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Welcome to ITT Ceramic


At ITT Ceramic we are publishers of our own ceramics. We offer a wide range of products (porcelain, technical porcelain, white body, red body and stoneware), with a complete variety of designs, formats and finishes, which are present in countries on all five continents. Following current market trends, we conceive the ceramic product as a fundamental element in every architectural project, interior design and/or decoration and as a determining material in the conception of the living space. We create unique and versatile ceramic products to be applied as flooring or as a coating for all types of surfaces, both interior and exterior.


Hand in hand with ITT Ceramic, this new brand was born with the aim of recovering the handcrafted essence of ceramics and making it stand out as a top-level product for interior decoration. Creative means a renewed vision of the classic tile in small format, preserving an aesthetics that never goes out of fashion and offering designs in which, with the support of the latest technology in ceramic manufacturing, unique designs have been achieved full of geometries, modularity, colour, beveled and crackle effects...


Arklam is an innovative solution of large format sintered mass, which stands out for its resistance, durability and design.

The Arklam Super Size range consists of two distinct product lines depending on their thickness and applications. Arklam 6 mm, in 1000x3000 and 1500x2600 formats, is a perfect material for flooring and cladding of all types of interior and exterior surfaces, ventilated facades and even furniture cladding. Arklam 12 mm (1500x3200) is a solution specially created for kitchen countertops and benches, which has extraordinary features for this type of functionality. Its outstanding characteristics are guaranteed by the NAN Architecture and Construction Prize for the best product of its category.

100% Made in Spain

Brands: ITT Ceramic, Arklam, Creative, 2Dos, Opera, Manhattan Technical Porcelain


  • Sahara Bianco
    ITT Ceramic. Porcelain. 48”x48”/ 24”x24”...

  • ITT Ceramic’s commitment to porcelain finds its maximum expression in Sahara Bianco, available in 120x120 and 60x120 formats, which have become consolidated among the most sought after projects by architects and decorators from all over the world. This new model also has outstanding characteristics in terms of its exceptional polished finish and the variety of its pieces (with nine different designs). In Sahara Bianco the elegance of white is combined with a contrast of veins in copper tones generating an aesthetic that is printed on the retina. Sahara Bianco is a landscape in itself in which beauty permeates the atmosphere of nobility and prestance. A classic marble that, however, breaks with the conventions attending to an innovative design. Minimalism sprinkled with natural purity and refined freshness for classy spaces.
  • Volakas
    Arklam 6 mm. 39,4”X118”. Polished. Marble...

  • Inspired by the exclusive marble of Greek origin, found on the slope of the Falakro mountain, in Drama, and also known as the ‘Carrara of Greece’, Volakas is added to Arklam’s catalogue with a polished finish. Volakas is an amazing reproduction of the prized white natural stone with its unmistakable grey veins, profusely used for sculptures and other decorative objects in antiquity, and is characterised by its smoothness, homogeneity, isotropy and resistance.
  • Frame
    Creative Collection by ITT Ceramic. White body. 5"x10"...

  • Frame is distinguished by its framed shape. A modern concept that breaks with traditionalisms and whose origin is a pure contrast in itself, since its nature is sustained in the past but its aesthetics is the result of the application of the technological avant-garde, materializing a result that is totally trend. Creative incorporates this coating into its range, which has 20 different designs and emulates the technique of watercolour, in which, with the exception of white, all types of colours dissolved in water are used. In this case, Frame has three tones (White, Graphite and Navy), with a matt finish.
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