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Vives Azulejos y Gres is a company dedicated to the manufacture of ceramic products for floor, wall, porcelain and special pieces, in order to create an innovative and effective product. Thanks to our Evolution characterized by our constant concern for progress and our effort for satisfying the most demanding needs of the market, we create high quality ceramic products with a trendy design. Vives represents (incorporates) All in ceramics with great efforts in R&D&I Research to allow us to offer Quality ceramic products with a trendy design. We are able to meet the architectural design requirements and to create elegant, avant-garde and exclusive settings.

Thanks to this constant effort, VIVES becomes an innovative company that is constantly adapting to new technologies, provided with the most advanced production systems. Vives is also committed to environmental policies through EcoVives, all backed up by more than fifty years of experience.


    A wall tile that emulates the aesthetics of the horizontal slats and is made in six different colours: Ivory, Beige, Pink, Grey, Cloud and Mint. It is also available in 7.5x33.5 cm and 23x33.5 cm to multiply its fixing possibilities....

  • The new Hanami Collection is composed of a wide and exclusive range of wall tile designs which, with what can be described as a fresh and rejuvenated perspective, fill the room with a positive energy. Bright and colourful proposals for all manner of styles and personalities where colour is the main leitmotiv and the best way to express your emotions. The entire series is made in the 23x33.5 cm format, with the aim of bringing traditional ceramics to a timeless style to adorn your walls. The Hanami model was born as an essential piece of the collection with its irresistible beauty lying in its simplicity. A wall tile that emulates the aesthetics of the horizontal slats of 10x30 cm and is made in six different colours: Ivory, Beige, Pink, Grey, Cloud and Mint. In addition, it is also available in 7.5x33.5 cm format to multiply its fixing possibilities.
    Nikoi-R gathers impressive fragments of marble of different colours creating spectacular compositions that stand out on the surfaces and generate a powerful and highly decorative visual effect....

  • Nature in its most glamorous and decorative version is the inspiration for this new porcelain tile collection made up of marble effect. Its matte finish generates beautiful effects on the surface and accentuates the elegance of the room. The series is produced in the large sizes of 120x120 cm. and 19,4x120 cm. both rectified, which reduce the number of joints on the surface and multiply the spatial amplitude. An impeccable selection of marbles that mark the essence of the setting and give a new twist to the latest trends.
    The Kiruna-R ceramic marble infuses rhythm to the room with its contrasts of colour and spectacular graphics. Sumptuous, striking spaces where the surfaces acquire indisputable prominence....

  • The Tulum special piece completes the series. Inspired by the peculiar shape of fish scales, Tulum porcelain tile is made in 33,6x36,4 cm. format and it is available in all the different marbles in the series, allowing it to combine with each other and multiplying the design possibilities of the collections.
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