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Mirage Granito Ceramico SpA

Pavullo N/F,  MO 
  • Booth: 1832

Mirage designs and produces porcelain stoneware floors and coverings for commercial, public and residential spaces.
Through solid expertise and "know-how", Mirage is able to install ceramic solutions that can enhance any design theme in an environmentally-friendly manner. The staff at Mirage have been designing new living solutions for 45 years, collaborating with more than 160 countries around the world. They place a strong focus on the latests trends and constantly carry out innovative research.

Mirage is a guarantee of stability and reliability, ensured by solid experience that has marked milestones in the development of porcelain stoneware. Thorough knowledge of materials, combined with hard work in research and development, has allowed Mirage to offer ever-more innovative solutions synonymous with reliability and quality.

Our values and our mission

Mirage engages a unique heritage of skill, passion and efficiency to create the best designs, no matter the size of the project. The company's mission is to represent the excellent quality of Italian ceramic production, and its "Made in Italy" label, throughout the world.
Mirage is the ideal voice for design teams and architects as well as retailers and collaborators, which it supports through the delicate stages involved in managing projects and work sites.

Quality and design: porcelain stoneware that is constantly evolving

The solutions that Mirage designs and supplies meet the demands of any setting - from airports to shopping centres, homes and public spaces. A vast product range of coverings and floors allows Mirage to meet the technical specifications of very different types of surface - small measurements, ventilated facades and raised floors.
What allows such great versatility is Mirage's porcelain stoneware, which responds to the highest quality and technical standards demanded by a constantly evolving market.

Brands: Mirage, Mirage USA


  • MAND
    MAND is a structure of porcelain stoneware wall tiles suitable for both indoor and outdoor use....

  • The collection is inspired by the world of handcrafted techniques, where irregularities and imperfections testify to the passage of time and the hands of artisans, making these tiles unique. The neutral colours, ranging from warm white to terracotta up to light grey, give the tiles a simplicity that allows for very different styles: from Mediterranean to Nordic settings, to more distinctly design-oriented ones.
    A timeless style, where minimalism becomes an expressive design language....

  • The collection comes from the mixing of classic split slates, with their clear grains and soft shading, and sedimentary stones with a fine-grained base and stronger colours. The fusion of these two natures generates a new aesthetic reference that doesn’t exist in nature. Motley comes in 7 colours, from the pale, warm shades of Mediterranean stones up to dark greys that are more in line with the colours of Alpine slates.

    The Mirage® interpretation of concrete in its roughest version....

  • Nyuma reinterprets the composition of the classic concrete casting, inspired by the aesthetics of the formwork, with contrasts without exceeding in its defects. NYUMA comes in three shades of grey and 7 sizes, from 300x600 to 1200x1200, 9 mm thick, as well as the large slab 1200x2780, 6 mm thick.

    New perspectives on wall decoration...

  • Decorative surfaces in porcelain stoneware capable of transforming any setting into a beautiful and comfortable living space. PAPIER is a project that creates almost pictorial scenes and nurtures creativity towards new inspirations. Mirage’s PAPIER collection combines a succession of floral and plant-themed subjects with a contemporary allure, a real Botanic Style.Opening up to the landscape, the space is amplified and creates a totally immersive experience between nature and modernity. A visual escape to rediscover contact with nature, even in the world of indoor and outdoor living.
    Reflet is Mirage’s new collection for architecture....

  • It is the result of more than two years of research that the company conducted together with Andrea Boschetti to introduce an absolutely innovative technical product to the ceramic market. Just like light, reflection in architecture is a structural, as well as narrative, element of the form itself. Of course, we are talking about an opportunity, an architectural tool whose depth of meaning, beauty and other qualities depend exclusively on those who decide how to stage this relationship.

  • OUDH
    A collection with delicate and elegantly classic patterns with perfectly balanced contrasts and knots....

  • OUDH is in perfect harmony with the Biophilic Design trend, which embraces the need to get back in touch with nature, both at home and at work, using materials with tactile textures and warm, natural colours. OUDH comes in 7 natural colours, running from cream to olive passing through the more classic shades of wood. A wide range of sizes completes the collection: in addition to the classic 200x1200 size, OUDH is also available in 250x1500 and 200x2780 and 1200x2780 in 6 mm thickness.

For inquiries, please contact show management.