Sant'Agata Bolognese,  BO 
  • Booth: 2316

Visit us at Booth #2003 in the Italian Ceramic Pavilion

"Made in Italy with Passion"

Tonalite is an italian company specialized in the production and sale of high quality ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Since 1974 Tonalite offers highly decorative floors and wall coverings - for both interior and exterior - developed in a wide range of sizes and colors.

All our collections are equipped with decors and special pieces and thus allow for consistency of style.

Tonalite versatily of composition offered by our products accomodates the most ambitious projects, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Tonalite has always been distinguished itself by its continuous research aimed at improving the aesthetics of our products while achieving the highest technical and quality standards.

For each intended use we aim at providing the most suitable solution, without sacrificing neither function nor design, so as to satisfy the most demanding consumers and professionals.

Our main formats include:

15x15 / 6"x6",

7,5x15 / 3"x6",

10x20 / 4"x8",

20x20 / 8"x8",

30x30 / 12"x12",

10x30 / 4"x12",

10x40/ 4"x16",

13x40 / 5.1"x15.7",

6.5x40 / 2.6"x15.7",

lantern 14,5x14,5 / 5.7"x5.7",

hexagonal 17,5x15 / 5.9"x6.7",

chevron 5x23 / 2"x9",

chevron 10x46/ 4"x18.11",

trapezoidal 23x10 / 9"x4",

fishscale 13x14,5 / 5.11"x5.7",

estella 20x20 / 8"x8",


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