusion quartzite, that is faithful to its primordial essence and developed in neutral tones with an intensity from light to medium in both warm and cold colours.

    There are five colours, presented in all the most popular formats on the market: from 120x120 cm to the new 90x180 cm format that is an upgrade for those who love rectangles as a floor solution. The series is completed with a 10 mm thick outdoor version and the new 20 mm thick 60x90 cm format.

    #imolaceramica #enjoyyourtile

  • Aesthetica by LaFaenza.
    The study of beauty. The classic elegance of marble finds a new look that stands out by enhancing seemingly common reference models with unprecedented and highly innovative shades and graphics....

  • This restyled classicism combines traditional white, beige, grey and black backgrounds with fascinating and surprising blasts of surface colour to create unusual, high impact effects.

    For Aesthetica, LaFaenza interprets four basic models of marble, all from Italy: 

    Calacatta extra white. The aim here was to recreate a pure white background slab and contrast it with the precision of light grey veining.

    Paonazzetto. It has a white and light beige background with «purple» veining reminiscent of a peacock’s tail. It was one of the best-loved marbles in Ancient Rome where it was widely used for floors, columns and decorations. 

    Unico grey. It is the result of a combination of two very different marbles, both of which are extracted in Italy. When put together the aesthetic features of these stones are enhanced to create new and highly exclusive effects.

    Arabescato orobico brown. Predominantly dark grey, it can also include light and multi-coloured veining with dark brown reflections and light tonal variations.

    Aesthetica is a naturally premium product, distinguished by the 6.5 mm thickness of all the formats that make up the range: 120x260 cm, 120x120 cm, 60x120 cm, with a honed finish, and 120x120 cm and 60x120 cm with a natural finish and contrasting textured veining.

    Aesthetica: the study of beauty and the application of taste to totally satisfy your need to #expressyourself.

  • Attitude by Leonardo.
    It's our feeling. The new Leonardo technical porcelain stoneware project 100% GUARANTEED without any digital surface decoration, and which can be used in any context and substantially forever....

  • Attitude is the perfect combination of technique and beauty, presenting itself as an "industrial technological stone" whose value is both aesthetic and performing. The result is a full-bodied porcelain stoneware, offered both with natural finishing and a newly introduced version known as 'silk'; a "lived-in" effect that gives the product an opaque surface, almost worn by time and extremely pleasant to touch.

    Available in 4 colours, in the 3 most popularly requested sizes, 60x60 cm, 60x120 cm and 120x120 cm, the latter is also offered with an outdoor finish.  

    'Attitude is our feeling', a wide spanning concept, to enhance the unusualness of the product and the key values on which the Idea di Leonardo brand is based. Continuing the Endless and Overcome projects, Attitude boasts the 100% GUARANTEED seal, which certifies that all technical products are created exclusively from a mixture of prime noble materials, without any digital surface decoration, and which can be used in any context and substantially forever.

    Because Leonardo is #BuiltoLast irrespective of space, time or style.

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