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Fiorano Modenese, 
  • Booth: 1206



A long tradition in the production of porcelain stoneware floor tiles is renewed through the research and experimentation of new styles for contemporary living. Technology makes it possible to maintain the original beauty of the colours and surfaces of natural materials, creating indoor flooring and wall tiles in superior-quality porcelain stoneware: resistant, modular, easy to use and low-maintenance. Splendidly beautiful, natural colours, shapes and textures in resistant, compact porcelain

Every square metre of Coem and Fioranese floor and wall tiles are produced from start to finish in our factories in Italy, in line with environmental directives. A sequence of cutting-edge processes and tools guarantees a versatile material with excellent physical and mechanical properties, constantly monitored and certified by the most authoritative international accreditation bodies.

For Coem and Fioranese, sustainability is a value aimed at creating beauty, a promise of happiness and a powerful form of energy to reach even further. Sharing and storytelling are the basis of our commitment to give meaning to the present and build a better future by inspiring positive ideas and actions.

We produce long-lasting and resistant eco-friendly wall tiles in porcelain stoneware, supporting a series of concrete actions such as energy saving, optimisation of waste production, reduction of polluting sources.

For us, sustainability means reducing environmental impact by maximising the use of recycled materials to reduce the use of natural raw materials. Our efforts have long been aimed at reducing energy consumption, water consumption, CO2 emissions and atmospheric emissions, thanks to production plants equipped with the best available technologies that meet the applicable regulations, and a management system designed to minimise waste.





  • BRIDGE by Fioranese

  • The combination of woods is reviewed in contemporary proposals.

    New layouts alternating shapes and different surfaces create unedited space suggestions in line with the new trends of contemporary living.

    WOOD: 4 essences that enhance the natural nuances of the maturing stages: Larice, Rovere, Noce, Canaletto.

    In Natural finish and  2 special formats:

    Rhombus 49,5x42,9 – 19 1/2"x 17

    Chevron in size 21,4x49,5 – 8 1/2"x19 1/2"

  • RIGGIOLE by Fioranese
    THE PERFECT COMBINATION OF ART AND DECORATION Traditional touch for unique and original effects Davide Tonelli design...

  • Fioranese is proud to present this new collection, created in collaboration with Davide Tonelli. The refined black and white contrasting graphic impact is distinguished by a slightly worn effect to emphasise the antiqued look; Riggiole is perfect for unique interior design projects with character and an unusual and contemporary mood, that still has a traditional feel.

    Riggiole is a Neapolitan term for a ceramic tile, often of the majolica and hand-decorated type, typical of the Sorrento and Amalfi areas, used for both floor and wall coverings. The collection offers 3 sizes: the most popular size is the 90x90 cm followed by the more traditional 30x30 and 20x20, which all share the same distinctive hand-made decorations, evoking the mastery of the ancient ceramists and linking past and present.

    The small sizes are available in the version with mixed graphics (30 graphics for the 20x20 tile and 17 for the 30x30 version) and in the colour variants with a background in Bianco or Nero. The version of the 20x20 in Bianco is also available in a selection of 5 single motifs, allowing surfaces to be created with a single repeated pattern, with the right balance between graphics and light and dark, enhancing the spaces to the full.

    Each piece is unique and original, but the real distinguishing feature of the series is the macro version of the decorated floor tile measuring 90x90 cm: a large size that responds to the ever-increasing demand for bigger tiles and distinguishes surfaces thanks to its strong aesthetic impact and deliberately imperfect stroke that evokes the traditional Italian artistic ceramics of the past. An even more striking graphic effect can be seen in the chiaroscuro effects, combining black and white decorations, which are all inevitably emphasised and become authentic furnishing elements that fill the spaces, giving them a highly distinctive style.

    The 90x90 cm tile is available in a Mix version with 17 deliberately off-centre macro graphics, a selection of 6 single-motif tiles with realigned graphics to compose patterns measuring 180x180 cm, and a neutral background introduced to allow for blanket poses or to be mixed within the Mix: a richly varied range allowing the design of unusual patchwork surfaces or orderly poses with repeated patterns. An even more striking graphic effect can be seen in the chiaroscuro effects, combining black and white decorations, which are all inevitably emphasised and become authentic furnishing elements that fill the spaces, giving them a very bold and distinctive style.

    Riggiole truly allows great creative freedom for astonishingly detailed designs with harmonious combinations.

    With its geometric graphics and black and white, the collection manages to evoke the passing of time in an abstract way, where the past is mixed with the present to hand down the art of decoration and the perfection of aesthetic balances with unwavering fidelity.

    Ideal for projects by architects and interior designers in which the key elements are graphic patterns that can be used in unpredictable combinations both on the floor and on the wall. These unique decorations enrich the space with a creative and artistic touch, which never overpowers it but instead adds unusual chiaroscuro effects. Riggiole can be used to create true islands of style and design, like ‘rugs' that embellish spaces giving them an extremely refined, evocative and singular elegance.

    The possibilities are as varied as the possible graphic combinations. Black and white blend perfectly together thanks to simple yet striking graphics and the light-worn effect, giving a contemporary twist. Stripes, carpets, and patchwork: there are so many original ways of using them to create stunning, harmonious spaces, perfect for every type of room in the home, from the bathroom to the kitchen to the living room and even the bedrooms. Whether used to decorate a limited space or to create continuity between rooms, the overall effect created by Riggiole is extremely balanced and suitable for day-to-day living.

    Riggiole reinterprets art as a tool for use in contemporary interior design.

    Technical Details:

    The 20x20 cm | 8”x8” collection

    - 30 Patterns, MIX: in the colour variants Bianco and Nero

    - 5 Patterns, SINGLE: only variant in the colour Bianco

    The 30x30 cm | 12”x12” collection, - 17 Patterns, MIX, in the colour variants Bianco and Nero

    The 90x90 cm | 36”x36” collection, - 17 Patterns, MIX, only variant in the colour Bianco

    - 6 Patterns, SINGLE: only variant in the colour Bianco

    - White background, Finish Natural/Rectified, Thickness 9 mm

  • TOUCH STONE by Coem

  • Touch Stone is the fascinating marble effect inspired by Travertine. Elegant and luminous, Touch Stone boasts a truly special finish with distinctive veining and warm, luminous shades that brighten the rooms of the home creating airy, welcoming spaces.

    Touch Stone is an elegant and exclusive collection inspired by Travertine: the "favourite marble", the most versatile and most fascinating, is also proposed with a Polished-Matt finish that gives it an extraordinary texture and soft touch, expressing the natural depth of the surface from which it takes its inspiration.

    Touch Stone is the ultimate expression of balanced luxury and timeless, unassuming beauty. It is available in the two graphic variants 'VEIN', which is vein-cut and 'TOUCH', which is cross-cut.

    The 'TOUCH' version is available in White, Gold and Grey: Brown is added to this colour palette in the 'VEIN' version. This collection brings a luminous and natural look to spaces thanks to special patterns of light that give unusual and extremely striking reflections.

    The Touch Stone marble-effect porcelain stoneware is much more resistant than natural marble and, thanks to careful graphic and material work, reproduces the depth and natural evolution found in the original shades of real marble and is perfect for those seeking an elegant mood with a contemporary touch. It can be used to create stunningly beautiful, hardwearing and highly versatile surfaces that do not fear the passage of time, making every room in the home warm and inviting.

    Touch Stone embodies the essential elegance of natural marble enriched with a unique luminous effect, which is obtained through a harmonious balance of veining, shading and tone-on-tone colour variations, which Coem has successfully interpreted in a contemporary key.

    Technical Details:

    Touch Stone, TOUCH version

    Colours: White, Gold, Grey

    Available finishes: Natural Rectified, Polished-Matt Rectified, Outdoor Rectified, LUX

    Available Sizes and Thicknesses:

    - 75x149.7 cm, thickness 9 mm

    - 60.4x120.8 cm, thickness 9 mm

    - 60.4x60.4 cm, thickness 9 mm

    - 30.2x60.4 cm, thickness 9 mm

    Touch Stone, VEIN version

    Colours: White, Gold, Grey, Brown

    Available finishes: Natural Rectified, Polished-Matt Rectified, LUX

    Available Sizes and Thicknesses:

    - 75x149.7 cm, thickness 9 mm

    - 60.4x120.8 cm, thickness 9 mm

    - 60.4x60.4 cm, thickness 9 mm

    - 30.2x60.4 cm, thickness 9 mm



  • The English Stone collection takes the concept of material to a whole new level, recreating English limestone with a more modern, less rustic feel while retaining all the light and elegance of the original stone.

    Limestone is known mostly as a building material and is distinguished by a variety of light tones ranging from white to grey and light shades of beige. Its textures present a very delicate and versatile graphic design that makes it particularly contemporary. In this collection we find a wide range of sizes, ranging from the classic 30.2x60.4 and 60.4x60.4 cm to the more contemporary 60.4x90.6 and 60.4x120.8 cm, to enable new visual interpretations of spaces through the use of elegant modular poses.

    The resulting effect is an elegantly natural stone effect in three delicate shades to decorate indoor and outdoor spaces with strength yet delicacy, adding elegance and luminosity, and is ideal for creating warm and particularly cosy spaces.

    English Stone can be used to redefine visual boundaries, creating seamless continuity between rooms, and eliminating any barrier between indoor and outdoor spaces thanks to the sizes and the lack of graphic breaks, giving an extremely natural feel to all spaces.

    The collection is offered in four sizes, which can also be used in mixed layout designs. It is available in a palette of four soft but decisive colour nuances, making the simple, elegant style of this collection to be combined with furnishings in very different moods, from classic to contemporary to industrial.

    It offers numerous possibilities and options to create a unique and special space with no aesthetic restrictions, drawing inspiration from the most contemporary trends, with a minimalist look, combining visual appeal and practicality. Coem traditionally produces collections with colours very close to the colours of nature. English Stone creates a unique and strong link between indoors and outdoors by combining the purity of material and original features.

    Technical Details:

    Colours: Ivory, Greige, Natural Grey, Anthracyte

    Available finishes: Natural/Rectified, Outdoor/Rectified

    Available Sizes and Thicknesses:

    - 60.4x120.8 cm, thickness 9 mm

    - 60.4x90.6 cm, thickness 9 mm

    - GresX2 60.4x90.6 cm, thickness 20 mm (available in Greige and Natural Grey)

    - 60.4x60.4 cm, thickness 9 mm

    - 30.2x60.4 cm, thickness 9 mm

For inquiries, please contact show management.