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Essence. Timeless Tiles #gayaforesessence

Gayafores has over a century of experience decorating lifestyles and designing timeless environments with ceramic products that are currently exported to over 110 countries. The company, which was founded in 1897, specializes in the manufacture of porcelain floor and wall tiles, with an annual production of over 3.5 million square meters.

Gayafores has 100,000 square meters of facilities equipped with the latest technology in the sector. These facilities, together with the use of raw materials from leading international suppliers and the professionalism of the human team, make it possible for the final product to achieve maximum excellence. Quality is the central axis of Gayafores' philosophy, whose daily work is based on offering new possibilities and decorative solutions, adapted to the needs of each of its markets. An aspect that was already recognized in the year 2000 with the ISO 9001 certification.

Along with the quality of the final product, service is another of Gayafores' distinctive qualities, under two fundamental premises: personalized attention to the client and speed and efficiency in the processes.

And all this with the involvement and commitment of a team composed of more than 135 professionals who work every day with the aim of continuing to make Gayafores one of the reference firms in the Spanish ceramic cluster.

Likewise, it is worth mentioning Gayafores' commitment to sustainability and the environment, through the efficient use of energy and the reduction and recycling of waste. Gayafores has the Integrated Environmental Authorization and the Global EPD (Integral Product Declaration) certified by AENOR.


  • Carven
    Porcelain floor and wall tiles collection in 32x62.5, 45x90 and 60x120 formats and Dark, Grey and Pearl colors....

  • CARVEN is a collection of stones that has been developed from an exquisite selection of natural material reproduced with precision using digital techniques with gofratto relief effect.

    The insistence on converting digital material into the key to the ceramic product has made it possible to recreate on CARVEN’s surface a characteristic gofratto effect (pressure relief). Implementing the latest digital technology, we manage to bring an aesthetic plus to the piece, where the textures are generated by the incidence of light.

    CARVEN is a porcelain tile that includes base pieces in three formats (32x62.5, 45x90 and 60x120), with three grey versions of different intensity, from a slight pearl to a deep anthracite black (Dark), passing through a medium and neutral grey (Grey).

    The collection is completed with a decoration for the 32x62,5 and 45x90 formats, made up of multilistons, in which the treated graphics with a gofratto finish are combined with other unaltered ones.

  • Lavik Collection
    The colour palette of this stone, the textures, the soft details and its subtle contrasts make it a firm candidate as a decorative solution in all types of interior and exterior spaces....

  • Inspired by a type of slate that was common on the north coast of Sognefjorden in Norway, LAVIK is presented as a compact stone, of a cement-like appearance, with fine strata that simulate a realistic 3D effect. Taking as reference this fossil rock with a foliated structure and with a high content in quartz and chlorite and sericite micas, the LAVIK COLLECTION consists of, on the one hand, a monochrome base with a palette based on three intensities of grey (Dark, Grey and Pearl) together with a beige shade (Almond) and on the other hand, a slat-type decoration, with a relief that reproduces soft undulations in movement. Together they create a very beautiful effect when placed horizontally.

    The LAVIK COLLECTION has a serene and minimalist design, very much in line with modern trends in which nature exerts a prominent influence. Furthermore, it includes in its very essence, the strength and resistance of porcelain stoneware that is the result of mixing earth, water and fire, natural elements that give shape to a product with extraordinary quality.

    The colour palette of this stone, the textures, the soft details and its subtle contrasts make it a firm candidate as a decorative solution in all types of interior and exterior spaces.

  • Canyon
    Porcelain floor and wall tiles with 4 colors (Pearl, Natural, Almond and Grey) and 5 formats. Canyon is a sinuous stone, fluid and rich in nuances....

  • A daring design suggestion, with a very intricate graphic and a gentle movement. This is the CANYON COLLECTION, a sinuous stone, fluid and rich in nuances. It represents an evolution of the most classic of natural surfaces. The application of the digital material gives CANYON a unique appearance. Its starting point is a selection of sandstones, with their characteristic mixtures of silica, calcium carbonate and clay.

    Destonified and full of fine details, this stone tile is presented in four shades that revolve around grey and beige of various intensities. It is accompanied by a mosaic-type decoration, that stands out due to its relief structure but with a continuous surface. This gives an effect of highlights and shadows with great potential for contemporary interior design.

    CANYON takes us to giant bare rock scenes that take on multiple shades, especially at sunset. Unique landscapes such as those of the Colorado Great Canyon where sedimentary rocks paint the space with amazing colours. Or those of Monument Valley, between Utah and Arizona, where the river and wind have created an incredible spectacle to behold and where the rocks tell us about the various geological ages of the planet.

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