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Rochester Hills,  MI 
United States
  • Booth: 3882

CHROMALOK Adhesives, Quality for the Solid Surface Industry!

CHROMALOK Adhesives, manufactured under the Parson Adhesives unbrella (Evansville, Indiana USA),is a line of High Quality color matched MMA adhesives specifically designed for the Solid Surfacing Industry. Parson Adhesives is one of the leading manufacturers of High Quality Industrial Adhesives for a wide range of Industrial, Automotive and Surfacing assembly applications. With more than 3000+ customers worldwide with exports to more than 54 countries through distributors and partners. CHROMALOK Adhesives using Quality chemistry along with superior raw materials provides invisible seams, high overlap shear strength,excellent UV Stability, along with fast cure speeds with excellent flexibility. 

      Sales Office: 3345 Auburn Road, RochesterHills, Michigan 48309 USA.Phone 248-299-5585.

      Manufacturing Plant: 2545 Eastside Park Road, Evansville, Indiana 47715 USA

      Email: sales@parsonadhesives.com, WebSite: www.parsonadhesives.com, www.chromalok.com

Brands: CHROMALOK Color Adhesives, ChromaXX Epoxy Knife Grade, PARCON 100% Silicone sealant, CHROMALOK Rodding, Composite and Substrate Bonders, PARFIX CA Chip Repair Adhesive.


  • CHROMALOK Rodding Bonder 2200
    CHROMALOK 2200 RODING Bonder adhesive is a fast cure, high strength rodding bonder to protect fabrication with strengthening rods. This rubber based rodding bonder is packaged in a 250ml and 500ml 10:1 mix ratio nylon cartridge....

  • CHROMALOK 2200 Rodding Bonder, is a 10:1 mix ratio available in both 250ml and 500ml cartridges. The opaque transparent white color helps hide the recessed rods in the fabrication process. Unbelievable Strength, Quick Dry (10-15 minutes working time, fixture time 20-30 minutes), shop friendly bonder improves load tolerance significantly along with excellent durability to the countertop. CHROMALOK 2200 achieves up to 7000psi flexural stength and 4,600 Tensile.Thus provided the elimination of seam pads in the fabrication process. Available in cases of 12 or 24 cartridges, priced at the same cost as our CHROMALOK Color Adhesive. Why pay More!

  • CHROMALOK PARBOND 500 Substrate Bonder
    A two part structural adhesive designed to bond a variety of surfaces including stone, granite, quartz, solid surface, wood, metals and plastic....

  • PARBOND 500 is a two-part structural adhesive specifically designed to bond a wide variety of surfacing material including Stone, Quartz, Granite, solid surfaces, wood, metals and plastics. Working time: 5-7 minute; Cure Time 20-30 minutes, Translucent, shear strength 2,500-3.000, available in a 200ml cartridge, sold with 2 static mixing tips.
  • CHROMALOK Color matched 2 Part Adhesive System
    CHROMALOK is Our Line of High Quality color matched adhesives specifically designed for the Surfacing Industry. Available in over 180+ colors and specifically designed for laminating, V-grooving, mitering and seaming....

  • CHROMALOK Adhesives are supplied in a 250ml cartridge system that mixes and dispenses at a 10: 1 mix ratio.CHROMALOK provides consistent invisible seams, high overlap shear strength. CHROMALOK Color Adhesives are available in 50ml, 250ml and 500ml 10:1 cartridges, and each cartridge comes with two static mixing tips. Applications: Solid Surface, Granite, Quartz, Marble, Porcelain Laminate, Stone.
  • CHROMALOK Color Chip reference Decks
    Actual CHROMALOK Catalyzed color chips (top 52 popular colors based on sales) all assembled on a chain for ease of color matching to sheet....

  • CHROMALOK Color Chips
  • PARSEAL 303 Black MS Polymer Sealant / Adhesive
    PARSEAL 303 is a one-part, high performance hybrid sealer ideal for a wide range of applications where a long term seal is required. This sealant is ideal for many industrial and construction applications because of an ,adhesion and durability....

  • Non-sag, ideal for verticle & overhead applications. Cures to wet substrates with zero shrinkage. resistant to UV degeadation and weathering. Conforms to USDA requirements fort Non-food contact. Paintable, 25 joint movement capability.
  • ChromaXX 9010 Epoxy Knife grade Adhesive
    Chromaxx 9010 is a gel-like, two part epoxy adhesive system specially designed for the Surfacing Industry....

  • This easy to use knife grade adhesive has shorter open times and cures at room temperature (60+ farenheight) . Outstanding Adhesion and excellent long term durability. Ideal for Indoor & Outdoor application. 2: 1 mix ratio. Transparent clear, can be color matched with all surfacing tints.Working time: 20-30 minutes, Handleing Strength 6-8 hours, Full cure 24 hours.Working times can be adjusted by mix ratio.
For inquiries, please contact show management.