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Alcora,  Castellon 
  • Booth: 5142

As a manufacturing company, Arcana is trying to differentiate itself from other manufacturing companies offering a high end product with a high end design. Since 1997 Arcana Tiles works to be at the forefront of the latest developments in the international market exporting its products around the world and adapting itself to the different trends.

Thanks to the most innovative production techniques and a highly qualified team, Arcana is able to provide a constant breakthrough in the design, format and finishes of its ceramic products. And, as a part of its corporate social responsibility, Arcana Tiles is deeply committed to providing the best technical quality in order to satisfy the most demanding needs of every specific market.

With a philosophy based on absolute dedication to work, at ARCANA our main objective is to offer all our customers the highest possible quality. This is why the variety and beauty of our ceramic collections go hand in hand with fast, effective customer service and guaranteed solutions. Providing support for all this work is an excellent human resources team fully versant with our modern installations and the latest advances in technology. Our efficient organisation, guaranteeing control of all administration and management processes, has consolidated ARCANA´s international expansion and presence on all five continents.


  • Betilo
    Betilo (Baethyl): countless and varied "lightning stones", many cultures worship one in particular as their own. Most of them are remains of meteorites that are supposedly endowed with magical powers....

  • Arcana's Betilo is a porcelain stone with a silky touch, rich contrasts and discreet incisions combined with the graphic to provide a sense of authenticity. Technical developments have allowed a more faithful reproduction in its 4 colours: Sand, Taupe, Gray and Dark.

    It is distributed in 120x120, 60x120 and 80x80 cm sizes. all of them rectified. The 30x30 cm Betilo Mosaic and the Ónfalo Mosaic available in all colours, together with special pieces such as Skirting tiles and Step tread, widen the decorative possibilities.


    Betilo is a sober and elegant stone full of nuances, designed for timeless spaces with a powerful and everlasting personality.

  • Croccante
    The search for delicacy and harmony in one of the most trending decorative typologies. It has led them to explore a decorative coherence where the small details make the Croccante collection, a varied, unique and inseparable whole....

  • Arcana presents the Croccante model as R10 rectified porcelain tiles in sizes 120x120, 60x120 and 80x80 cm and as R10 non-rectified porcelain tiles in size 60x60 cm. They are all available in 5 colours: Tutti frutti, Sésamo, Avellana, Nuez, Arándano and Menta, including the special pieces and the 30x30 cm Crocante Mosaic in all five colours.

    As matching white body rectified wall tiles in size 32x99 cm, Arcana Ceramica offers the Topping model with discreet graphics, a light texture and a matte finish with a pleasant touch in 5 colours: Tutti frutti, Sésamo, Avellana, Nuez, Arándano and Menta; plus the Topping-R Nata wall tile designed to combine with all of them, accompanied by the Wafer-R Nata relief tile and a special piece of great craftsmanship, the Cialda-R Macedonia Décor.

    Croccante is the result of the restless and innovative spirit of Arcana Ceramica, always looking to find the best design proposals for their customers.

  • Cliff
    Cliff collection takes its inspiration from the indomitable, natural beauty of stone, which is used to create spaces with strong personalities and a marked, architectural style....

  • The Cliff porcelain tile, combines a sophisticated, urban style with the natural contrasts, shadings and properties of stone. Available in the following shades:- Dark; Igneo; Jade and Greige, Cliff is being produced in a wide range of sizes and finishes. Matt finish is available in the following sizes: 120x120cm rectified (47.2x47.2 inches); 80x80cm rectified (31.5x31.5 inches); 60x120cm rectified (23.6x47.2 inches); 60x60cm (23.6x23.6 inches); 59.3x59.3cm rectified (23.3x23.3 inches); 30x60cm (11.8x23.6 inches) and 29.3x59.3cm rectified (11.5x23.3 inches). All formats have great anti-slip properties (R10), offering the possibility of their use in both commercial and exterior spaces. Additionally, Cliff is being produced in a polished finish in the following sizes: 119.3x119.3cm (47x47 inches) and 79.3x79.3cm (31.2x31.2 inches) rectified. To sum up, this range offers a wealth of possibilities, lending itself for use in both commercial and residential projects.
    The Positano-R Mosaic (30x30cm), takes its inspiration from the appearance of fish scales, bringing surfaces alive with its unique guise. It is produced in the full range of colours, (Dark, Jade, Igneo and Greige), as well as a multicolour version.
    The Moher-R porcelain tile, available in Light and Dark and produced in 80x80cm (31.5x31.5 inches) rectified and with a matt finish is a decor which epitomises the beauty of the collection incorporating a high level of design and brings an added value to the spaces where it is used.
    The patchwork effect Yesnaby porcelain tile, creates rich surfaces and unique visual effects. Produced in 60x60cm (23.6x23.6 inches) format, this model is available in 4 shades: Dark; Igneo; Jade and Greige.
    The Asgard porcelain tile is produced in a 20x20cm (7.9x7.9 inches) format and is made up of different decors which explore the boldness and versatility of surfaces from a geometrical perspective. Inspired by the Art Deco style, the Trango porcelain tile, in 20x20cm (7.9x7.9 inches) format brings a modern and refined version of this elegant look to the spaces it adorns. The last piece in the collection is the Paracas porcelain tile. This tile is produced using special inks to enhance surfaces with an innovative sparkle. An update which offers luxury and refinement through the use of a powerful and resistant material.
  • Les Bijoux
    Like the exquisite precious stones, Les Bijoux d’Arcana enhances the excellence of marble. A series of great aesthetic value designed for residential and commercial spaces that are looking for a distinguished and sophisticated touch....

  • The Bijoux collection is composed of different models of different characters, sizes, and finishes. All models are available in a high-gloss polished finish, which transmits natural light to the rooms. Some are also offered in a matt finish, with a very pleasant silky touch. In all cases, the pieces are rectified, generating endless and elegant surfaces.
    Alabastro-R Polished porcelain tile with marble effect (available in 79.3x79.3 cm and 59.3x119.3 cm) has subtle ochre streaks on a warm ivory base. A sophisticated style in high-gloss that dresses any environment with glamour.
    When it comes to giving prominence to a specific area, the Saphir-R Polished porcelain tile is the most suitable option (sizes: 59.3x119.3 cm, 79.3x79.3 cm, and 119.3x119.3 cm). Inspired by the blue color of sapphire jewelry, this model provides a strong personality and an intense polished finish to the surfaces.
    The Nagoya-R Blanco Polished porcelain tile becomes the focus of every project as a result of its soft contrasts. The combination of its white base and the black stripes creates a delicate finish that can be used for any room (it is commercialised in 59.3x119.3 cm, 79.3x79.3 cm, and 119.3x119.3cm)
    Navua-R Polished is a porcelain marble that, due to its classic beauty, transmits security. Its earth colors alternate capriciously with irregular light and white veins, altogether Navua radiates sober and refined energy (its sizes are 59.3x119.3 cm, 79.3x79.3 cm, and 119.3x119.3 cm).
    The Antique-R Crema Polished model (in two sizes: 79.3x79.3 cm y 59.3x119.3 cm) stands out for its natural appearance of rich hues and the combination of soft white and gold veins. This porcelain tile brings distinction and warmth to the space with a contemporary touch.
    The Wish-R Gold Polished porcelain tile raises the decorative level of any environment. It is an eternal material that captivates everyone with its majestic touch (offered in 79.3x79.3 cm and 59.3x119.3 cm).
    The Vanity-R Pearl Polished porcelain tile brings character to the spaces with its fine black and white veining. Its gray base provides a remarkably elegant touch to spaces. It’s useful for covering both floors and walls (79.3x79.3 cm and 59.3x119.3 cm).
    Any space becomes extraordinary with a contemporary pearl-based porcelain marble with light blue and gold waves in sinuous and enveloping shapes. We’re talking about Doinyo – R matt (60x120 cm size) or Doinyo – R Polished (in 79.3x79.3 cm, 59.3x119.3 cm, and 119.3x119.3 cm sizes) which shows an additional exquisiteness due to its high-gloss polished finish.
    Odilon-R is a remarkable ceramic marble that combines coppery and gray veins on a pearly base, thus providing a warm color variety. Its satin finish creates a serene and elegant environment (available in 80x80 cm, 60x120 cm, and 120x120 cm). In addition, Odilon-R Polished features a shiny polished surface that reflects its exuberant uniqueness (available in the sizes 79.3x79.3 cm, 59.3x119.3cm, and 119.3x119.3cm).
    Lastly, Aster-R is a sumptuous black porcelain marble, with rippling white veins and small golden touches that provide visual relief (available in matt finish in 80x80 cm, 60x120 cm, and 120x120 cm). Aster-R Polished radiates sophistication and increases the color intensity because of its high-gloss polish (in 79.3x79.3 cm, 59.3x119.3 cm, and 119.3x119.3 cm).
  • Stracciatella
    The Italian technique of the Venetian terrazzo has inspired the new Stracciatella series. An aesthetic characteristic of the XV century palaces highly valued by architects thanks to its multiple qualities....

  • The new porcelain tile series is designed in the 80x80 cm rectified format to generate a great feeling of spaciousness in the room. In addition, its matte finish is very pleasant to the touch and provides homogeneity to the surface.
    The series is composed of different designs: Miscela porcelain tile, available in a Nácar version and a Grafito version. Its beautiful graphics are formed by small and large incrustations that combine marble and cement details in a perfect balance. A current reinterpretation of the classic terrazzo ideal for all types of spaces and styles. A design that brings a touch of modernity to both walls and floors.
    Stracciatella Nácar porcelain tile is a terrazzo of large chips that look like jewels of different sizes and stand out on the surface generating a spectacular effect. Its serene and versatile color together with the great chromatic variety of the granulated elements, allows it to be combined with furniture and materials of different styles and epochs, enriching the spaces and personalizing them. Stracciatella Grafito, on the other hand, plays with the color of the stones and the richness of the graphic details in a peculiar framework full of contrasts. A model designed for projects that stand out for their unique style and powerful character.
    The series is complemented by the Stellato Multicolor porcelain tile, also made in the 80x80 cm format and in matt finish. A design with infinite decorative possibilities that combines different fragments of marbles from different graphics and styles creating original geometric compositions.
    Within the same series, Arcana Cerámica also launches new ceramic format, 20x20 cm, with a whole new range of designs of encaustic inspiration. The Battuto porcelain tile, available in a Nacar and Grafito verions, is inspired by the appearance of the Venetian terrazzo playing with the size of the chips and materials. The Granella Nácar and Granella Grafito porcelain tiles are a tribute to the pixel art, building sensations through small units of color combined with the tonality of the base. Zelten is a design with soft features that unites past and present with its charming print full of chips of colour. The black and white binomial confirms to be a winning combination with the Tegole hydraulic tile. A baroque and elegant design adapted to the most creative minds. The series closes with Guba, Amaretti, Budini and Taralli encaustic designs. Made in pastel tones with a clear modernist inspiration, these four different designs reinvent the classic style to give it a new perspective more current and renewed.
    The new Zaletti wall tile series is made in 32x99 cm rectified format and a matte finish. Following the current design trend, Zaletti-R is the centerpiece of the series, and is available in the colors Blanco, Humo, Azul, Salmón, Siena and Musgo. Six tones to combine with the Stracciatella series, both in the 80x80 cm format and with the designs in 20x20 cm format.
    The series is completed with the Cantucci-R wall tile, available in all shades of the series (Blanco, Humo, Azul, Salmón, Siena and Musgo) to combine with Zaletti tiles. Cantucci-R consists of a fine decorative volumetric effect, capable of filling any space with life. For those who wish to give a more personal and sophisticated touch to surfaces, the Cassata-R wall tiles (also available in shades Blanco, Humo, Azul, Salmón, Siena and Musgo) add some gold details to the composition, providing luminosity and an intense shine to any room.
    The series also offers three decorated tiles: the multicolored Zucchero-R wall tile, an exquisite modern design full of joy and dynamism; and the Pixel-R Nacar and Pixel-R Grafito models, which emulate the effect of pixelation on surfaces, generating authentic contrasts of colour.
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