April 22-25, 2024 | Atlanta, Georgia USA

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Terratinta Group Srl SB

Fiorano Modenese,  MO 
  • Booth: 3354

Terratinta Group : porcelain tiles for indoor&outdoor spaces

Terratinta Group’s strength is to have created a family of brands with well-defined characteristics, a clean and linear design like the Nordic one reinforced by the founding values of the ceramic district, knowledge, expertise, and innovation. Knowledge of the ceramic tradition, technical expertise to create new materials, innovation in combining memory and the future with the curiosity to always seek new challenges, balancing innovation and tradition. Terratinta Group was born in 2017 from the merger between Terratinta Ceramiche, the group’s first brand, established in 2010, and Ceramica Magica, a historical brand of Italian ceramics since 1983. 2018 saw the birth of Sartoria, a new brand dedicated to the study of colour and decoration in small sizes. A year later, Micro. joined the Group with its original philosophy with a strong architectural imprint. Our 4 brands cover more than 50 countries worldwide with their individual identities, providing a high-end Italian ceramic produ

Brands: Terratinta Ceramiche Ceramica Magica Sartoria

 Show Specials

  • (20240404)

    Maximalista ceramic collection, crafted in the sophisticated 5x40 cm white body, offers a unique design experience for wall coverings, creating elegant and three-dimensional drapes that envelop the walls in a timeless stage of pure elegance. This exclusive series stands out for its versatility, comprising three different shapes that, when combined, emphasize composability and allow for creative and personalized solutions for every space.

    Each volume covered with the Maximalista collection becomes an eloquent fragment of history narrated through the refined texture of marble. The six variations of marble essences, with a matt finish, contribute to bestowing upon the spaces a sense of sophistication and unmatched class. With Maximalista, your choice is not just a matter of design but also of artistic expression, transforming spaces into modern works of art infused with charm and style.

 Press Releases


    In continuity with the current trend that sees a revival of the 70s style, Sartoria unveils the enchanting universe of Pop, a white-body ceramic collection that embraces the past with an eye to the future. Steeped in the nostalgia and elegance of a legendary era, Pop plays on two dimensions, a 6.2x25 cm rectangular listel and a 10x10 cm square, both available in flat and three-dimensional versions. This duality offers the possibility of creating unique spaces, playing with textures and geometries in a versatile and innovative way. The glossy surface gives each piece an extraordinary brilliance, making Pop ceramic a living canvas that captures and reflects light in a magical way that is amplified by a versatile colour palette. 9 shades ranging from pastel tones such as Latte, Verde Acqua and Rosa Antico, to neutrals such as Perla and Blu Avio, to the saturated accents of Ocra, Terra, Muschio and Nero. This range of colours offers endless customisation possibilities, allowing Pop to harmoniously adapt to any environment and style.

    Passaggi confirms and relaunches the "colour" bet by exploring the concept of time through the richness of 8 colours with a vintage flavour. Developed in the 5.7x23 cm size, the matt surface of these tiles, with its shading that underlines its authentic charm, makes each piece unique, creating an effect that recalls the passing of time with an enveloping style. Passaggi is the perfect encounter between craftsmanship and the modern quality of porcelain stoneware, a product that fits perfectly into any contemporary architectural context.

    The Maximalista collection, a refined 5x40 cm white-body size, rewrites some of the classic parameters of ceramic wall coverings, creating elegant, three-dimensional drapes that recall the mouldings of architectural decorations and wrap the walls in a stage of pure elegance. A versatility that transforms every volume covered by this collection into an eloquent fragment of history narrated through the refined texture of marble. The six soft, three-dimensional variants (Elegant White, Botticino, River Jade, Green Denis, Sodalite Blue and Calacatta Viola), with a matt finish, contribute to giving rooms an unparalleled feeling of refinement and class. The surface becomes a design experience that transforms spaces into modern works of art imbued with charm and style.


    With the majestic Granito collection, Magica celebrates the sublime fusion of the ancient art of Seminato and contemporary innovation, creating an extraordinary porcelain stoneware in the 80x80 cm size. Six colours that unfold like chapters of a millenary history, recounting the glorious past and the present through a creation process inspired by the tradition of scattering marble fragments on fresh mortar. Each tile becomes part of a ritual that transcends time, a work of art in itself that testifies to the brand's ancestral connection with nature and captures the strength and beauty of granite in every detail. Each individual piece becomes a distinctive element, conveying a sense of timeless elegance, combining the intrinsic strength of granite with the eternal refinement of marble inspiration.


    Ways - Design Paolo Cappello & Simone Sabatti
    Conceived with an unequivocal focus on customising spaces, these tiles are a perfect combination of functionality and innovative design. The collection offers an unprecedented range of possibilities thanks to its three basic elements: the Plain surface, accompanied by Line and Curve, which move the surface with a three-dimensional stroke. These elements allow a flexibility of composition ranging from minimal and architectural aesthetics to decorative and eclectic solutions that satisfy those seeking a bolder and more distinctive style. A new Micro. project developed in 9 of the brand's colours.


    The Vicentina collection is enriched with three new fascinating shades: Bianco, Avorio and Tortora. The extension of the range allows perfect integration in both classic and modern environments. The original and traditional sizes of the collection are enriched with an important 100x100 size, while the new XXS version, consisting of three new dimensions, is presented: 22x22 cm, 11x22 cm and 11x11 cm, characterised by the same graphics and an irregular surface that allows for mixed-module laying both on floors and walls. To complete the offer, a range of 4 bright contrasting glossy colours has been introduced to break the monotony of laying with fun colour games.


  • Pop
    <p>Welcome to the enchanting universe of <strong>Pop</strong>, a collection of <strong>white</strong> <strong>body</strong> <strong>ceramic</strong> <strong>tiles</strong> that embraces the past with a gaze towards the future. Immersed in the nostalgia and elegance of the Seventies, this collection pays tribute to the timeless charm of that vibrant decade. Its carefully crafted forms unfold in two captivating sizes: a rectangular strip 6.2x25 cm and a square 10x10 cm, both available in “flat” and “three-dimensional” finishes. This duality offers the opportunity to create unique spaces, playing with textures and geometries in a versatile and innovative manner. The <strong>glossy</strong> <strong>finish</strong> imparts an extraordinary brilliance to each piece, turning Pop ceramics into a living canvas that captures and reflects light magically. The result is a timeless <strong>vintage</strong> <strong>effect</strong>, a homage to the 70s reinterpreted in a modern key. The color palette is a celebration of versatility, with 9 hues ranging from pastel tones like Latte, Verde Acqua, and Rosa Antico to neutral tones such as Perla and Blu Avio, and bold accents of Ocra, Terra, Muschio, and Nero. This range of colors provides endless possibilities for customization, allowing Pop to harmoniously adapt to any environment and style. Timeless and contemporary, the Pop collection is an invitation to explore the past with a modern touch, to create spaces that tell unique stories through shapes, colors, and finishes that transport 70s design into the present. Pop is more than a collection of ceramics; it is a journey through time, a sensory experience that pays homage to the timeless elegance of the past without losing sight of the innovation of the future.</p> ...

  • Ways
    Design Paolo Cappello, Simone Sabatti...

  • Granito
    The sublime fusion of ancient Seminato art and contemporary innovation....

  • Vicentina XXS
    New sizes and colors for the iconic Vicentina collection....

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