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Miami,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 3009

LUMIRON LED Lights since 2001 In Miami. Made in the USA

The LED Panel Light DAKOTA G2 is the new innovative light source. In other words, it is designed to be ultimately slim, have even illumination, and be customizable to your design. This new LED Panel Light DAKOTA G2 innovative technology and design can be applied in all types of markets. For instance, Architecture & Design, Onyx Translucent Stones, Retail, Signage, and Display & Fixture are some of the main ones.

The LED Panel Light DAKOTA G2 is perfect for stone applications. In addition, their ultra-thin design, from ¼” – ¾” thickness makes them accessible in all areas. Besides, they are available in 24VDC systems with a power supply included. Finally, they also come with DC connectors and adaptors and they are available in a variety of color temperatures: 3000 K4500 K6500 KRGBRGBWand CCT.


  • Different Sizes and Shapes up to 4′ x 8′ (122 x 244 cm) one panel  or  multiple panels any sizes
  • Ultra-Thin LED Panel Light
  • Available in 6500K, 5000K, 3000K, Custom Color Temperature CCT, RGB, RGBW
  • Single Face, Double Face, With Diffuser, Water  Resistant
  • Low Profile Design
  • Dimmable.
  • Low Power Consumption.
  • Up to 70,000 hours of lifespan.
  • 3 Years of Warranty.
  • Easy Installation and Low Maintenance.
  • Custom Lengths and Unique Color Temperatures Available.

The panels were specifically designed to illuminate any translucent material. Therefore, they produce bright, uniform backlit and vibrant, sustainable architectural features or illuminated graphics and signage. Moreover, with multiple fully dimmable output level options and the ability to embed LEDs along 1, 2, 3, or all 4 edges of the acrylic. Our panels are fabricated to the ideal light level required for your backlit application.

Every LED Panel Light DAKOTA G2 is custom manufactured to the dimensions/shape, light level, and Kelvin temperature or RGB output of each client’s specific project requirements. In other words, a meticulous fabrication process coupled with stringent quality control measures ensures that the panels arrive as expected, and outperform your expectations. In addition, our knowledgeable design consultants and technicians offer assistance throughout your project to meet your functional requirements and achieve your aesthetic lighting objective.

Brands: The DAKOTA G2 LED Light Panel series is the new innovative light source. It is slim, can be applied in all types of markets to backlit stone, onyx, quartz, and translucent stone.

For inquiries, please contact show management.