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Estudio Cerámico

Sant Joan de Moró,  Castellón 
  • Booth: 2023

We design, manufacture and commercialice ceramic products

Creativity, Art, Trends and Design: Our creative team play with design and tradition to be at the front of ceramic trends. We reinvent the ceramic creation. Professional Team, highly skilled: Our objective is to offer the best technical benefits to the professionals in the sector and an irresistible aesthetic, plenty of colour and harmony. Experience, Work and Constancy: More than 30 years make us one of the most versatile and reliable companies when it comes to dealing with any ceramic project.

Brands: We combine design and tradition, to be at the forefront of ceramic trends. Our collections reinvent the concept of creating ceramics providing solutions to give personality to exclusive spaces.

 Press Releases

  • Well-being, harmony, and elegance: the common features of these new collections

    Essenza is a collection that combines elegance and naturalness in each piece. Inspired by the natural beauty of marble, this series, available in 15x15 format, offers a matte finish that reflects the sophistication and warmth of the natural material. The series is completed with a relief of pre-cut tile tesserae with a glossy finish, to add texture and depth to the surface.

    With the Essenza series, our goal is to offer a versatile and elegant solution for those seeking a timeless and sophisticated look in their spaces. It has a high adaptability and is a perfect collection to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any space (interiors, exteriors, private residences, or commercial spaces).

    Our other bet on marble finish is reflected in the Argos series, an impressive collection of classic marbles with a matte finish that dazzle with their elegance and sophistication. Seven spectacular finishes, including Statuario, Jade, Marquina, and Travertine marble, the series presents ample options to satisfy all tastes and styles.

    The main characteristic feature of Argos is the relief that simulates a pre-cut, with three elongated tesserae that enhance the beauty and character of the collection and add a touch of distinction and elegance. An exceptional solution for projects seeking to create a timeless and refined atmosphere.

    Crosstile redefines the elegance and authenticity of natural stone. Its finish perfectly simulates the texture and beauty of real stone, adding a touch of nature and sophistication to any space. Available in 15x15 format and in a mosaic simulation of 4x4 centimeter tesserae with pre-cut, to add a touch of detail and craftsmanship to designs.

    Beauty, versatility, and functionality define this collection, which will be available in a palette of natural colors to create cozy and elegant environments in any setting. From interiors to wet areas such as showers or pools, Crosstile ensures high performance even in demanding environments.

    Our brick-type porcelain collection, which captures the rustic essence and charm of stone, is the Provence series. Available in a modern and versatile format, 6.4x22.3cm, these tiles offer a classic aesthetic with a contemporary touch that adapts to a wide variety of design styles.

    The stone graphic combined with the glossy finish creates a visually stunning surface with great depth. Additionally, the added sparkle enhances the beauty and character of each piece. The color palette represents the harmony of earth tones, evoking warmth and serenity, along with blue and green tones, in full trend, to add a touch of freshness and modernity.

    Moving on to the cotto-inspired series with Roselle, a modern expression of the timeless charm of Italian cotto, which merges rustic beauty with a contemporary touch. The combination of pieces in matte and glossy finishes adds a touch of dynamism and sophistication, creating a visually striking and appealing effect.

    The distinctive feature of Roselle is its randomness: out of every 36 pieces in matte finish, 6 pieces in glossy finish are included. We have worked on this detail to add an element of surprise and uniqueness to each project, making it stand out. We also highlight its color palette, inspired by nature, and the earthy finish of the matte pieces.

    In line with the rustic beauty of Italian cotto, Volterra also emerges, available in two formats, 11.5x11.5cm and 6.4x22.3cm, designed to offer a wide variety of options to create unique and personalized designs in any space. It pays tribute to the tradition and authenticity of Italian cotto.

    A desaturated and weathered graphic captures the essence of aged cotto, adding character and charm to any environment. Its mud-like relief provides texture and depth to the surfaces, creating an authentic and distinctive look. Its artisanal and rustic touch defines this collection, where each piece is special.

    We conclude the review of the new collections with Enjoy, the freshest option from our new lines, featuring modern tones that add a touch of contemporary style to any space. Its unique design, with a relief of three columns, adds texture and depth to the surfaces, creating a visually interesting and appealing effect.

    Its soft graphic creates a sense of calm and harmony in any environment, and its relief, simulating a pre-cut, is perfect for playing with grout colors to personalize and give a different look to the whole according to the chosen color. This flexibility allows for unique and personalized compositions to adapt to any project and style.


  • Provence Collection
    Introducing the PROVENCE series, a collection of brick-type porcelain that captures the rustic essence and charm of stone in a modern and versatile 6.4x22.3 cm format. ...

  • Argos Collection
    Introducing the ARGOS series, an impressive collection of classic marbles with a matte finish that dazzles with its elegance and sophistication. With a variety of seven spectacular finishes, including Statuario marble, Jade, Marquina or Travertine....

  • Crosstile Collection
    Introducing the CROSSTILE series, a collection of ceramic pieces that redefines the elegance and authenticity of natural stone....

  • Roselle Collection
    ROSELLE is a series of terracotta that blends rustic beauty with a contemporary touch through a combination of pieces in matte and glossy finishes. Available in two formats, 11.5x11.5 and 6.4x22.3 centimeters....

  • Karatsu Collection
    Karatsu by <strong>Estudio Ceramico</strong> is inspired by the elongated “kit-kat” or “finger” tiles, turning bathrooms, kitchens and any commercial project into extraordinary works of art. Unique and elegant, Karatsu constantly pushes the boundaries of innovation and beauty with six new and deep colors. Our new palette is inspired by elements of nature, use your imagination to combine them in unique ways....

  • Enjoy Collection
    ENJOY is a porcelain series that offers a unique combination of elegance and freshness with a relief of three columns. This collection features soft gradients and is available in five colors: pearl gray, golden peach, sea blue, natural green and white....

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