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Piemme Industrie Ceramiche

Fiorano,  MO 
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Established in Maranello (Modena) in 1962, Ceramiche Piemme, which has been a member of Confindustria Ceramica since 1968, is a company specialised in the production of porcelain stoneware floor and wall coverings. The modern production plant in Solignano, in the province of Modena, is equipped with heat-recovery kilns that produce over 7 million square metres of porcelain stoneware every year. 
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Materia by Ceramiche Piemme


  • Glitch by Benoy
    Glitch is a range of porcelain stoneware tiles developed by Piemme in partnership with one of the biggest international design studios: Benoy....

  • Glitch is the new collection of porcelain stoneware tiles designed by London firm Benoy.
    The word "glitch" refers to the flickering produced on a computer screen by an unforeseen error. A theme very much in line with the design trend that favours imperfection as a sign of uniqueness. Hence the inspiration of the Benoy designers, expressed in 8 colours in various sizes.
    Individuality and imperfection are ever-more desirable in the modern world of mass production, in which everything is type approved and homogenised. Beauty is increasingly sought out in imperfections: the knots in wood, the veining in marble, scratches in leather. Glitch brings out and highlights the heterogeneous nature of concrete, and all those little imperfections characteristic of this surface, such as cracks, patinas, scratches and weathering, all harmonised and reinterpreted as ceramic tiles. The decorative range borrows from the imperfections present in the digital world and melds them with the tones of concrete both on flat and three-dimensional bases. The result is a contemporary aesthetic which can be applied equally to residential environments and to commercial locations.

  • Opulence
    A collection inspired by some of the world’s most precious, exquisite marbles and granites; Ceramiche Piemme seeks out their rarest, choicest characteristics and reinterprets them in ceramics for luxury residential or commercial project....

  • Aesthetics and sustainability are combined in a porcelain stoneware collection mimicking precious marble and granite. The types of marble and granite that inspire the collection are among the world’s finest: coarse-grained varieties that incorporate large crystals with spectacular iridescence and colour effects. The range of shades runs from sparkling white, rich in transparencies (Bliss) to magmatic, mineral black (Pleasure), the spectacular greys of the Caprice and Delight finishes, and the elegance of green with golden vein patterns in the Eccentric finish. The range is completed by five wall decors designed to be combined with different shades of marble and granite. These surfaces can furnish rooms with geometric effects, fresh and natural ideas, or references to classic style. 

  • Materia
    Materia is conceived to introduce a new expression of ceramics. A noble material with a great history relaunches its creative potential thanks to the graphic technique and the diverse esthetics of materials like metal, stone and ceramics itself. ...

  • Materia is the name of the new collection by Ceramiche Piemme: an unusual effect, creating surfaces that merge metal, Corten steel, stone and ceramic in a refined, contemporary look.
    Starting out from very different metals, oxidised or glossy, from the natural feel of stone and the versatility of ceramic, Ceramiche Piemme’s R&D team have created a new material with “Materia”. Thanks to sophisticated production technologies, this collection combines the ground look typical of hand-polished metal with the small flaws that denote genuine craftsmanship.
    It is available in six tones, ranging from the lightest OPAL (white) to DEEP (anthracite), taking in the light grey NACRE, the dove grey SHIMMER, the dark grey REFLEX and the Corten steel-coloured RUST.
    Six sizes are available, with two three-dimensional structures and third-firing decorations.
  • Soul
    The queen of wood is oak and it can express itself in a multitude of ways. Piemme delved into its soul, declined its multifaceted nature and has enhanced rather than discarded, selecting the most natural part of the oak with all its imperfections....

  • All the spirit of reclaimed wood for the new Soul collection: digital technologies recreate natural oak in its most natural aspect with all its knots, flames and signs of time and ageing. In line with the increasingly popular "used look", the Piemme Soul floor tiles in porcelain stoneware are designed to 'warm' the space just like ancient, sturdy parquet made of oak.
    Under the spotlight in this collection of tiles are the natural features of wood with light shades at the base and slight flaming emphasized through hand brushing; the rustic effect of knots usually discarded when selecting the boards are enhanced to give more naturalness; the elegance of the recovered wood, seasoned and handcrafted in the wax finished version, are the real protagonists of this collection of tiles.
    There are 4 shades: PURE (light), NORDIC (natural), KNOTS (knotted) and RECLAIMED in one size 20X120cm with a 3D "Carved" surface (30X120cm) designed to decorate vertical surfaces, one digital carved finish "Shield" and two mosaics "Kaleido" and "Rolo" which replicate the typical workmanship of the "Rolini" masters.
  • Venetian Marble
    A collection inspired by the Venetian terrazzo flooring used since ancient times in Greece. It then reached and became widespread in Italy, first of all thanks to the ancient Romans and then to the Venetian nobles....

  • The collection combines the technical performance of the latest generation of porcelain stoneware with the aesthetics of the Venetian terrazzo flooring. Used since ancient times in Greece, this type of floor then spread throughout Italy thanks to the ancient Romans first and then to the Venetian nobles. A floor covering that is an integral part of the history of Made in Italy and that through the centuries of its evolution has come down to the present day to be reinterpreted in ceramic key.
    The Venetian Marble Collection is available in 4 shades -Rainbow, Cloud, Fog, Storm- and 3 sizes (30X60cm, 60X120cm and 60X60cm).
    Venetian Marble is part of of “Ceramiche Piemme Contract”: a division dedicated to ceramic collections created to support the designer in choosing finishes for public and private spaces. Ceramiche Piemme Contract was created to facilitate the construction industry chain linking customer to company.

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