April 18-21, 2023 | Orlando, Florida USA

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We welcome all attendees.

Hardscape.com was born out of the necessity to provide our clients with innovative products that accompany the changes available in technology, in responsible sourcing and production. We transitioned naturally and easily from a Custom Natural Stone Supplier, into a distributor of Porcelain Pavers. Once we realized we were able to create our most beloved natural stones without having any issues with staining, spalling or color differences, it became our mission to align ourselves with innovative producers of porcelain, that were also looking to change the hardscape industry for the better.

Throughout our search and years of experience visiting fabrication systems, and assimilating the best practices for green productions, we found ourselves propelled through our likeminded vision of innovation and responsible production to our parent company the Saxa Gres Group. Gres, the Italian word for Outdoor Porcelain Pavers, was an integral part of the merger between our companies.

Hardscape.com is the commercial division for Saxa Gres Group, a company founded on the innovative spirit and principles of two men, Mr. Borgomeo in Italy, and Mr. Ricetti in the US. The dreams that drive our company are simple, re create unavailable beloved natural stone, in a responsible, environmentally friendly way, never settle for current designs, change what is acceptable and raise the bar.

Brands: Hardscape.com


Our 3cm Porcelain Paver in Action!!!


  • 5cm Porcelain Pavers
    The only 5cm Porcelain Paver in Hardscape Industry for Commercial Applications....

  • Discover unrivaled breaking strength and style with our 5CM  porcelain pavers. With remarkably high durability, our 5CM pavers are designed to handle both low and high traffic areas with ease, supporting significant weight without fail. Perfect for home hardscaping projects such as pool deck paving and patio paving, as well as commercial projects such as parking lots, roadways, walkways, and more. With its sleek, modern design and rich pattern & colorway, the 5CM Basalto porcelain paver exudes class, ensuring unmatched elegance the moment it’s installed.

    The Natura line offers porcelain pavers in original and exceptional thicknesses of 5cm (2" inches), able to respond to stresses up until now unimaginable for the ceramic surfaces. A new generation of porcelain pavers paves the way for the use of porcelain replacing stones and other natural materials that are difficult to obtain due to the high cost and the growing scarcity which in some countries has led to an absolute extraction ban in order to protect the environment.

  • Porcelain Pavers 6x12x3cm
    Hardscape.com's 3CM 6x12 Driveway Porcelain Pavers with SPACER BARS are perfect for driveways....

  • Hardscape.com's 3CM 6x12 Driveway Porcelain Pavers with SPACER BARS are perfect for driveways, patios, gardens, pool decks, and outdoor areas. Offering the appearance of natural stone in a deeply rich, dark black. Sleek and contemporary, our 3CM Basalt porcelain pavers will enhance your home's aesthetic the moment they're laid down. Crafted from highly durable porcelain, our Basalt Black pavers add sophistication coupled with long-lasting durability and a multitude of benefits over traditional natural stone pavers and concrete.

    While Hardscape.com 3cm porcelain pavers for driveways and other exterior applications are remarkable stylish, they also offer tremendous performance when compared to other paver options. The Hardscape.com team is always searching for the most advanced solutions available. Through countless hours of testing and researching, we're proud to supply you with the best porcelain pavers available. Forged under intense heat, our porcelain pavers are remarkably dense, leading to their impressively high breaking weight. In addition, our 3CM porcelain pavers are fade-resistant, slip-resistant, moisture-resistant, stain-resistant, and low maintenance. If you've been searching for a hardscaping solution that's sure to withstand the test of time, all while maintaining its beauty, look no further than Hardscape.com.

  • Diana Imperial 16x32x3cm Driveway Porcelain Paver
    Diana Imperial 3cm Porcelain Paver is a new option for Vehicular applications using our Porcelain Pavers over aggregate....

  • Our 2CM Diana Imperial porcelain pavers are high-quality in appearance, but they offer the added benefit of requiring little to no maintenance. Cleaning is simple and straightforward with just a light detergent or spray down for cleanup purposes! You can have beautiful, long-lasting marble-style porcelain pavers for decades.

    Durable material with strong resistance means that you won’t need regular repairs or scheduled replacements in the future!

    Vast Exterior Applications 

    Our 2CM Diana Imperial porcelain pavers are the ideal choice for a multitude of exterior applications. Remarkably versatile, this material will work in any situation where you want it to! Some common places our customers apply their new floors include:

    -Pool Deck Porcelain Pavers

    -Patio Porcelain Pavers

    -Walkway Porcelain Pavers

  • Hardscape.com Polymeric Sand
    The Hardscape.com Polymeric Sand is an all-purpose sand designed to meet the needs of Contractors who were looking for an all-kind solution sand for all types of paver....

    • For paver joints from 1/8" to 4 inches
    • Works above 32F (0C)
    • Helps prevent weeds and damage caused by burrowing insects
    • Helps prevent erosion due to wind, rain, and freeze-thaw cycles
    • Pure, natural colors are sourced from natural sand, quartz, and granite. No dyes or pigments means no fading.
    • Will not change the original aspect of your stone or pavers
    • Ideal for pedestrian or high vehicular traffic applications
    • Works for flat or sloped surface installations-stays in joints with minimal wash-out  
    • Formulated specifically to resist temperature variations freeze/thaw cycles (superior to cement or mortar products)
    • Resistant to ice melters, rock salt, and acids cleaners
    • Fast setting and drying time
    • Helps prevent weed growth and ant hills
  • Porcelain Paver Spacers
    Hardscape.com Spacers work with porcelain Pavers, stone, and marble. They're perfect for evenly spacing wall and floor tile. ...

  • You can use it for both horizontal and vertical tile installations.

    - Won't tip, twist, or compress.

    - Precision cut for accuracy.

    - For aligning marble, granite, porcelain, and large format tile.

    - Provide quick, professional-looking results.

    - Accurately sized for uniform spacing.
  • Porcelain Cobblestones
    Experience the deep richness of our Basalt Porcelain Cobblestone, a unique, one of a kind hardscaping solution. Mirroring the color of basalt and the texture of true cobblestone, our porcelain cobblestone is one of a kind....

  • Hardscape.com's porcelain cobblestones are the perfect way to add elegance and beauty to any outdoor space. Made from high-quality porcelain, these cobblestones are designed to withstand the elements and provide years of beauty. porcelain is a durable material that is resistant to scratches, chips, and fading, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas. porcelain cobblestones are also easy to clean and maintain, requiring only occasional sweeping or mopping. 

    While natural stones are heralded for their intrinsic beauty, they’ve been increasingly difficult to source due to the pressure sourcing puts on the environment, while also becoming rather low in global inventory. Porcelain aims to be the solution to this problem, by offering the same stunning styles, with significantly improved durability. Crafted under significantly high heat, our porcelain cobblestone products are incredibly dense, ensuring that they are completely nonpourus. This guarantees that they are both moisture and frost resistant which makes them ideal for exterior hardscaping applications without fear of cracking or chipping. 


    In addition, our porcelain cobblestone is:


    • Stain resistant

    • Slip Resistant

    • Fade Resistant

    • Low Maintenance

    • High Breaking Strength
  • 24x36x2cm Porcelain Collection
    Hardscape.com favorite designs now come in a brand new 24x36x2cm size....

  • Slip Resistance: Hardscape.com porcelain pavers provide a safe walking surface even in wet conditions, making them perfect for use around your pool where water can seep out and onto the surrounding area. This also makes all of our 2CM porcelain pavers perfect for use in pool deck applications, where the slight decline and wet conditions could lead to a loss of grip.


    Low Maintenance: 2CM Tuscany Silver Porcelain Pavers are an excellent choice for those who are looking for a low-maintenance flooring option. These pavers are made from a durable ceramic material that is resistant to staining and fading. They are also easy to clean and maintain, making them a great choice for busy households. Additionally, our 2CM Tuscany Silver Porcelain Pavers are stain-resistant, so there is no need to fear tree leaves, grease, and food staining your porcelain pavers!

    High Breaking Strength: 2CM Tuscany Silver Porcelain Pavers are a great choice for those looking for a strong and durable option. Made from a high-quality clay body with various additives included during the production process, these pavers are fired at a high temperature to create a strong and long-lasting product. In addition, the 2CM thickness provides greater strength and stability than thinner options. As a result, 2CM Tuscany Silver porcelain pavers are an excellent choice for both outdoor applications. Whether you are looking for flooring for your patio or walkway the 2CM Tuscany Silver Porcelain Pavers are an excellent choice.

    Fade Resistance: 2CM Tuscany Silver Porcelain Pavers are a beautiful, durable option for your next home improvement project. These pavers are fade resistant and will look great for years to come thanks to their inability to be affected by direct sunlight, unlike other common materials on the market. 

For inquiries, please contact show management.