April 18-21, 2023 | Orlando, Florida USA

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  • Booth: 5140

Vives Azulejos y Gres is a company dedicated to the manufacture of ceramic products for floor, wall, porcelain and special pieces, in order to create an innovative and effective product. Thanks to our Evolution characterized by our constant concern for progress and our effort for satisfying the most demanding needs of the market, we create high quality ceramic products with a trendy design. Vives represents (incorporates) All in ceramics with great efforts in R&D&I Research to allow us to offer Quality ceramic products with a trendy design. We are able to meet the architectural design requirements and to create elegant, avant-garde and exclusive settings.

Thanks to this constant effort, VIVES becomes an innovative company that is constantly adapting to new technologies, provided with the most advanced production systems. Vives is also committed to environmental policies through EcoVives, all backed up by more than fifty years of experience.


  • Ritmo
    It is the result of well-understood exclusive designs, where the soft textures, the harmony of colour and the varied graphic possibilities, come together and give character and personality to the room. Its true luxury is in the smallest of details....

  • Ritmo is a rectified white paste wall tile in 32x99 cm with five colours: Nieve, Blanco, Mostaza, Rojizo y Verde. These are complimented by a relief: the Mapale-R in Nieve and Blanco with two decorations of fine geometric lines. On the Nieve base: Clande-R Black and Chande-R Multicolor and the colorful Calipso-R designed to cover the walls with a current, warm and cozy zigzag pattern, which adapts harmoniously to the relief. In search of a more sophisticated trend, elegant stripes are proposed, painted with special inks of noble metals: Zouk-R Mustard Old Gold, Zouk-R Reddish Copper and Zouk-R Green Rusty Bronze, its elegant and classic aesthetic is ideal for exclusive spaces.

    Supported both by the porcelain collections: Nice and Monaco; as well as for the small cladding tiles of Jávea and Salou. They make Ritmo an attractive and exceptional series, with great decorative richness to embellish rooms in a fresh and original way.

  • In out In
    Thinking especially of integral decoration for the flooring of the home; Vives launches four new series of porcelain in small format. A collection technically and aesthetically designed for water areas, with special pieces....

  • With a soft-touch and easy-to-clean finish for interiors and non-slip finishes for exteriors. A collection technically and aesthetically designed for water areas, with special pieces such as skirting in 9.4x30 cm, treads for steps and swimming pool edges in 31x60cm and the classic full piece step treads in 30x30 cm and 30x60 cm, all designed to make today's projects a reality.

    Its variety of typology facilitates the personalization of the home.

    An exotic stone: Bali, in different colours: Beige, Grey, Graphite and Turquoise in the 30x30 cm and 30x60 cm sizes in both natural and non-slip finishes. The 15x15 cm rectified format is offered in a natural and gloss finish. Two 30x30 cm mosaics complete the collection named the Bali Mosaic and the Sanur Mosaic, in their natural and non-slip finishes. The Bali aesthetics allows the designer to recreate settings that represent the warmth and paradisiacal spaces of the tropics to the most minimalist and urban ones.

    The Mojácar Cuero is marketed in a natural and non-slip finish in 30x30 cm and 30x60 cm sizes. The Mojácar Mosaic and Níjar Mosaic in 30x30 cm. With its two natural and non-slip finishes, they complete the timeless terracotta look vindicating that what is genuine, natural and authentic.

    Calpe, a contemporary cement with a neutral colour and great graphic richness, in 30x30 cm and 30x60 cm sizes, comes with natural and non-slip finishes. Two mosaics in 30x30 cm, the Calpe Cement Mosaic and the Denia Cement Mosaic in their two non-slip and natural finishes are available. With small decorative accessories made up by white biscuit wall tiles with irregular edges, in 8x31.5 cm size, the Fuengirola-R ABIC Cemento,a decoration for the most current tastes, Casares ABIC Cemento, a special piece with a strong personality.

    Altea, versatile and innovative, is able to cover the room with an aesthetic of discreetly renovated clay, highly attractive in the details. Available in 30x30 cm and 30x60 cm formats in a natural and non-slip finish with its Altea Barro and Denia Barro Mosaics in 30x30cm size. in two natural and non-slip finishes. We can also find two small pieces in white biscuit wall tiles in 8x31.5 cm with irregular edges to combine with the base tiles: Nerja ABIC Barro and Manilva  ABIC Barro with which to unify the aesthetics of the rooms in a simple and harmonious way.

    Four variants with a common essence, fully adapting to the environment and its needs, making them everlasting.

  • Erdek
    In order to complement the Marble·lous collection, VIVES launches a rectified white body wall tile in 32x99 cm. Erdek-R Matt and Erdek-R Gloss, continuing the contemporary trend of elegance and sophistication....

  • Rich chromatic nuances in its veins, great graphic variety and beautiful decorative pieces complete the collection. The discreet Esmirna-R Glossy and Esmirna-R Matt relief, together with the subtle decorations in metallic inks: Izmir-R Glossy Gold, Izmir-R Glossy Carbon, Izmir-R Matte Gold, Izmir-R Matte Carbon; make the Erdek series a unique tile collection suitable for today's most demanding environments.

    Marble lous with its most extraordinary addition named Pietra Erdek and Pietra Wailea, in matt porcelain in a huge 108.5x118.9cm hexagonal format together with its small 11.1x12.7cm Star Erdek and Star Wailea pieces, have the ability to conquer all spaces, making them unique, where their mere presence personalizes the room. It is a collection that renews the power of ceramic marble in all its splendor.

  • Luna
    The latest Vives collection grasps the unachievable: the Moon. This collection, based on the symbol of eternal beauty, allows you to capture the universe in any room....

  • Luna’s design is inspired by marble pieces set into cement. It is an endeavour in ceramic innovation that shows veining and filaments in several grey tones achieving a distinguished and harmonious result.
    The collection evolves around one model available in three colours: white, grey and black. Each one boasts two finishes: polished, available in 119,3x119,3 cm, 59,3x119,3 cm and 79,3x79,3 cm, and matt in 120x120 cm, 60x120 cm and 80x80 cm. Both are rectified, a solution that visually eliminates the edge of the tiles to generate a continuous surface and increase the sensation space.
    Luna-R Blanco helps create charming spaces thanks to its pearly base designed to contrast, and easily connect all different kinds of atmospheres and styles, available in both options: polished and matt. While Luna-R Blanco polished greatly increase the luminosity of any room, Luna R Blanco matt is slightly more discreet.
    Luna-R Gris is adaptable to any interior design trend. Its neutral beauty lends itself to a modern and serene environment. The suavity in the matt version is undeniable while it is eminent in the polished one.
    Lastly, Luna-R Negro reaches the elegance of black in a sublime way. Luna-R Negro matt is an innovative option that provide a serenity and insistence. Luna-R Negro polished is both noble and prudent with a splendid sensation.
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