Piemme Industrie Ceramiche

Fiorano,  MO 
  • Booth: 2723


Incorporated in Maranello (MO) in 1962, Ceramiche Piemme is a company specialised in the production of ceramic floors and coverings. The modern production plant of Solignano in Modena uses heat recycling kilns to produce 7 million square metres of porcelain stoneware each year. The wide range of ceramic floors and coverings also includes a line of products designed by Valentino, haute couture brand for which Ceramiche Piemme has been the exclusive licensee since 1977 for the ceramic sector. www.ceramichepiemme.it  #ceramichepiemme #piemmedesign #madeinitaly #piemmeceramics



  • Glitch by Benoy
    Glitch is a range of porcelain stoneware tiles developed by Piemme in partnership with one of the biggest international design studios: Benoy....

  • Glitch is the new collection of porcelain stoneware tiles designed by London firm Benoy.
    The word "glitch" refers to the flickering produced on a computer screen by an unforeseen error. A theme very much in line with the design trend that favours imperfection as a sign of uniqueness. Hence the inspiration of the Benoy designers, expressed in 8 colours in various sizes.
    Individuality and imperfection are ever-more desirable in the modern world of mass production, in which everything is type approved and homogenised. Beauty is increasingly sought out in imperfections: the knots in wood, the veining in marble, scratches in leather. Glitch brings out and highlights the heterogeneous nature of concrete, and all those little imperfections characteristic of this surface, such as cracks, patinas, scratches and weathering, all harmonised and reinterpreted as ceramic tiles. The decorative range borrows from the imperfections present in the digital world and melds them with the tones of concrete both on flat and three-dimensional bases. The result is a contemporary aesthetic which can be applied equally to residential environments and to commercial locations.

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