April 18-21, 2023 | Orlando, Florida USA

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Gruppo Armonie Spa

Casalgrande,  RE 
  • Booth: 830

Gruppo Armonie: design, quality and service.

Armonie Group was founded in 2001 by an audacious and forward-looking project, and it developed quickly, taking a place among the top players of the sector.


The constant attention to primary and more innovative technologies is at the base of the development of the Group’s products.

It offers a wide range of materials suitable for the design of every type of environment: double firing, single firing, porcelain, stoneware in 4.8 mm, mosaics, glass, wood, brick, natural stone and quartz-resin.

The founding values such as innovation, enthusiasm, look, flexibility, attention to the customer, reliability, and stylistic research have quickly made Armonie Group an important and successful company in the ceramic sector.

The true motor of the Group’s success, however, is people: a close-knit and solid team, always ready to face new challenges and find the best solutions to satisfy the customers, united by a strong passion and consolidated skills.


Full customer satisfaction is the basis of the company’s working philosophy.


A fast, precise, and attentive sales and logistic service accompanies every order.

Today, Armonie Group presents itself on the global ceramic market: a unique group, with a new coordinated image, to meet the needs of a constantly evolving market.


Thus, continuing to focus on an increasingly efficient organization, being able to constantly evolve to anticipate market trends, and seeking originality every day to find ever-new and unprecedented solutions are the constant objectives of Armonie Group.

Brands: Armonie Ceramiche


  • Deco Art
    A new concept of decoration...

  • Deco Art comes from Armonie Ceramiche’s constant search for solutions for interior decoration, a passion that has always characterized the company, underlining the importance of this element in every project we offer.
    The particular attention of our interior design to the new trends has led to the creation of aesthetically avant-garde products, both for the employed technology and for the qualities of the support on which they are made: porcelain stoneware, a guarantee of hygiene and practicality. Available in the 60x120 rectangular format, it allows perfect modularity with the most recent Made in Italy floor and wall coverings by Armonie Ceramiche.
    Deco Art can cover residential spaces (living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, or bedrooms) or become a characterizing element of commercial projects (shops, restaurants, lounge bars); the walls turn into canvases, where thoughts, dreams, and journeys take shape with a life of their own. It is the answer to the desire for decoration, novelty, and design of all those who appreciate the functionality of ceramic tiles, but do not want to limit their imagination.

    Third firing decorated tiles.
    Deco Art is porcelain stoneware embellished by decorative materials applied in the third firing for a tactile and three-dimensional effect.
    A wide range of subjects in combination with colour palettes, 
    a way to create different moods and to suggest solutions for the most varied aesthetic tastes.
    Proposed in the 60x120 format, it is easy to handle and adapts to any type of wall thanks to its modularity.
    A product that is always available, perfect for easily changing the look of any environment.

  • Lascaux
    Balanced nuances run across a natural surface, reminiscent of pietra di borgona, one of the best known types of french stone in the history of architecture....

  • Charming stone-effect porcelain stoneware; the Lascaux series faithfully reproduces the aesthetics of burgundy stone. 
    The authentic look of the paving stone is enhanced by the worn effect and the tumbling on the edges, which give the typical soft and wavy effect typical of ancient floors, and give warmth and naturalness to any environment.
    A rich and varied surface that is available in five colours and in four modular sizes for a result characterized by delicate chromatic shades.
    The option of coordinated indoor-outdoor solutions allow continuity between the environments, creating a striking look and perfect harmony.

  • I Legni
    The essence of living...

  • The sophisticated and original I Legni collection draws inspiration from natural oak in its pure form and faithfully reproduces its essence in extraordinary detail and colour. A stylistic choice reminiscent of by-gone memories where comforting, light-filled surfaces fit seamlessly into modern settings, and residential or commercial spaces creating a natural atmosphere and contemporary appeal.

    I Legni is a project that comes in 3 variations: Elegance, Natural and Intense and in two warm, highly natural wood effects.

    Elegance features an elegant, visually even surface, ideal for modern, cosy and light-filled settings.

    Natural incorporates subtle knots that inspire a warm and elegant simplicity.

    Intense is more vibrant and variable, filled with knots and veins that emphasise its wood effect.

  • Loop
    Chromatic energy...

  • Porcelain stoneware is tinged with colour and takes centre stage in everyday spaces.
    10 brick versions form an evocative palette that ranges from warm, cold and original shades to create cosy, reassuring atmospheres that convey a satisfying feeling of comfort. Chic, elegant shades in line with the hottest new design trends. 
    A concentration of chromatic energy for a design with a high emotional impact.

    Let yourself be inspired by the combination suggestions of the armonie Loop and Brush collections.

    The perfect matching of shades results in original and vibrant combinations, playing with the glossy and shiny surface of the Loop "bricks" and the Brush semi-glossy resin effect. The alternating combination of effects, colours and formats guarantees not only a highly creative appeal, but also a sophisticated style in line with current interior design trends.

  • Atmosphere
    Atmosphere is a project of surfaces similar in character, mark, and areas of application, conceived in chromatic pairings, they enhance each other in combined installations. ...

  • The triple soul of the collection perfectly reproduces the strong and iconic look of stone and suggests sharp yet natural inspirations.

    Atmosphere is a project that easily adapts to everyday life and multiple living styles. Four formats, 120x120, 60x120, 60x60, 30x60, all rectified to emphasize the elegance of the coloured body, and five colours, from beige to dark grey. 

    Atmosphere Natural moves on the fine line between simplicity, minimalism, and material inspiration, in search of a sophisticated balance obtained through careful dosages. The collection faintly reproduces light tone-on-tone veins. Visually homogeneous, yet animated by a refined movement that conveys the charm of a living material. 

    Personality and charm
    Atmosphere Pro alternates the variegated features of sedimentary rock with a Nordic style, characterized by a mix of very different colours, just like with the natural erosion process.
    The collection is characterized by a deep three-dimensionality and a surprising design variety, resulting in an aesthetic fusion of strong and original charm.

    Elegance, matter, light
    Grè draws inspiration from the emblematic stone of 20th century Milan characterized by a unique design, by the presence of small and large pebbles in chromatic cadence that embellish the depth of the stone, giving it light, elegance, and an unmistakable personality. The collection joins the Atmosphere surface proposal, providing architects and designers with a complete tool for the design of any type of environment, both in the residential and commercial sectors.

  • Brush
    Brush replicates the typical attractive graphic effect of synthetic resin finishes with pinpoint precision....

  • Eye-catching, alternating brush strokes are traced with gloss and matt effects, producing a surface with a dynamic, textured look. Brush, with its with metropolitan and cross-over appeal, is perfect for coating refined contemporary spaces.

    A light glossy contrast on a matte surface, in a palette of rich colours, 11 shades with stunning chromatic depth and graphic detail. Brush is available in the75x75, 120x120, 60x120, 60x60, 30x60 formats in four neutral shades joined by seven other colourful shades in thin wall covering designed for continuous solutions that can be combined with a wide range of modern, modular decorations, ceramic wallpapers with a strong character.

    A wide range of graphic solutions ranging from floral and naturalistic genres to trending geometries.
    Infinite possible combinations with colour pairings 
    to create lively and dynamic atmospheres.

  • Rebel
    In Rebel, concrete is enhanced by wear and time, resulting in a collection that comes in numerous finishes and colours, with endless creative possibilities....

  • The project consists of five sophisticated shades, each one available in 80x80 40x80 60x120 60x60 30x60 formats. The layouts, in the 60x60 and 30x60 version, feature square-shaped geometric shapes which, when combined with the marks and imperfections, give the room an overall dynamic, creative appearance.

For inquiries, please contact show management.