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RMC stands for a fine & rare quality civilized marble and beyond. It takes the best from the nature and adds on non-porosity, hardness and higher chemical resistance. RMC is a unique building material that listens to your heartbeat and adjusts accordingly.

Dynamic balance

Our company skillfully combines 93+% natural marble and dolomite with various fillers, polyester bonding agents, additives and coloring agents. Constantly on the search of the highest balance among quality & durability & purity & exclusive designs, we create products of a modern look with everlasting charm.

Breton Tech Inside

RMC is rigorously manufactured via “compaction by vibro-compression under vacuum technology”. This technology was exclusively developed and patented by a leading company in the machine industry, Italian Breton and results in exceptional technical and functional features of RMC. Our cooperation enables us to provide cutting edge esthetical, technical and environmentally friendly products.

Quality Service Flows Through Our Veins.

We take the product development one step further base it on ongoing dialogue between customers, and our fantastic collaborative team of pros that strives to create fine quality, beautiful, and very functional designs.

RMC produces high quality engineered marble which is manufactured using the patented Breton technology. It is ideal for its exceptional quality, durability, hygienic appearance and exclusive design to be used in both residential and commercial projects. RMC material is likely the best material for vanity tops, floors or wall cladding, considering the price/quality ratio.

Brands: RMC - Beyond The Stone

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