Ceramica Sant'Agostino SpA

Località Sant'Agostino - Terre del Reno,  FE 
  • Booth: 1221

The Art of creating ceramics

The Company

Quality, innovation, high technology and respect for the environment.
These are the values which have made Ceramica Sant’Agostino a leader in the ceramic sector, with its extremely transversal production range which responds to the most varied needs of contemporary lifestyles. The beautiful appearance and high performance of these products are the result of coherent and strategic choices of the company which focuses its goal on reaching a total quality of the entire production system: with the help of a continuously evolving technology. The high design products  fully comply with the strictest environmental protection standards. Today this means being a cutting-edge company: having clear corporate responsibility to create a sustainable future.

The Products

High fashion floor and wall tile collections in white body, glazed porcelain and through body porcelain. Sizes from 1"x1" mosaics up to 48"x48" and 35"1/2 x 71''  with trims and accessories. The company develops its products from the very beginning of the cycle of life, investing big energy in quality and aesthetic research. We put a lot of attention on ecological and sustainable aspects to always grant you the beauty, quality and design while respecting nature. We also create collections in collaboration with world wide famous designers.


    The art of making in porcelain the wild elegance of wood...

  • LAKEWOOD reproduces the unmistakable appeal of artisan flooring in solid wood in porcelain stoneware: the planks have rounded edges and a patina surface, typical of oiled wood impregnated with natural wax.
    The art of softening the expressive hardness of metal in ceramics...

  • OXIDART reproduces oxidized metal slabs, obtained by exposing metal sheets to the open air for a long time in different weather and light conditions, due to different times and seasons.This process, aimed at obtaining the natural effect of the passage of time and the reaction of oxygen on a material such as iron,has been conceived following the method of development +ART, peculiar and completely internal to our company. A method that has also brought this product to differ aesthetically and technically,standing out as an artisan creation of a metallic surface with an urban and industrial yet elegant style. It’s the result of our attention to detail, of the high number of elaborate faces (up to 270 different graphics in size 20x20), of the highly calibrated colour shading, making OXIDART a material characterizing every type of environment,floor or wall, thanks to the features and functional advantages of the technologically and qualitatively advanced porcelain of Ceramica Sant' Agostino
    The art of idealizing the eternal beauty of travertine in stoneware...

  • The material that inspired the collection is re-elaborated in porcelain, elevating it to a level of perfection. It is not a copy, but idealised travertine, in which every feature is measured and rendered pure, transforming it into “absolute beauty”.
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