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Quintessenza Ceramiche

Modena,  Fiorano Modenese 
  • Booth: 2043

Waiting for you at Booth 2043/Italian Pavilion

Quintessenza Ceramiche offers a vast range of small format ceramic products. Surfaces that are the result of careful design, developed through a combination of minimalism and decoration, traditional and contemporary design, creative flair and geometrical precision.
The design concept for each collection is born in Italy, in the Sassuolo ceramics district and its deeply rooted tile culture. Each project is perfected down to the tiniest detail, as it is through details that we express our curious and receptive sensitivity. Our constant creative research is influenced by formal and material alchemies that never tire of exciting us. Combining shapes and colours, textures and surfaces, materials and patterns is what we do every day. We use ceramics to stimulate emotions.

Brands: QUINTESSENZA CERAMICHE: Leading Italian company in the sector of small format wall and floor tiles.


Quintessenza Ceramiche at Cersaie 2022


  • Marea
    7,5X30CM 3”X11.8” Marea is a wall tile with a white enamel body, available in 6 different colours that offer refined, contemporary combinations, which are anything but clichéd....

  • The dance of the waves.
    Marea was born on the uncertain border that separates the sky from the water, blurred by the dance of the waves. It is a minimalist, collection with a meticulous, sculptural three-dimensionality, full of vibrant energy
    and inspired by the cyclical, moon-driven motion of the sea.
    Movement that becomes form, form that becomes design.
    The most distinctive feature of the series is the relationship between tile and space. Altamarea and Bassa-marea, in fact, play with the zero contour of the surface in opposite ways, one with concave and the other with convex motifs.
    The soft forms of its structures have led us to explore new possibilities of
    interpretation. And create the vision of a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic that influences this collection and everything that surrounds it. Sinuous, undulated forms, ready to contrast with more rigid, essential shapes. A metaphysical style that is stripped of anything superfluous to highlight the real subject “Marea”.
  • Färgblock
    5X15CM - 2"X6" Färgblock is available in a 5x15cm porcelain stoneware format with a gloss finish that combines the technical performance of stoneware with the powerful and contemporary aesthetic impact of a wide colour range....

  • Färgblock - colour block in English – is our new ceramic collection developed in collaboration with the designer and colorist Tekla Evelina Severin @teklan.
    Tekla was asked to take part in this project due to her extraordinary ability with colour dynamics. In fact, her favourite quotation is: “Colour is never absolute, it is always relative, and it is what you put next to it that defines it’.
    Färgblock was born from a desire to create a lively, versatile and highly appealing collection that offers maximum freedom of expression thanks to playful colour effects, contrasts and tone on tone harmonies. 
    The inspiration for developing the colour palette comes, as always with Tekla, from multiple sources: images acquired during travels around the world; historic locations veiled in the positive nostalgia of bygone atmospheres; and natural landscapes where the light creates constantly changing colour nuances according to the time of day. 

    Tekla, the Swedish colorist and designer is regarded as a leading figure in the world of design. 
    Tekla, aka “Teklan”, is well known for her bold colour compositions and the playful and often monochromatic design of her graphic style. 
    It is this use of unexpected colour combinations that make her so contemporary and sought after for new international projects.She works in a multidisciplinary sphere: from artistic direction to set design and photography by combining the profession of interior architect with personal projects including art, installation and photography. 
    She has recently been named by German AD as one of the most influential people in the design sector.This year she has also been awarded the ELLE DECO EDIDA 2022 International Award for best kitchen designer and the ELLE DECO Swedish Award for best interior designer. 

  • Oltre
    18,6X18,6CM - 7.3"X7.3" Oltre is available in an 18,6x18,6cm format, in 5 on-trend colours with a matt finish. Extremely versatile, it can be used in residential and retail environments....

  • Oltre (Beyond) is a collection designed to overcome physical, architectural and spiritual borders by giving ceramics their own personality with grids and spaces that lead to new worlds which rise above the limits between inside and outside.
    Oltre is based on a profound and reflective concept expressed in a collection of porcelain stoneware designed to create floors, partitions and walls with a sophisticated and intellectual charm.
    It is an invitation to go Oltre (beyond) imagination thanks to “total look” environments that favour a sense of continuity between floor and wall. The result is an infinite pattern of colour contrasts.
    The collection’s colour palette offers sophisticated, powdery tones ranging from neutral white and black to the warm nuances of terracotta and reassuring and reflective shades of green and blue.
    Designed to guarantee ultimate mix and match versatility, the colours in the Oltre collection reach their highest level of expression in Oltre9 and Oltre3, where the shapes of 9 squares and 3 rows merge from the grid, like small windows opening onto unknown worlds.
  • Pigmento
    6X37CM - 2.4"X14.5" 11 colours, endless possibilities The delicate effect of its matt surfaces and the richness of its hues generate over 60 different faces for each of the 11 colours in the collection....

  • Pigmento’s infinite colour combinations are a challenge to creativity, while its decisive tone variation makes every monochrome background a mosaic of different shades.
    The Lustro decoration adds a gloss finish to the colour to create a scattered inlay of light points and tone-on-tone patterns. 
    Colour has now become a major design element and tool thanks to Pigmento, the small format, porcelain stoneware collection that offers no less than 11 different colours, specifically designed to act as coloured backgrounds, but also calibrated so they can be combined in endless combinations that amplify their potential and make them a highly expressive tool for both designers and architects. 
  • Confetti
    18,6X18,6CM - 7.3"X7.3" The highly contemporary Confetti collection restyles Venetian Terrazzo flooring in a non-rectified, 18.6x18.6cm format porcelain stoneware....

  • This collection stands out for its dusty, matt finish that contrasts with the coloured chips.
    Available in 8 colours, 5 with a light background and 3 with a dark background, and chips in shades ranging from warm tones of beige and earth to neutral greys and sophisticated hues of light and dark blue, multi-colours and petrol green. This combination creates a collection whose strength lies in its style and colours that combine perfectly with Quintessenza wall tiles.

    Confetti is the story of a journey that begins 
    in Venice where it offers the world all the joy, sound and colour of a city that is always enchanting and both profound and carefree, exclusive and accessible. 

  • Modulo
    5,6X23,2CM - 2.2"X9.1" Modulo is available in two surface structures, one smooth (Modulo Base) and one ribbed (Modulo Inciso), a formal tribute to the brickwork it is inspired by....

  • Great expressive potential
    In terms of its material texture and visual appeal, Modulo flirts with the style of perforated bricks.
    The collection is completed by “Tondi” decorative tiles featuring small gloss-glaze buttons that imitate the holes in perforated bricks.
    The matt surfaces of these tiles absorb light to enhance the purity of the collection’s five colours: classic brick, elegant coal, powder grey, chalk white and an intense moss green.
  • Tinte gloss and matt
    5X25CM - 2"X10" Colour, modulated in a series of different shades and degrees of intensity is the style driver in this Tinte white body wall tile collection....

  • Colour and matter 
    12 shades, ranging from white to black and passing through yellow ochre, antique pink, sugar paper blue, metallic and the new Blue: deep, sophisticated and ultra-contemporary.
    The long side of the strip tile stands out for its gentle chamfer and pigment concentration, both of which give this wall tile a dynamic energy while the matt or gloss surfaces increase its expressiveness 
    and application options as well as offering a constant invitation to be looked at and touched.
    Lines, thicknesses, materials and colours. These are the elements that simultaneously define physical and interior space by designing states of body, mind and soul. 
    Contrasts that create a world that is light, but also rich and deep. Tradition fused with contemporary style. Rhythm and music.
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