April 18-21, 2023 | Orlando, Florida USA

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Castelbolognese,  RA 
  • Booth: 1815

Cerdomus welcomes you to Coverings 2023!

Cerdomus is a leading producer of porcelain tiles whose manufacturing expertise and consolidated technological know-how make it a company capable of setting trends in contemporary interior design, building partnerships and working with designers, offering products which are at the vanguard of technology, and winning the preferences of clients all over the world.


Creativity, passion and research: a journey stretching over 50 years, though remaining faithful to its core values. With the same pleasure of working together, improving every day.

Our values - Cerdomus world in three words.

Creativity,  the spark leading the way.

Ceramic, a wonderful timeless yet technological material.

The Collections that transform an idea into a practical tool and a style proposal.

Cerdomus has fully optimized its production processes to its own high standards following carefully every step: selection of all our raw materials, high-pressure moulding, digital and traditional plants, firing, quality check, technologies that reduce pollution and environmental impact, investing in safety in the workplace, too.

Cerdomus products meet the requirements of the leading international certifying bodies: including ISO 14001, EMAS, and ECO LABEL. And since they're made with at least 40% content recycled materials, our products also meet LEED requirements. All products are also certified by Ceramics of Italy

Brands: Cerdomus

 Press Releases

  • Cerdomus _ Design Focus at Coverings 2023

    The intimate strength and beauty of nature trace a creative journey by which Cerdomus interprets the latest design trends.

    Completely different materials, colors, surfaces and inspirations become valuable elements for designing with style.

    The brilliant surfaces of large-size marbles light up with new transparencies of white hues whose purity and elegance is unique.

    The power of stones ranges from an essential minimalism to the coarseness of raw natural surfaces.

    The centuries-old lands of rolling Tuscan hills become materials and enveloping shades that reinterpret terracotta with unmistakable modernity and warmth.

    The collections at Coverings 2023


    From Italy to Turkey and all the way to ancient Persia.

    It’s the allure of white, which knows how to enhance all the colors of our collection of precious marbles. Its ethereal and refined embrace gives life to essential and elegant ceramic surfaces. The high definition of unique graphics and spectacular plays of transparency are on display on majestic slabs to which polishing adds value and harmony.

    A luminous enchantment of rare mineral materials that create an exceptional visual impact.


    Iskra is the encounter with the inherent, seemingly primitive freedom of expression

    in marble and sedimentary rock.

    The natural graphics randomly designed by Mother nature are imprinted in the ceramic material, becoming works of art and decorative walls that enhance and make the most refined settings unique.

    Surfaces with great personality and color expressed with style.

    An abstract painting created by Mother Earth with an irrepressible expressive force.


    A new classic that goes beyond any cliché to convey surroundings of great character.

    Design, color and material converse with mirrored or matt-finish surfaces to dress settings that are not bewitched by fleeting fashion trends.

    Matchable formats and surfaces, from large slabs to the precious detail of matching mosaics. Omnia is a fine marble, the kaleidoscopic interpretation of elegance according to Cerdomus.


    Inspired by exclusive material from the Santa Magdalena quarries in Spain, Pulpis is Cerdomus’ journey that leads to the discovery of surroundings of essential beauty. Strength, sobriety and elegance are enhanced by the thin veins sinking into the ceramic surface.

    The most delicate element of Pulpis is the matt surface that we were able to replicate with the use of enamels specially designed to achieve this texture.

    A look at international design and the world of architecture enhanced with large sizes and a luminous essential and magnificent ice shade.


    An interplay of sediments that build up over time, whose subtle traces yield iridescent nuances. Skorpion is an encounter with the regal gleam of onyx. Mineral on mineral on endless watercolour graphics bringing to mind a wave breaking on the beach, a sequence of tenaciously parallel veins running after each other on the smooth surface of a noble stone.

    Large formats and a new ethereal and elegant white hue confirm the success of a collection dedicated to onyx, a brilliance that radiates life and seductive graphics.


    Inspired by the Breccia Pontificia marble, an exclusive material destined to last over centuries, Supreme is an imposing and uncompromising beauty available in sophisticated shades.

    Unique for the majesty of its spirals, at Cerdomus it enhances the details of the minerals it contains through the combined use of digital printing and enamels.

    The great depth of effects applied to the surface is combined with unpredictable textures, now enhanced by white, the color of purity.


    The force of nature that has been whipping stones for centuries marking historic transitions The meeting of porcelain stoneware and Croatian stone opens up a temporal dimension in the experience with the material, bringing out the beauty of the stone.

    Solidity and purity design a minimalist elegance for contemporary living, without frills and perfect for unleashing design creativity to the max.

    Every boundary lines defining each setting dissolves, exploring the compositional strength in its entirety.


    The noble and renewed version of Breccia marble, the right mix between the coarse quality of stone and the nobility of marble. Karnis embodies all of this, a nature that continues to surprise and inspire us with jeweled surfaces full of details and harmony.

    Traces of contrasting colors set in non-directional veins, almost like precious minerals inlaid in the tone-on-tone background. At last, an original marble capable of surprising and enhancing. An abundance of surfaces that are powerful yet discreet, capable of dressing a modern and eclectic interior design, like a classic and elegant home.


    The heart and craftsmanship of fine terracotta meet in Val d’Orcia the ceramic technology and skilful interpretative ability of Cerdomus.

    The boundless countryside dotted with cypresses leading to the footpath to a home, the vineyards and the rolling hills. Warm hues conveying the rhythm of Tuscan nature.

    An encounter in which porcelain stoneware, the great-grandson of ancient terracotta and interpreter of the most authentic Italian tradition, reverentially rediscovers the warm tones of Siena clays.

    A tradition consolidated and rarefied in multi-format compositions, and enhanced by eloquent design elements, such as Safe Technology, a non-slip surface that is soft to the touch but boasts a coefficient of dynamic friction of R11 A+B+C.


  • Iskra
    An encounter with the inherent, seemingly primitive freedom of expression in marble and sedimentary rock....

  • The natural graphics randomly designed by Mother nature are imprinted in the ceramic material, becoming works of art and decorative walls that enhance and make the most refined settings unique. Surfaces with great personality and color expressed with style. An abstract painting created by Mother Earth with an irrepressible expressive force.

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