Jeffrey Court

Norco,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 230

Welcome from Jeffrey Court: Designer & Purveyor of Fine Tile

Jeffrey Court's designer offerings strive to be at the cutting edge of home décor fashion, yet completely practical for the mainstream consumer. We work with numerous interior designers, product developers, and industry insiders to deliver the very best products for our end consumers.

The cornerstone by which our products are built upon is our commitment to three core values: timeless and fashion-forward design, constant product improvement, and dedication to our trade and retail partners' success. This along with our ability to smartly combine different decorative elements, our keen eye for inspired design, and our wide assortment of in-stock decorative tile has allowed us to become industry leaders.

Jeffrey Court's Key Strengths:

  • Superior merchandising programs
  • Dealer incentive programs
  • Outstanding customer service
  • On-hand inventory for expedited order processing
  • Fashion forward designing
  • Continuous product improvement
  • Highest quality fashion forward products at “realistic” price points


  • Europa Arte by Jeffrey Court
    Chapter 8 is a diverse line of European-made ceramics and porcelains. The themes carried on by this collection, Europa Arte include an array of mediums: clay, paints, & textiles, as well as inspiration artisans use to create their masterpieces....

  • Europa Arte, a ceramic & porcelain filed tile collection sourced from Spain & Italy, features two product offerings in each category, with finishing pieces. The Pennello Ceramic Series, available in 6 colors in a 4”x16” size, from Italy features a subtle texture resembling brush strokes of a painter. Artista Ceramic Series from Spain features a rich texture similar to the soft indentations made by an artisan hand pressing clay. The Acquerello Porcelain Series from Italy comes in 6”x6” filed tiles available in solids & patterns, suitable for both floor & wall applications, accompanied by dome & ramp edge finishing pieces. The series is available in solid color options: Fresco, Urban, Cielo, Giardino with character typically found in aged art pieces. Patterned tiles are offered in 9 different options with 3 patterns. Fabrica rounds out Chapter 8 with 3”x17” porcelain field tiles carry a dynamic, true-to-life textile texture, available in four colorways: Muslin, Hemp, Chenille, & Tweed.
  • The Press by Jeffrey Court
    The Press. inspired by newsrooms from the first half of the 20th century where the environment was chaotic, but the architecture & design were simple, clean, & fresh. This chapter features simple yet classic tile designs that will add an instant update....

  • Chapter 14 was born from a single shape, a 5/8” hexagon, reminiscent of an individual dot of ink set on paper by a printing press. This shape is used throughout the entire collection to create designs & patterns found in the architecture & design of the early 1900s. The mosaic names Herald, Tribune, Daily and Union are not only an ode to the great newspapers of metropolitans past but also relate to common design themes found in the thresholds, entryways, and floors of the buildings that housed these great newspapers. Unlike the ceramics typically used during this era, this chapter is solely made up of glass tile. Each piece is made using a pressing and firing technique similar to porcelain. This technique allows for a full-bodied color glass with a frosted effect that adds an incredibly smooth finish to any installation. With 4 inspiring, neutral colors, (white, black, grey and blue) & five mosaic designs Chapter 14 The Press, is sure to bring a modern and sleek allure to any room.
  • Reef Glass by Jeffrey Court
    Reef Glass is a stunning collection of glass tiles & mosaics featuring a soft frosted finish in a fresh color palette. The core of our design is to bring the feel of the coastline indoors by employing the soft & lustrous texture of beach glass....

  • Key features of Chapter 6 Reef Glass include: Six vibrant colors and is segmented into two general categories: Glass Fields and Glass Mosaics. Colors The color palette of Chapter 6 provides six fresh colors: Lily, Palm, Aloe, Coconut, Marina, and Oceana. Colors ranging from a brisk white, lush foliage greens, tropical aqua, and a deep ocean blue are sure to enhance any coastal inspired design. Field Tiles All six colors are offered in a traditional 3” x 6” subway tile and an inventive 6” x 16” field ideal for contemporary designs. In addition to the field tiles, a .” x 6” liner is available in each color for that perfect finishing or transition piece. Mosaics Offered in each color are five mosaics featuring patterns designed to inspire various coastal themes. Nori, Shoal, Reed, and Pebble are offered in solids where Strand is presented in a vibrant three color blend.
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